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As Baumann moved back towards the pilot, he picked up the Commanders scanner, and started a search for anything on the name Greyhound.

Greyhound came up with three major hits. The first was the Terran dog breed. The second was a transit service on Earth and her colonies still in operation in low key areas as a hover-bus. The third was the still being built SS Greyhound of their own Bonaventure class frigate. The ship though was only half completed at this time and not spaceworthy.

“Sir, I do not wish to cause you any kind of stress, but do you know what that facility is there?” and he nodded at the base. “We haven’t seen anyone coming and going, so we are thinking it is abandoned… and we were hoping it would be a place to take shelter for a few days. Do you think that would be allowed?”

Baumann, Intel

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

The pilot named Ry’an Peters regarded the direction indicated. “..It’s an old research silo last I knew, no military or science purposes though now. Went dark and abandoned about a year back. Due to budget cutbacks.” He said.

GM CockRoach

Atozi Continued to watch the pilot for any signs of discomfort or pain, she didn’t want him to be continually questioned when he wasn’t in the right physical condition to be so, the idea of moving to a more secure location however. “We could do with moving somewhere we can gather ourselves.” She checked for radiation again.

  • Ens Atozi Sh’qyrin

Baumann nodded at Peters and said “Very well. If that is the case, we will attempt to get inside into somewhere safe and more secure.” He looked back at McKnight and said “Get everyone together and gather all of our supplies. I’ll try to find us a way in.” and he moved over, nodding to the doctor that she could watch the injured man more closely now. Retrieving his tricorder and his black bag, Baumann nodded and began to make his way towards the fence line, keeping a wary eye around him.

“Well you heard him. Atozi, Fleet, help our friend here. Naomi, help me gather up all of this gear, we leave no trace that we were here. Understood?”

“Will do,” Fleet nodded, stepping away from Naomi and going to help Ry’an stand and walk.

Without waiting, Jonathan started packing up the gear he had pulled out, and grabbing a hold of the comm array, so they could take it with them.

When he reached the fence, he scanned the perimeter with his tricorder to ensure that it wasn’t electrified or otherwise trapped; making sure ot block the device form the view of the woods where the pilot lay.

Baumann, Intel

Scans of the fence showed it was unpowered, though the razor tip tops were still quite sharp and jagged looking though showed a bit of age of a few months or more without care.

GM CockRoach

Baumann reached into the black bag and pulled out a small bolt-cutter and got to work on the fence. He cut a single strand of the chain link and twisted it up, freeing the bottom and enabling him to pull open a section like a tent flap. He then motioned for everyone to hurry across and make their way through.

Baumann, Intel

Atozi lingered at the back, she was making sure she kept an eye on the pilot making sure there were no medical complications. Though as she bent down and went through the fence line her hood was caught and ripped, as it pulled down her blue face, antennae and white hair was one show for anyone who was looking to see even in the dark it was clear she was a little different.

  • Ens Atozi Sh’qyrin

Jonathan cursed as he reached over to pull Atozi’s hood back up. Making his own way through the opening in the fence he turned back to do a quick head count to make sure everyone had made it.

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Fleet stood with the pilot, letting the man put any weight he needed on him.

Fleet, Helm

It seems the pilot Ry’an Peters who was in the process of hobbling his way over t the fence line assisted by Fleet just by happenstance didn’t see the blue skinned alien not so many feet in front of him. Carefully getting his own way through he leaned on Fleet again. Around them the base and silo lay seemingly abandoned and empty. A trio of buildings were the first obvious signs of cover.

One to their left about 50 yards off in the fence line was a short stocky concrete building with a smaller guard shack setup next to it and an inner fence around that shack. Showing a more secure point of entry. The second building to their right about 20 yards off inside the fence line was a wooden/metal construction rectangular in shape with a few slotted windows with bars over it. The third was directly ahead of them by another 40 yards L shaped, though this was a metal/concrete construction and showed signs of boarding up some time ago.

On all the buildings assorted ‘keep out’ signs were in the alien language and English. A warning plate sign in front of them read the following in the dual languages. ‘Entry absolutely forbidden from all scientific and engineering personnel of of B-11 security level or lower. B-12 or higher security level clearance required for entry. If you do not have such entry leave now or face justical punishment by law and security forces on base site.’ Interestingly the sign of a Terran dog greyhound with a star shooting out around it was present. The words in Terran Latin of all things read ‘Fast, Reliable, and To The Stars!’.

GM CockRoach

Once the last person was through the fence, Baumann twisted the single strand of the chain-link he had cut back in, re-securing the fence and making it appear undisturbed. Looking around, he eyed the three structures and then pointed to the L-shaped building. “That one. It’s the most secure against the elements. But before we go, we should check the other buildings. Kenneth, would you please check that building?” he said to the Helmsman and he pointed to the wood and metal building. “See if there are any supplies we can use. I will check over there.” and he pointed to the shorter concrete building with the guard shack. “The rest of you, take shelter on the outside of the main building. When we get back, we will try to see if we can get inside.” and he nodded once and moved to the building.

Baumann, Intel

Kenneth nodded slightly and helped Ry’an sit down near the fence before he began creeping towards the gestured to building. He quietly searched for a door or other opening, pulling out a flashlight once he was far enough away from the group.

Fleet, Helm

Jonathan just nodded as he moved over to take Fleet’s spot helping the pilot.

As she worked Rende took in what they knew, both from the initial information gathered before they came down and now as the events unfolded. Something was nagging at her, and over the centuries (wouldn’t the rest of the ship have a heart attack if they knew) she had learned to trust her gut. Dropping her voice to a just barely audible whisper (as this activated her person to person comm unit), Eldorin would hear her in his ear, Eldorin, isn’t this a little reminiscent of say, Belfast 1974? One piece of hold-over El-Aurian technology that she and Eldorin still used. After all these years it just didn’t feel right to not be a voice inside each others’ ears.

He cleared his throat and spoke in an equally low volume and he breathed in slowly before exhaling, “It does, and here I thought we put that life behind us long ago. Rende what are we going to do?” The implication was not that they were out of options or that there was some woeful circumstance they were in, but that he wanted to double check with his wife before they started reverting to their old ways.

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2nd Lt Asam, MACO

Naomi appreciated Kenneth’s comforting gesture. Any additional conversation was interrupted by the XO’s orders and their position shifting to the abandoned base. She searched for the bags remaining while the doctor and Kenneth assisted the pilot. It wasn’t easy in the darkness as her hands scrambled through dense leaves, twigs, and other matters she rather not know the origins of. Once satisfied she had everything, she shouldered hers and any remaining bags onto her person. At this point, she regretted skipping physical training early in her education. Naomi then followed the others to the base that made her hair stand on end.

Her eyes scanned the surroundings as one of the men began to cut through the fence. The sounds seemed to echo endlessly into the local scene and put her more on edge, her bottom lip bitten in silence. When it was her turn, she ducked in then back out. The movement was so quick, she narrowly avoided snagging her bag on the sharp edges of the gap.

“Be careful you two.” She lingered a bit longer on Kenneth than the XO when she spoke.

She gestured for the others to follow behind as she struck out first, her figure low, and quietly darted toward the building. As she kept the darker path, she perked up her attention to survey her surroundings. Silently she prayed for all this to be her imagination and nothing more.

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

As the rest of the group moved into the shadows of the main building, Jonathan helped the pilot sit down, with his back to the building. He let go of the comm array he had been carrying as well, and set it against the wall.

“So, why were you out this way?” Jonathan asked the pilot. “It looked like you were pretty out matched from what we could see on the ground.”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO
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Eldorin had been holding back, trying his best to come at their circumstances from the point of a Starfleet officer not a mercenary. Eldorin held himself like a seasoned veteran of these sorts of missions which was in stark contract to what someone might expect the CE to do. Repairing starships was his job, not mercenary actions but it was uncanny how easily he fit into the scene. He followed quietly, not wanting to speak up as this posed a real risk of blowing his and his wife’s cover. Not to hide secrets or to be agents of another power, but of their past.

Eldorin, CE

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