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Sim Notes

The Columbia Archive

The Bonaventure while finishing up a routine survey/patrol mission picks up a strange late 20th century radio broadcast from an unexplored and unclaimed system. Getting into orbit the crew decode the signal as being a call for help from the crew of the Shuttle Orbiter Columbia, lost with all hands in 2003! Further to this mystery the remains of the intact Shuttle and an improvised water wheel generator are also found. Just what is going on here??


Yellow Captain's Collar
Captain Arialla Bovar


Posting Limits are 5 Days For Command Staff, 7 Days For Department Heads, and 10 Days For Junior Officers.

Executive Officer

Yellow Cmdr
Steve Johnson

Welcome to the Bonnie! I'm happy to be here! If you need anything, feel free to reach out to me, I'm in Discord most days.

In the meantime, lets keep posting!

GM's Notes

GM's Collar
Robert Archer

Get ready to survey!

Chief Engineer

Red Commander's Collar
Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

Chief Medical Officer

Teal Lt
Lieutenant Rachel Grey
Prepare sickbay for possible injured. Everyone check in for post mission check ups

Armory Chief

Red Lt
Lt JG Isaac Black
Be prepared for Anything.

Chief Science Officer

Teal Lt
Be prepared for Anything.

MACO Commanding Officer

Lt Col Melissa Barber-Tafoya
Be prepared for anything!


Teal Lt
Lt JG Roger Sanks
Watch and learn people

Away Team 1


Away Team 2



See Roster for current vacancies

Rank Character Position Species Age Height Weight User Status
Captain Arialla Bovar Captain Human 36 5'8 175 Melissa Aragon OK (2)
Commander Jonathan McKnight Executive Officer Human 38 200 lbs 5'11" Steve Johnson AWOL (15)
Lieutenant Rachel Grey Chief Medical Officer Human 27 6'5" - 1.95m 180lbs-85kg Hjortur Ingi LOA 2022-07-05 (10)
Lieutenant Naomi Locke Science Officer Human 24 5’ 7” 168 lbs Janice B. OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Isaac Black Chief Armory Officer Human 24 6’ 199 James Gray OK (3)
Ensign Elemirre Serinde Engineering Officer Human 23 5'4" 120 lbs Gene Gibbs OK (1)
Vice Admiral CockRoach GM American Roach 36 5'11 270lbs Robert Archer OK (1)

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