Main Sim - Plant Surface Team 2 - Tending To The Pilot

Posted April 14, 2021, 11:55 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Eldorin Asam (Chief Engineer) (Brian Richards)

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As the rest of the group moved into the shadows of the main building, Jonathan helped the pilot sit down, with his back to the building. He let go of the comm array he had been carrying as well, and set it against the wall.

“So, why were you out this way?” Jonathan asked the pilot. “It looked like you were pretty out matched from what we could see on the ground.”

”..As I said the base I was assigned too was under attack, we were ordered to abandon base and make for the Port Sand naval station to regroup. I was on my way there when I got jumped by those two MacArm Jets.” He said.

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Eldorin had been holding back, trying his best to come at their circumstances from the point of a Starfleet officer not a mercenary. Eldorin held himself like a seasoned veteran of these sorts of missions which was in stark contract to what someone might expect the CE to do. Repairing starships was his job, not mercenary actions but it was uncanny how easily he fit into the scene. He followed quietly, not wanting to speak up as this posed a real risk of blowing his and his wife’s cover. Not to hide secrets or to be agents of another power, but of their past.

Eldorin, CE

GM CockRoach

Atozi was sure the Pilot’s injuries were not serious or healing at a speed she couldn’t comprehend for now she decided to rummage in her pack for some of the protein bars she usually carried with her in emergencies and began making the rounds first starting with Baumaan, “Its a good idea to eat and drink a little while were here sir. its not much and tastes awful but it has the sufficient energy releasing ingredients to sustain you for some time.” She held out a bar.

  • Ensign Atozi Sh’qyrin, Medical Officer

IC: Jonathan just nodded as reached into his own pack and pulled out a canteen of water, which he held out to the pilot. “About how far is it to the station?”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

”..By jet? a few more minutes or so, by foot ehhh..” He shifted a bit to get more comfortable. “..Probably about 3-5 days on foot. Assuming it’s even there still, MacArm forces were swarming us all over the place.” He explained.

Jonathan looked over towards Noami and Eldorin, “Try and get the comm array setup again, and see if we can pick up any other signals while we wait.”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Naomi looked up from her position then nodded, her figure drew closer to the Chief Engineer’s position. With a little care and faint illumination, she began to shift through the packs to determine what they could use.

“It’s worth a try. Soo… “ She paused then blinked, unsure of the man’s first name. Funny enough she rarely interacted directly with the CE ever.

“Ah, sorry about this, but what’s your name? You’ve been rather quiet this whole trip.”

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

GM CockRoach

Eldorin looked up at the science officer and smiled a little distracted by his wife’s venting in his ear, something about duct tape, MacGyver, and some choice El-Aurian swearing that looses it’s meaning in an English translation. He nodded to the XO and said, “Eldorin, and you are?” He was digging as well through the materials trying to find a way to repair what seemed to be a mashup of technologies that all worked in their own unique way. He sighed and muttered something under his breath about never having the right tools as he grabbed an arm load of parts and said, “Carry what ya can and let’s tear into this shall we?”

Eldorin started to remove panels and work through tracing wires and traces on the pcb.

Eldorin, CE

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