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Looking into the computer based building they found the power was coming from a bank of small nuclear powered generators, and a small wind turbine up on the roof. Many of the systems were blown out, unresponsive or the like, but two sets in the back of the shop protected from the nuclear EMPs by case shielding were online and had a blank ? query prompt waiting entry from a mechanical primitive keyboard like setup

El was dumbfounded. She tried to parse the set up in her mind but that was so hard to gauge. A nuclear generator. A wind turbine. And DOS computers. What a mess of technologies. At first her hope of a still connected internet highway was crashed down to a flashing ?, the equivalent of a rutted dirt road. Shops don’t have nuclear generators. How does a nuclear generator run off of DOS computers? Her mind trailed back to the early nuclear power plants. Dials. Needle Gauges. Okay, old style DOS computers did help run earlier power plants, but this was so much more. Mini’s. Unconsciously she chewed on a nail, tension rising. She wheeled around looking at the blown out systems. A bank of generators? How wide an area did these power? She knelt by one, trying to make sense of any controls. If these were damaged this was more of a time bomb waiting to blow and would take out the town. Her fingers shook as she scanned it for leaks or irregular power levels and output. Someone else could figure out the computer; she could do it but it wouldn’t help if they were vaporized.

Interfacing by their scanners was possible but entry of commands from translation would have to be done manually into the computer itself. Thankfully the computers were primitive compared to their own, perhaps by about 50 odd years. No signs of security controls were present.

GM CockRoach

Rende wasn’t a computer person, she could use them, and this system reminded her of the basic computers she and Eldorin used when they lived on Earth the last time, but it was never her strong suite. Hopefully someone else could make the system work. She moved through the building making sure it was clear and there were no nasty surprises waiting for them. Dropping her voice again as she made her rounds she whispered into the earbud, “Eldorin, they seem to be using an old DOS like system. I was never much good at it, but you on the other hand…”
2nd Lt Asam, MACO

El spoke, a bit absently, but at least it was in her element. “Reference the library files on your scanners. They might have data on DOS and some basic commands you could try. With all the similarities some might work,” she called over. Her engineering instruction was all of a single class on earlier computer operating systems and that included the OS’s up to the wars.

  • El, Eng

Isaac looked at the old computer and smiled it looked like a mix of and old Apple Computer with high ram. He knows computers he was a hacker in his earlier years so he knows computer codes very well. “So are we safe are the generators time bombs or not he asked”

Lt. Isaac Black (AC)

Rachel stayed with the group but kept a close eye on the young woman. She hadn’t said anything when the argument about questioning her started but they seemed to have moved on. No questioning would happen without her permission and she wasn’t sure the girl was ready to answer any questions yet.

Dr. Grey - CMO

The unknown woman slumped against a chair almost falling out of it but catching herself at the last moment, her face was pale probably from blood loss and the shock that still rang through her. She mumbled something but not in English that the group could understand.

As for scans on the generators they seemed stable, no likely to go melting down anytime soon.

GM CockRoach

El let out a small breath of relief. No undue overloads messed with them. It looked stable. Still squatting she rocked on her heels as she looked at the unit and tried to fathom this. She glanced at the computers and the tech. Everything seemed so odd. Wind power back up. Mini-nuclear unit. Computer cafe more common decades after they even appeared on Earth, but with an operating system that was decades earlier than what a cafe would sustain in a general architectural that was before both. This was a patchwork of technology that was starting to give El a headache. Who could even build a miniature nuclear generator with a DOS program? Yes they made it to the moon but they didn’t have a mini-nuke-gen installed or even conceived of! Absently she answered Black. “Looks fine.”

El began looking for readouts and some kind of display or control panel. Was it like the old Nautilus on Jules Verne’s story? That was such a romantic and tragic tale. Was she in one of those now? And where was Nemo to explain it all? She let out a long sigh. How much power was this baby putting out? Surely more than was needed to power a few computers. This kind of thing could power whole neighborhoods and more, she suspected, but hoped to find out more. IF things were in even broken english. Otherwise she would hope that Roger would have learned enough to try to help translate.

  • El, Eng

Rende laughed softly, sub vocally almost, keeping her conversation with Eldorin private, “Not my fault you got old. But it looks like the Armory chief knows something about it. But you might want to keep delving, you might have to deal with it. Dust the cob webs away dear, time to get that ancient biological computer of yours warmed up.” Her voice carried the lilt of teasing laughter with it. “I know my love, and we are passed this, but this planet is not. But it’s strange, it’s like a mash up of several decades, possibly over a century or more’s worth of technology being forced to work together when it shouldn’t. Is there some kind of anomaly that could cause this? Could it be the way they used or developed their nuclear technologies have caused a rip in the space/time continuum?” Rende continued to move around the building stopping at windows and doors or anywhere that looked like an access point, to peer back outside to ensure they hadn’t been noticed. Her eyes scanning near and far, up high and into the shadows and the bright light, taking it all in rather than fixating. She also let her ears relax from focusing on the team to picking up any hint of sound that indicated further investigation.

2nd Lt Asam, MACO

El mused, pushing the helmet under her so she could sit on it as she looked over the unit. She must look like some slim cloaked garden gnome squatting on the helmet in front of a metal contraption. Her ‘seat’ had helmet tech similar to theirs. This was less but still more than a wartime architecture. She glanced, if a bit sheepishly, toward the others and their earlier conversation about ‘alternate universes’ which she thought was science fiction. “It’s almost like someone time traveled about and picked up this or that advanced tech. It’s insane the variations. Technology did not work that way. One tech today was the father of the next. You did not suddenly have a great great grand child without the forebear to develop it from. The steel to make the weapons and the shielding for this reactor was one case in point. It was almost like transparent aluminum. You needed aluminum first to advance to the other. How ‘that’ came about though was a leap in ingenuity from a reputed brainstorming session with a Scottish professor. Could that be so again with her Cochrane engines to leap ahead? But for now .. back to the business at hand.

She saw shadows passing along the unit in front of her. Glancing back at the MACO’s she said, “I’m sure you’ve got this but we cut a good profile in the light of the computers here. If we could see this from outside then anyone passing by can see that too. And us.”

  • El, Eng

Rende nodded, “Not much I can do about stopping them from seeing in. There isn’t anything out here to cover the windows with. But I’d rather see anyone coming than find out once they come in the door.” Rende looked around the room but didn’t see anything to cover the windows with, not even outside shutters. “You see anything we could use?” Rende wasn’t pleased with the exposure, but she would still make the rounds anyway. Like she said, better to see someone coming, even if they could see her too. She made a mental note to pass on El’s comment to ‘Dorin. He’d appreciate El’s ability to analyze the situation. She walked over to Lt Black, “El made a good point, it’s easy to see in here. I don’t see anything to cover the windows. Do you want me to go scout around?”

2nd Lt Asam, MACO

Zero smiled and pull his pack off “ I add a new item to all pack” he pulled a roll of duct tape out of his bag “us this” he said as he tossed the roll to them “I put a roll in every ones pack”

Lt. Isaac Black (AC)

Rende looked at the silvery roll of demon spawn from Black and glared at it. She took it staring at it like it was going to explode. “You’ve been talking to Eldorin haven’t you?” She moved off muttering low under her breath. The private earwig activating automatically at the low vocalizations. ‘Demon spawn, who invented this stuff. All shiny metallic and colors too! Sticks to anything but what it’s supposed to. Created by a genie, exactly what you want but cursed.’ She spat almost as if she was superstitious. And when it came to this stuff maybe she was. ‘Thank the gods there are no designs on this stuff.’ Eldorin would know exactly what she was talking about. She hated this stuff. ‘What in the world am I supposed to do with this? Strips of it on the windows? Do you know how long that will take. We’ll be done here or discovered before this would work.’ She ripped a strip off moving towards a window and it stuck to every thing and then folded in on itself and could not be fixed. She balled it up shaking her hand like a cat that just dunked its paw in water, trying to get the offending sticky fiend off her thumb. Then she tried to stick just the edge to the window and roll it down. That worked great till she tried to rip the piece off and of course now it would not tear. She reached for her knife and of course the roll unrolled, collecting dirt and dust as it went. She cursed not quite silently at the offensive material. ‘What do they think I’m MacGyver? This stuff is useless except in old TV shows.’

Checking around the group would find a set of recessed metal shutters they could lower over the windows and doors that would lock from the inside. Probably not a bad idea really to avoid snooping eyes and ears.

GM CockRoach

About that time Rende looked up taking a deep breath and saw the shutters recessed into the window frames. “HA!” and moments later she had them all down and locked.
2nd Lt Asam, MACO

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