Naomi's Quarters - a Visit

Posted Jan. 16, 2019, 10:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Fleet (CE) (Miriam W)

Posted by Lieutenant Naomi Locke (Sci) in Naomi’s Quarters - a Visit

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Fleet (CE) in Naomi’s Quarters - a Visit

Posted by Lieutenant Naomi Locke (Sci) in Naomi’s Quarters - a Visit

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Fleet (CE) in Naomi’s Quarters - a Visit

Posted by Lieutenant Naomi Locke (Sci) in Naomi’s Quarters - a Visit

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Kenneth Fleet (CE) in Naomi’s Quarters - a Visit
“Yeah, let’s go,” he said with a small smile, leading Naomi out of her quarters and down and around to the upside-down room. He demonstrated how to push off, and floated up and twisted himself to land on the ceiling.

Kenneth, CE

Naomi watched him. Her eyes widened when she spotted him start to float the moment he pushed off into the anti-gravity field. He only hoovered a short range but it was enough to keep her attention. She watched him use the momentum from his arms to shimmy to one side then another. He went up then down. It looked rather easy, at first. The apprehension and excitement leaked out of her body language as she braced herself to try it.

Her hands touched the wall to ground herself before she stepped into range. Immediately her weight seemed to lift off her person. Her feet stepped on ‘solid’ air while she rose higher off the ground. On impulse, her limbs spread eagle style across the space.

A small groan escaped her lips. It wasn’t from fear, but the adrenaline of a new experience. By this time, she had floated farther from the wall and into the room’s center. Mimicking Kenneth, she slowly twisted her body in a similar feline movement. Her feet touched it briefly.

“Okay, this is bloody interesting,” She couldn’t help stating out loud.

She smiled and followed up with another question, “Have you tested its limitations yet?”

-–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Once they were close enough to the ‘cieling’ of the room, it became their new floor and gravity seemed to re-assert itself on their bodies, albeit in what seemed like the wrong direction. “It’s pretty friggin awesome,” was his response. “And kinda disorienting, to be honest. Having different gravity in different parts of one room. I’m not sure what you mean by testing limitations. I’ve figured out the basic areas where one thing switches to another. I suggest not standing up on the ceiling, it gets really weird with gravity on your feet and not on your head…”


“How far you can go before gravity changes from one direction into another, in any direction? Is there a weight limit?” Naomi clarified as she rose higher.

Her shoes thumped when they impacted on the roof. Curls of multi-dyed hair fell across her eyes (contacts in) as she exhaled, her muscles relaxed in her new center of gravity. She was happy she decided to go with her contacts rather than her glasses for this adventure.

“If the gravity shifts, that means your blood flow should too. So it’s like standing upright, but only odd because you know the floor is in the opposite direction,” Naomi pointed out logically, “Else we would be lightheaded all the time back on Earth no matter where we are. “

She bounced up then fell back down onto the roof, testing the gravity a bit. A large grin was spread across her lips in pure enjoyment.

“So, I bet the story of how you came across this is really interesting.”

-–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Kenny watched her exploring the space like the scientist she was, a soft smile on his face. He didn’t comment or reply to her words, letting her enjoy her exploration for a while. Her question made him look a bit pensive and sad. “I didn’t discover it, actually. Allison knew a guy on her ship, he was the pilot. He knew a thing or two about the cool stuff no one knows about, including this little spot,” he explained.

Kenny, Eng

“Is this your first visit here then?” Naomi asked, a little curious.

Though she didn’t say it outloud, she could understand why Allison liked this place. It was amazing to bend the laws of gravity purely by stepping from one field into another. Her interest to explore this got the better of her as she inched toward the edge. She wondered what might happen if she abruptly switched from one into another, would it flip her onto the wall or back to the floor? She trusted Kenneth to be the voice of caution should she be pushing her luck.

-–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Ooc: have you seen the episode of ent where they encounter this in the actual tv show?

Ic: “No, I go here to think when I need a quiet moment. You’re the first one I’ve showed it to though,” he said with a smile.

He glanced away, looking up at the floor. The chamber wasn’t big, just a cylindrical area. At the bottom was a hatch to access the chamber, and the gravity switch happened somewhere between that hatch and the cieling, on which the two officers crouched.


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