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While approaching a Dyson Sphere in the direct center of the Seven Dwarves - seven white dwarf stars in an unexplored sector - the Bonaventure communicated with an AI on the surface, called the Watchman. It allowed entry into the sphere where they found a black hole in the center of the sphere sucking everything into it. Small communities were holding this at bay with the use of old and failing technology of gravitic repulsors. The ‘home’ that sent out the distress call had not meant to find them but others inside the sphere. After encounters with a raiding party seeking to steal the repulsors from the ‘Dal’ clan it became clearer that this community was dying without help. After some deliberation the Bonnie crew brought delegates from the three principle known regions - Sphere City, Second City and the Free Spheres to determine the extent of the problem and, if possible, offer a solution. This is complicated with the emergence of the Arrhya once again - a reputedly powerful telepathic race who had been imprisoned in a neutronium satellite and placed in a low orbit of one of the Dwarf stars. The race known as the Bane who were in the region to ensure the Arryha did not become free has joined with the Bonnie crew as an unknown guide to the region, but cautioning that the Arryha do not gain access to the Dyson Sphere lest they try to use one of the ‘gateways’ inside. Sensors suggest they may still be there but dangerously close to the event horizon of the black hole. The risk being that using a gateway may cause the region to specially warp and cause the destruction of the Dyson Sphere and anything else in the area including the people living within.


Yellow Captain's Collar
Captain Arialla Bovar


Posting Limits are 5 Days For Command Staff, 7 Days For Department Heads, and 10 Days For Junior Officers.

Executive Officer

Yellow Cmdr
Commander Owen Xander


GM's Notes

GM's Collar
Gene Gibbs

Gene, please give us a sim update!

Chief Engineer

Red Commander's Collar
Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Fleet
Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

Chief Medical Officer

Teal Lt
Lieutenant Rachel Grey
Prepare sickbay for possible injured.

Armory Chief

Red Lt
Lieutenant Wulf Baumann
Be prepared for Anything.

Chief Science Officer

Teal Lt
Lieutenant jg Alison Barr
Be prepared for Anything.

MACO Commanding Officer

Be prepared for anything!


Teal Lt
Lieutenant jg Alan Dysart
Watch and learn people

Away Team 1


Away Team 2



Enquire Within!!!

Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Arialla Bovar Captain Human 5'8 175 Melissa Aragon OK (0)
Commander Jean Francios Millet XO/Comms Human (French) 6'-2" 165 Travis Good OK (4)
Commander Wulf Baumann Intel Officer Human 6'4" 258 lbs. James Sinclair OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Roger Sanks Linguist Human 5'10" 190 Rusty Boshankles OK (8)
Lieutenant Colonel Melissa Barber-Tafoya MACO Human 5'6" 120 Tyra Schroll OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Isaac Black Armory Chief Human 6’ 199 James Gray OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Alison Barr Chief Science Officer Human 5'2" 115 lbs Steve Johnson OK (1)
Lieutenant Naomi Locke Sci Human 5’ 7” 168 lbs Janice B. OK (0)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Jay Bohannon Chief Engineer Human 6'0 180 Timothy Frogue OK (1)
Lieutenant Rachel Grey CMO Human 6'5" - 1.95m 180lbs-85kg Hjortur Ingi OK (4)
Gamemaster GM GM Sural and Dagen Gene Gibbs OK (0)

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