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When someone tried inputting ‘tree’ the system beeped softly and then scrolled on the display showing a directory list like the following.

A:/Home/ -2 Directories, 2 Programs

-----> /Demo/
-----> /Store/


She then headed for the Doc and their added team member. “How is she doing?” Ari’s voice was low and calm and obviously full of genuine concern for the hurt woman. “Do you think she’s up to a couple questions? I give my word I won’t press her further than she’s willing to go.” She gave the Doc a sage nod to reinforce the statement. She wasn’t going to push the woman, but they did need to learn what was happening and this woman was a good way to find that out.

Ari CO

The likely in shock woman looked up at the CO’s approach, she gave a weak smile, “..I am ok. A bit numb around the fingers and toes but that’s ok right? One of you is a doctor right?” She said in a drawling accent of English from the alien speech.

Beth was done walking around the area to see if there was any other way in when she saw Asam closing the shutters. She helped her secure the building and smiled. “I was about to do a search for something to eat or drink. I know we don’t need it yet, but no harm in looking now. Right? Anything else you think I should look for?” Her own security mind was considering places others would be able to get in or see what they were doing. But beyond food, or other intel related items, she couldn’t think of anything else they needed this early in the mission or from this place.

Elizabeth Intel/Sec

Searches for something to eat/drink, came up with a small vending machine nearby inside the store they were in. The unit was painted with exotic space patterns and other spatial anomalies for advertising something called ‘Forward Cola’ and ‘Nacho Blasters’. The vending machine was filled with such drinks, mostly sugary and salt filled snacks, but the food seemed safe enough and fresh, food was food right?

Rende considered it a moment, “Paper or electronic documents. Even something as simple as a jotted down note might help tell us what is going on.” She returned to Lt Black, “Sir I’d like to go up top, see if I can’t find a vantage point to keep a lookout, and look for other points of egress just incase it gets sticky.”

2nd Lt Asam, MACO

Isaac needed some info about this world then he had an idea. He found a public trash can and searched he found some old newspaper or what looks like it “can you translate this” he asked the group.

Lt. Isaac Black (AC)

El scratched at an imaginary itch at her cheek, then tugged absently on a nail. Store. Demo. Black, the ‘expert’ was shuffling about the trash can. Attention spans were evidently not his strong point. They’d already found a paper in the old car that Roger had that was like a Rosetta Stone with the dual english/alien script on it. But whatever. Demos were usually game adverts. Store. Was that a kind of online shop? Or more local shop to order things from like food? She glanced around. Everyone else was doing things and this menu was hardly going to set off alarms.

At the prompt she typed in Demo.exe … and selected what appeared to be the enter key.

El, Eng

Lt. Sanks watched El as she worked with the computer. He thought he would be helpful in helping translate if the alien language popped up.

Lt. Sanks, linguist.

As Demo.exe was ran, the screen and display turned black, and beeped. Then up popped a little white-green smiley face that spun first in a 2-d model, before merging into a pseudo-3-d pattern. It then winked at the viewers, before out of a little speaker a monotone voice spoke. =/\= Greetings potential buyer! I see you are interested in the Franks Model 3000 computer series. Would you like to learn more? =/\= It said in the alien tongue only but thanks to Sanks translator now working mostly nearby it converted it to English.

A blinking ‘Yes/No?’ prompt was below the 3-d face.

GM CockRoach

“Not exactly your classic internet cafe,” El said, rather disappointed that this was a demo for the system and not something more .. sexy, like a game that would show more language and programming ability. But, that said, being an engineer seeing a demo for a computer system was like watching a movie trailer. She glanced over her shoulder at Roger. “Let’s see what Frank’s got under the hood then. Can’t speak for the voice as a good salesman. We should have seen if the soldiers had a credit card on them.” Of course now it was different for currency exchanges. On earth at that time they had a phase of various cards and, later, apps that took care of remote purchasing.

Tapping out ‘Yes’ her finger then pressed the enter key and watched. She paid attention to the quality of the graphics and in her mind worked out the processing power required for each.

  • El, Eng

The screen blanked again and beeped, the green 3d face fading away. A whirring of technology after a minute later and more text popped up, read off in voice format by the earlier primitive Demo program. =/\= The Frank Model 3000 computer is Frank Computer’s top of the line model! Boasting a hefty 10 megahertz of speed, on a single central processing unit, with 3 processing cores, the Frank Model 3000’s brain is what you have come to rely on for high demand processes and computation calculations! Tapping into this unit’s memory for buffering the Frank Model 3000 comes with the newest generation of SDRAM with a full 32 megabytes on board expandable to a beefy 64 megabytes! Coupled with the onboard video processor you can run the most demanding of games, 2d and 3d simulation programs on today and tomorrow’s market on the wonderful 8 color monitor you see before you! Of course what is all that speed and memory without hefty storage options? The Frank Model 3000 boasts the largest mechanical hard drive operational today! With a whopping 1 gigabyte of storage! More than any other company Frank looks out for your best interests to store your programs. Our selectly crafted drives come with a 10 year warranty of stability!=/\= It said. The demo then paused loading more options the 3D green head coming back up.

=/\= Would you like to learn more? Please select from the following options! =/\= It said. Showing the following menu below the head again.

    1) –Pricing
    2) –Financing
    3) –Computational Uses
    4) –School/Business Discounts
    5) –Expansion Options
    6) –Network Accessibility

GM CockRoach

Arialla heard the computer sputter and talk then turned back to the woman they had rescued. “Yes,” she nodded to the Doc in answer to the query. “And she’ll check you out again now that we have settled here at least a few minutes. We are new here and I was wondering if you could help fill us in? We have been isolated up in the mountains and didn’t realize things had gotten this bad down here.” She motioned to the mess and the chaos outside in general.

“How did this come about and how long ago?” She wasn’t sure the woman would buy the act of being out of touch. But she hoped they could convince them of that.


Elizabeth found the machine and frowned. She wasn’t sure that merely breaking into the front of it was a great idea without permission. Going back to the main room, she moved to Black. “I found a machine that holds some salty and sweet snacks and carbonated looking drinks. But I am not sure we can get them without currency or breaking into the machine. What do you recommend?” She was all for busting it open. But then again, they were guests here.


Not having gotten any specific orders from anyone Rende took it upon herself to simply do what she felt was a the best use of her skills and time. She found a vantage point where she could watch the street in both directions and keep an eye out for anyone approaching.
2nd Lt Asam, MACO

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