Main Sim - Plant Surface Team 2 - Tending To The Pilot

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”..By jet? a few more minutes or so, by foot ehhh..” He shifted a bit to get more comfortable. “..Probably about 3-5 days on foot. Assuming it’s even there still, MacArm forces were swarming us all over the place.” He explained.

Jonathan looked over towards Noami and Eldorin, “Try and get the comm array setup again, and see if we can pick up any other signals while we wait.”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Naomi looked up from her position then nodded, her figure drew closer to the Chief Engineer’s position. With a little care and faint illumination, she began to shift through the packs to determine what they could use.

“It’s worth a try. Soo… “ She paused then blinked, unsure of the man’s first name. Funny enough she rarely interacted directly with the CE ever.

“Ah, sorry about this, but what’s your name? You’ve been rather quiet this whole trip.”

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Eldorin looked up at the science officer and smiled a little distracted by his wife’s venting in his ear, something about duct tape, MacGyver, and some choice El-Aurian swearing that loses its meaning in an English translation. He nodded to the XO and said, “Eldorin, and you are?” He was digging as well through the materials trying to find a way to repair what seemed to be a mashup of technologies that all worked in their own unique way. He sighed and muttered something under his breath about never having the right tools as he grabbed an arm load of parts and said, “Carry what ya can and let’s tear into this shall we?”

Eldorin started to remove panels and work through tracing wires and traces on the pcb.

Eldorin, CE

Noami absorbed the name, her lips briefly mouthed it to ensure she pronounced it right. “Eldorin. Got it, mine’s Noami. It’s nice to you officially for the first time.”
She glanced into the scenery, partly worried they might find something not normal here. So far, the place really did seem abandoned. “We did already move so I don’t think we’re moving again. I just unloaded all I was able to carry.”

The science office inhaled then asked an obvious question. “Now, what do you need me to do exactly? Engineering wasn’t on my to excel list.”

She waited for any instruction to avoid creating more issues than resolving.

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

“Hey, guys,” Fleet commented, coming back from his scouting. “I found a barracks. It’s empty, but it’s also out of view of the sky. It might be a good spot to hold up until we can get our bearings and figure out what to do.”

Fleet, Helm

Jonathan chuckled at Fleet’s timing. “Have you heard from Baumann? I’m sure he could find us, but I want to make sure he didn’t find anything for us to worry about before we move.”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Melissa looked at the group “Sir, I’ll have two of my MACOs go with you to the barracks and I’ll take two and go look for Baumann.” She said “Is there anything other than MacArms out here that we need to worry about?” She asked the injured pilot as she ensured that her weapon was charged and ready to go.


Ry’an the alien pilot they were tending too looked aghast at Melissa, almost like he had seen a ghost. “..By the Great Greyhound what are you talking about MACOs!! They’re the elite of the elite of the MacArm forces to the south!!” He tried to sit up and back crawl away from the group now looking at them uncertainty and perhaps like one might an enemy who had captured him. “ lied to me! No wonder you speak the Higher Tongues!” he said in a growing panic his eyes flitting from person to person who was present.

It was clear somehow the mentioning of MACO as a term was very taboo and a grave misstep for their formerly friendly ESM pilot from the north. But this couldn’t make sense right? How could such a term be taboo or feared by a planet never seemingly having contact with Earth Starfleet or MACOs before? Something wasn’t adding up here as they were finding out, but unless they could calm down their alien pilot guest they probably wouldn’t be getting much more from him.

GM CockRoach

Upon hearing the information Kenneth gave, Naomi smiled. Relief filled her nerves and caused them to settle down. She had been more jittery than a cat on hot metal.
Hopefully, nothing else went wrong.

As if fate read her mind, Lieutenant Colonel Tafoya decided to break their cover with a careless word. The immediate change in the pilot’s demeanor was difficult to ignore. He looked at each of them with fresh horror and began to crawl away, his injuries not yet healed for the moment. Words of accusation followed causing Naomi to glance at the XO with worry.

Being the less intimidating in the group, the blonde woman took a single step toward the pilot. She put her hands out where he could see them despite the darkness. In a calm, patient voice she spoke to him. It was pointless to keep going through with the lie now.

“You’re going to hurt yourself. Calm down and let me point out some things.” She paused in place so he would focus on her.

“Yes, you’re right. We’ve not been completely honest with you, but there’s a good reason. If we really were with -McAmy or whatever it is called- forces then… Why aren’t we trying to get information out of you during the trip? Instead, take a good and close look back on our interaction.” While Naomi was still reasonable, her mind was fluttering chaos.

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Eldorin was working on repairs as he heard the helmsmen enter and the XO talking in the background, he hadn’t thought of what Naomi could do till the pilot started to freak out over the mention of MACO, of which his wife was one, although not who the pilot thought. He turned to Naomi and said quietly, “I was going to ask you to help realign frequency bands manually while I try to account for the signal drift, but I think you’ve got a bigger job than I do. If you can pass me that wrench I’d appreciate it though.” Eldorin remarked, pointing to a wrench near the scientist as he grabbed a few bands and wrapped them onto the control dials to keep them in sync. He wanted to tell the story of how he used to do this on his AM radio back on Earth in his 1969 Opel Commodore but as far as anyone here knew, he was human.

Eldorin, CE

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