Turbolift on the way to the Transporter room Tralla and BJ

Posted Nov. 15, 2019, 11:38 a.m. by Captain Tralla Zoarhi (Captain) (Kirt Gartner)

Posted by Commander BJ Janzen (Scientist/Mission Specialist) in Turbolift on the way to the Transporter room Tralla and BJ

Posted by Captain Tralla Zoarhi (Captain) in Turbolift on the way to the Transporter room Tralla and BJ
Tralla had entered the turbolift and said “Transporter room 1” after a few moments she with out turning said “Alright BJ You have been burning to say something so go ahead and get it off your chest Full permission to speak freely Dont think you can hide anything from your wife afterall” she said cooly


BJ wasn’t sure if he should actually respond. But, she’d stop this lift to get it out of him. “First off, Jade isn’t totally wrong. Either she or I should be leading this mission. You should be on the bridge. I get that you want to show that you can lead. But, you have to be careful not to try to do too much. Second, we shouldn’t be going together. I appreciate that you trust me. But, if something should happen I know I’ll be emotionally compromised. Finally, Mr. Vaughan is you’re Chief Science Officer; you should use him or else you might lose him. You didn’t handle that well. I know I have the experience; which is where it should have been. I’m the second officer that what you should have used. I would be a little miffed if I as the chief was passed over for someone who’s only here because he’s in a relationship with the captain. That’s just my view.”


OCC having to link in the Ready room conversation real quick like :P

“I know shes isn’t wrong infact before we came down I had a chat in the ready room with her…She talked me out of going. even still I think you should go Afterall I have to give my Mission specialist something to do every now and then” she said giving him the same sheepish smile she had given Jade “I realize I was being quite hot headed so I hope you can forgive me” she added simply


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