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Posted Nov. 13, 2019, 4:51 a.m. by Commander Jade Jones (FIrst Officer) (Nathan Derricutt)

Posted by Captain Tralla Zoarhi (Captain) in Main Sim of to the side for a moment in the Ready Room
Tralla lead her XO into the ready room “Alright What’s wrong I know your upset probably about me leading this Away team but even still I believe we already discussed this Its Captians Prerogative and I am going!” she said


“Is it Captains prerogative to board and enemy vessel, that said captain just disabled and is probably full of crew that want nothing more then revenge or to kill said captain. You could get captured or killed. then what?” Jade asked ” Do i keep sending officers to the slaughter to get you? do i leave you? do is risk this whole ship which is already damaged? What do i tell Lilith if things go badly?” Jade added not backing down.

“You’re the captain of this ship. every life on her is your responsibility. I’m your XO it’s my duty to make sure you are safe and if i must, lay down my life for you. I’m also here make sure you are making the best decisions. So ask your self. is it right for a captain to leave her ship and put herself in potential mortal danger. Bearing in mind that the Captains ship and crew have just been through a battle. A battle which has left her ship damaged and some her crew injured or dead. Is this really the time to leave your ship? when it needs you the most?” Jade said, saying her part.

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