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Rende walked over sweeping the surrounding area visually and keeping an ear out for anything out of the ordinary. She caught the helmet and looked at it. Rende had seen almost the exact same configuration on Earth centuries before. She couldn’t say that though. She placed a hand over what should be the microphone. “I’d have to agree. It’s very close to what we still use in the MACOs. Helps keep our hands free and communicate at the same time. Usually voice activated by default. Might be best if we turn it off, or I can slip it on and see what I can find out.”

2nd Lt Asam, MACO

El would leave it to her and the Captain for that assessment. That was above her rank grade to suggest trying it out, though it wasn’t like she didn’t mess with things with hacking the transmission. She took up another helmet from one of the others and took a closer look at how it was put together and where she could work a quick disassemble. “I wonder .. just how close.”

Isaac thought for a few moments “well have you ever thought about the possibility because this planet just appeared here so it might be possible that this planet is for me alternate universe” he then Smiled and wink at them “Come on crazy is part of the job description for Starfleet” he joked

Lt. Isaac Black (AC)

“That’s just science fiction,” El said. “From where? We’re nowhere near Earth. This planet slipped into place like it belonged there. I don’t see it.” That being said, her tone was not exactly convincing, and she frowned in her work, eyes glancing toward where others were working on helping the injured woman.

  • El, Eng

Rende didn’t say a word nor did her facial features give her away. If only they knew how NOT science fiction that theory was. Eldorian could speculate better if that was what was happening here or not. Technical stuff wasn’t her area of expertise.

As the group was standing around the younger woman whose life they had saved was starting to come around with a groan.

GM CockRoach

El glanced over at the sound. At least she was alive. The doctor was attending her. That was her space. This was El’s. She reached into the helmet and worked at it further.

Rachel looked at the woman, She had given her some painkillers so she shouldn’t be in too much pain “Be careful there Pet, you were seriously injured” She said with a slight smile. “What’s your name?” She asked

Dr. Grey - CMO

Ari had been looking around and listening. The death of the older woman pained her, but she managed to brush it aside and take a deep breath. “Welcome to the party, Asam.” She remembered the woman from her late night bridge rotations. Asam had often been on the bridge in the security position at those times. They weren’t well known to one another. But Ari hoped she had at least spoke the woman’s name correct.

Rende nodded, “Captain.” Her greeting was brief but respectful. Her eyes never seemed to stop moving. Focusing close in and far away and never at the same spot longer than a few seconds at a time. Searching and quartering the area visually.

“Ok, so first things first. We need to make sure all communication devices and weapons are gone from these soldiers,” she waved to those unconscious around them. She glanced at the helmets and thought a moment. “Make sure those helmets, minus one we will take to hopefully use in listening in, are placed over there.” She pointed to the vehicles, “They will be found if searched for, but not be easily obtained when they wake. Then I want the soldiers carefully placed behind this barricade. I want them out of the way before they wake up. They’ll be found eventually, I’m sure. But I don’t want them to be able to describe us beyond what they’ve glimpsed in the firefight.”

At least two of the five were off, and it wouldn’t take much to gather the others. El would leave the heavy lifting to the MACO’s, though if need be she would lend a hand.

Rende slung her rifle to her back knelt down and searched the first solider, collecting anything of use. Then she pulled the soldier to sitting, she drew one of his arms behind her neck, positioned her shoulder low and heaved and then pushed to standing, carrying him fireman style to the barricade, behind it, and set him down as gently as her slighter frame would allow. Then she repeated the process with the others. “Captain,” she pointed to the pile of items she’d found, “I did leave them with water.” If they weren’t going to kill them or leave them on someone’s door step that was the least they could do. They might be near a city but there was no telling what their resources were like, or if these soldiers even belonged to this city.

She turned and moved into the space between the barricades and the vehicles they had taken cover behind. “If the woman can travel, I fear we should be going soon. And while it pains me to say it, the older woman should be placed in a location not easily seen by anyone passing by. We need to get moving.” She glanced around. “Gather anything of use from the soldiers and let’s get going before they are missed and searched for. We never saw them.”

Rende picked up the older woman’s body and looking for a quiet shaded place carried her over. She found a scrap of sheet or similar and draped it over her gently whispering a soft prayer for the woman and returned. As she worked she took in what they knew, both from the initial information gathered before they came down and now as the events unfolded. Something was nagging at her, and over the centuries (wouldn’t the rest of the ship have a heart attack if they knew) she had learned to trust her gut. Dropping her voice to a just barely audible whisper (as this activated her person to person comm unit) Eldorin, isn’t this a little reminiscent of say, Belfast 1974? One piece of hold-over El-Aurian technology that she and Eldorin still used. After all these years it just didn’t feel right to not be a voice inside each others’ ears.

He cleared his throat and spoke in an equally low volume and he breathed in slowly before exhaling, “It does, and here I thought we put that life behind us long ago. Rende what are we going to do?” The implication was not that they were out of options or that there was some woeful circumstance they were in, but that he wanted to double check with his wife before they started reverting to their old ways.

Never saw them but just happen to have their rifles and radio? That would be a trick of sleight of hand for sure.

She hated leaving like this, but it couldn’t be helped. They hadn’t been on the surface even a few hours and already this? What was the rest of the day going to be like.

She only hoped the XO and Baumann were fairing better. “I need to get us out of here,” she murmured under her breath as she helped to moved the soldiers and search them for more useful items.

Ari CO

“There should be some kind of shelter around that we can find,” El replied. But not too close to this scene. She chewed her lip. If they were pegged as soldiers from the North that would enlist a rather sizeable search party.

  • El, Eng

Shelter was plenty they were after all on the edge of a large city, there were buildings of all sizes around them ahead.

GM CockRoach

Rende returned and walked up to the captain, still scanning the surrounding area her rifle back at ready in her hands. “Captain would you like me to take point or rear scout?”
2nd Lt Asam, MACO

Ari moved around with the others and collected what they could. Leaving the soldiers with water was prudent and she was glad someone else had considered it as well. Once they were all figured out, she nodded to the Lieutenant. “Point would be appreciated, Asam. El, you take rear. Doc, can that woman walk and will she join us or move away? If she wants to go, give her some water as well. We’ll be fine for now without it. Doesn’t seem like we’re gonna be hard pressed for it since we are heading into the city.”

Rende nodded and with practiced ease pulled her rifle back around to front, tucking it into her shoulder, but point down, and for now, the safety on. Remember centuries of similar scenarios. “Don’t take that for granted Captain. We might be going into the city and they might have water, but it doesn’t mean it’s clean and safe to drink.” She nodded to the woman and the soldiers they had hidden, “They need water, but we do too. And they are more likely to know where it’s safe to get more.” Was Rende out of line? Maybe, had she done this on more worlds than the humans knew about? She sure had and she’d survived to talk about it. The caution wasn’t out of disrespect though, but her desire and morals, to protect those in her care.

El looked at the remains of the helmet that she had been working on dismantling and tucked it under one arm. The rifle she slung over the other shoulder. “We can get more beamed down if its bad,” she murmured. There was always that chance that the water had been tampered with or contaminated, however it didn’t seem too likely just yet. This event just happened. Swiftly. Disastrously. It did not take long to devastate a world. All that building up only to be ruined so quickly. And for people to become so .. crass. She glanced to where the soldiers lay. Presumably these were their own people they shot so easily. Was it the situation that made them so barbaric, or were they that way in character to begin with? So far they had not really garnered a cross section of the people, beyond two being desperate enough to steal ration packs and the soldiers callous enough to simply shoot them and leave them.

Once they were ready, Ari gave the go to move ahead. She let those not directly in front or back fill in where they wished. She knew they were all capable and didn’t need micromanaging. They would move into the city and see how things were, then she would reach out to the XO and see how they were fairing.

(space to respond)

Rende nodded to the captain in return and headed out, moving quickly to just with in their vision. She moved quietly and smoothly from cover to cover. No need to find out too late someone was coming or had seen them. When she observed something worth telling she would wait for the group to catch up or back track. For now she avoided comms until she knew if they could monitor their comms like they were the planets.
2nd Lt Asam, MACO

Isaac was providing over watch for her. This team they took out looked like a recon they always had a sharp shooter. Isaac was keeping an eye out for the sniper.

Lt. Isaac Black (AC)

El moved along lightly, shifting the helmet about to balance it better. They were unwieldy things. In her other hand she had her scanner that she was keeping an eye on. Sure there were a lot of buildings about but which one would work for them? Empty? House or shop or warehouse? She frowned. “Captain,” she called up as quietly as she could, enough to be heard. “I’m scanning for a place, but what place are we looking for?” A library might be good. They’d have newspapers and more there.
- El, Eng

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