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After leaving the bridge Zubreana stopped by her office. It was the perfect opportunity to finally field test the new armor that the Captain’s husband had been working on. Once she had gotten into the armor she turned to two of her best officer and motioned them to the weapons locker then to follow her. Once they were ready she made her way from the security office a d toward the turbo lift.

Even after 300 years of life some things still made her uneasy, but she knew her and her team would keep the away team safe. Her and her team were the first to arrive, and she waited for the rest of the away team to arrive.

Zubreana Azon, COS

A short stocky man with a well-groomed mustache in a medical uniform joined the Away team next, he had a Medical bag slung across his shoulder. He was adjusting his tricorder attached to his hip. He nodded to the gathering away team and without a word took his place at the transporter pad.

NE Dr. Osler

Jean walked into the transporter room with a Engineering bag and tricorder. He saw the other two and nodded. “Bonjour”.

Jean-Francois Chereau,Engineering

Not long after Jean arrived, TeWhiti strolled in, his equipment was all attached to his belt around his waist. His natrually large frame made the room immediately feel smaller for anyone he stood too close to. “Hey,” He greeted, happy to be able to get out of the lab for a change and do something a little bit different.

Ens. Tewhiti

Zubreana nodded to the group and gave her officers last minute instructions as they waited for the captain to arrive. She made a final check on the armor before taking her own place on the transporter padd.

Azon, COS

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