Science Lab 3, one week ago (Open)

Posted Aug. 22, 2019, 9:18 p.m. by Ensign Tane TeWhiti (Scientist) (Cass Young)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Wendell Vaughn (Chief Science Officer) in Science Lab 3, one week ago (Open)
The Memorial had six general science labs, spanning Decks 10-12. Lab 3 was on Deck 11. Wendell had transformed this lab into his own chemistry lab.

Aside from the standard issue scientific instruments, he had along an entire wall a mechanism consisting of many pots, beakers, and tube piping, made of glass or copper, some heated with an open flame. Liquids of various sorts could be seen in the glass containers. Some boiling.


“What you got going here Chief?” Tane asked as he strode into the lab. He was dressed in his science uniform even though he was techinically off duty, but suffering from a rather strong bout of homesickness, he’d decided to return to the science labs rather than be alone in his quarters.

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