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Sim Notes


SIM PROLOGUE - Gene if you could post in here that would be great:)



Yellow Captain's Collar
Captain Arialla Bovar


Posting Limits are 3 Days For Command Staff, 5 Days For Department Heads, and 7 Days For Junior Officers.

Executive Officer

Yellow Cmdr
Lieutenant Commander T'Leia

We've moved to the new site: Once you are registered contact myself or Melissa to be added to roster

A couple of tips folks; one is if you're new to rping have a look at our Players Handbook, it is linked at the top.

Two: Please trim your posts! It is extremely difficult for those with phones and tablets to scroll.

To Trim: Leave the last couple of posts from participants and the at the very top of the page leave at least 3-4 lines of the posters names! Very important sometimes when your in post and need to know rank of person your posting with! Once you have cut out extra just type 'Snip' above actual post so we know it is snipped. That's all there is too it. Thx Folks!

GM's Notes

GM's Collar
Gene Gibbs

Gene, please give us a sim update!

Chief Engineer

Red Commander's Collar
Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Fleet
Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best.

Chief Medical Officer

Teal Lt
Lieutenant Rachel Grey
Prepare sickbay for possible injured.

Armory Chief

Red Lt
Lieutenant Wulf Baumann
Be prepared for Anything.

Chief Science Officer

Teal Lt
Lieutenant Vasilisa Teranskya
Be prepared for Anything.

MACO Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Colonel Melissa Barber-Tafoya
Be prepared for anything!


Teal Lt
Watch and learn people

Away Team 1


Away Team 2



Enquire Within!!!

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Rank Character Position Species Height Weight User Status
Captain Arialla Bovar Captain Human Melissa Aragon OK (2)
Commander T'Leia Executive Officer Vulcan 5'8" 145lb Krystelle McLean OK (1)
Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Fleet CE Human 178 cm 70 kg Miriam W OK (3)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Logan Cooper Engineer Human 5' 11" 200lbs David Shotton
Lieutenant Colonel Melissa Barber-Tafoya MACO CO Human 5'6" 120 Tyra Schroll AWOL (13)
Lieutenant Wulf Baumann Armory Chief Human 6'4" 258 lbs. James Sinclair OK (1)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Max Woods Armory Officer Human 5'10 180 AJ Paulson OK (6)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Alison Barr Chief Science Officer Human 5'2" 115 lbs Steve Johnson OK (3)
Lieutenant Junior Grade Dr. Frank Silva Sci/Botanist Human 5'10" 200 Geoff Joosten OK (4)
Lieutenant Naomi Locke Sci Human 5’ 7” 168 lbs Janice B. Late (8)
Lieutenant Rachel Grey CMO Human 6'5" - 1.95m 180lbs-85kg Hjortur Ingi OK (1)
Civilian Stovik Healer Vulcan 6'2" 135lb Krystelle McLean OK (1)
Gamemaster GM GM Sural and Dagen Gene Gibbs OK (1)

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