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Posted by 2nd Lieutenant Rende Asam (Marine) in History Always Repeats
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As she worked Rende took in what they knew, both from the initial information gathered before they came down and now as the events unfolded. Something was nagging at her, and over the centuries (wouldn’t the rest of the ship have a heart attack if they knew) she had learned to trust her gut. Dropping her voice to a just barely audible whisper (as this activated her person to person comm unit), Eldorin would hear her in his ear, “Eldorin, isn’t this a little reminiscent of say, Belfast 1974?” One piece of hold-over El-Aurian technology that she and Eldorin still used. After all these years it just didn’t feel right to not be a voice inside each others’ ears.
2nd Lt Asam, MACO

He cleared his throat and spoke in an equally low volume and he breathed in slowly before exhaling, “It does, and here I thought we put that life behind us long ago. Rende what are we going to do?” The implication was not that they were out of options or that there was some woeful circumstance they were in, but that he wanted to double check with his wife before they started reverting to their old ways.
Lt Asam, CE

She was scouting ahead of her team at this point, but still her voice was low so that the ear piece would activate. “Well we aren’t going to get involved. It’s not just us, but the ship. The surface similarities are too obvious though. We have no way of knowing though, with this advanced technology, what the sides really look like. The armory chief and your En El were joking about alternate time lines and universes…like it was fiction. They have no idea. They have their own language but also very similar to Earth. Could that be a possibility?” Eldorin was a brilliant engineer and had a mind for bigger picture tactics. But if this was a mess up in the time line, they might could fix that.

Rende wasn’t a computer person, she could use them, and this system reminded her of the basic computers she and Eldorin used when they lived on Earth the last time, but it was never her strong suite. Hopefully someone else could make the system work. She moved through the building making sure it was clear and there were no nasty surprises waiting for them. Dropping her voice again as she made her rounds she whispered into the earbud, “Eldorin, they seem to be using an old DOS like system. I was never much good at it, but you on the other hand…”
2nd Lt Asam, MACO

Eldorin heard his wife and the question she was asking in all but words. “Rende while I’d love to tell you how to use DOS again it’s only been 300 or so years since I had our old NEC in Belfast… Let me delve into the depths of my memory.” He said with an annoyed chuckle. This was bringing back so many memories and experiences that were both refreshing and terrifying. “Rende.... I know we’re not going to get involved it’s just been such a longtime and I hoped that we were passed this.”

Eldorin, CE

Rende laughed softly, “Not my fault you got old. But it looks like the Armory chief knows something about it. But you might want to keep delving, you might have to deal with it. Dust the cob webs away dear, time to get that ancient biological computer of yours warmed up.” Her voice carried the lilt of teasing laughter with it. “I know my love, and we are passed this, but this planet is not. But it’s strange, it’s like a mash up of several decades, possibly over a century or more’s worth of technology being forced to work together when it shouldn’t. Is there some kind of anomaly that could cause this? Could it be the way they used or developed their nuclear technologies have caused a rip in the space/time continuum?” Rende continued to move around the building stopping at windows and doors or anywhere that looked like an access point, to peer back outside to ensure they hadn’t been noticed.

Rende looked at the silvery roll of demon spawn from Black and glared at it. She took it staring at it like it was going to explode. “You’ve been talking to Eldorin haven’t you?” She moved off muttering low under her breath. The private earwig activating automatically at the low vocalizations. ‘Demon spawn, who invented this stuff. All shiny metallic and colors too! Sticks to anything but what it’s supposed to. Created by a genie, exactly what you want but cursed.’ She spat almost as if she was superstitious. And when it came to this stuff maybe she was. ‘Thank the gods there are no designs on this stuff.’ Eldorin would know exactly what she was talking about. She hated this stuff. ‘What in the world am I supposed to do with this? Strips of it on the windows? Do you know how long that will take. We’ll be done here or discovered before this would work.’ She ripped a strip off moving towards a window and it stuck to every thing and then folded in on itself and could not be fixed. She balled it up shaking her hand like a cat that just dunked its paw in water, trying to get the offending sticky fiend off her thumb. Then she tried to stick just the edge to the window and roll it down. That worked great till she tried to rip the piece off and of course now it would not tear. She reached for her knife and of course the roll unrolled, collecting dirt and dust as it went. She cursed not quite silently at the offensive material. ‘What do they think I’m MacGyver? This stuff is useless except in old TV shows.’

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