Main Sim - Plant Surface Team 2 - Back In The Woods

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A beep and chirp on their comm units came in from the Bonaventure.....

GM CockRoach

Holding up his hand to stall Nissek, Jonathan flipped his comm unit over to the Bonnie’s channel. Hopefully the Captain would be able to wait, or maybe she was relaying her message through the ship.

[O] McKnight here. [O]

Cmdr McKnight - XO

“Oh, now. What bloody now?” Naomi muttered underneath her breath, the woman’s attention turned to the XO.

Nothing could hopefully get worse as she tried to her anxiety in check and silence her racing mind.

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

A moment later, Ari replied to McKnight. [O]See what info you can give. We are about to see if we can get some local info as well.[O] There was the sound of a smile in her voice. [O] Check back in in an hour. We will coordinate a ship return then to see what we’ve all come up with. Captain out [O]


[O] Understood. Jonathan out. [O]

Now to just see what the the Bonnie had for them.

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

=/\= Sir just to let you know Bauuman requested an emergency transport to the ship a few minutes ago, he’s safely back aboard. =/\= The NE said.

[O] Understood. [O]

Jonathan wasn’t sure if he should let out a sigh of relief that Baumann had not been captured, or a curse that he had to call for an emergency transport in the first place. But there was no time to worry about that for now.

Melissa’s training helped with making sure that they were able to keep some cover. Search and rescue had been part of her basic training. She looked at Emerson. They arrived at the building that Bauuman had last been seen in, she and Emerson looked for a window to see if they could see anything within the building before going in.


Melissa’s looking found the building that Bauuman had been in was completely empty....

GM CockRoach

Tapping his comm unit, Jonathan sent a triple click through on the Colonel’s channel, one of the prearranged signals that meant for her team to return back to the rendezvous point.

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

“So what about the energy source under the abandoned building? We never discovered what it was or why it’s even being hidden. In fact, I don’t even think we tried very hard.” Naomi piped up, not caring anymore what the XO might think of her behavior.

Every time she thought about the unknown energy reading, it gnawed at her and she felt it was important. In what way, she wasn’t sure. She thought leaving it a mystery might, later on, cause them to regret it. Unfortunately, it appeared stealth wasn’t this group’s great strength making her wonder if the mystery was worth risking their lives to solve. Most of what they did was fiddle with a black box that as yet yielded very little answers to anything save something they already knew. Something was off with the advancements here.

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Checking out the base could be a wise idea, they still didn’t know what the energy source was knowing this could help them figure out how to undo the massive gravity anomalies that were stranding them here in this system.

GM CockRoach

“You are right Naomi. But we also don’t know where to start looking. That was one thing Baumann was supposed to be helping to find. Maybe Nissek was able to find something in her scouting around the perimeter,” Johnathan said turning to look at Nissek. Hopefully she had something for them to go on.

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Nissek took a look at the readings she had gathered from the perimeter. “The local wildlife shows evidence of mutations of several different varieties. These are the sort of mutations one would expect from radiation, extra limbs, increases and decreases in intelligence, increasing ferocity, however they appear to be happening far faster than would be expected of radiation toxicity or anything similar,” She reported, looking to the Commander. “No information on what this energy source may be.”

~ Nissek

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