Main Sim - Plant Surface Team 2 - Back At The Base

Posted Aug. 9, 2021, 10 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Nissek (Chief Engineer) (Nicole Cline)

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With a smooth thud and hum the lift doors shut and with a slight shudder the lift began to rapidly descend. There was no antigravity field here so the nauseous feeling of rapid descent was a present feeling in their guts.

Then before it could grow in scope a ding heralded their sudden stop. They were now a quarter mile under the ground, as the doors opened onto the office floor. A dark gloom welcomed them from powered down work stations and floor lighting. Maybe there was a light or power breaker/switch nearby?

GM CockRoach

The feeling of descent was unfamiliar to Nissek, having spent many years aboard starships, but did not seem to bother her. Stepping out of the elevator, she looked for any way to switch on the light. “I am confident we can figure out their system… so long as we can see it.” She said. “Perhaps some sort of records?” Personally, she hoped the office was computerised. Tracking anything through paper files would be quite inconvenient.

~ Subaltern Nissek

Naomi was silent. She felt her body curl in on itself and tighten, the anxiety strong with the descent downward. Her eyes stared forward to distract her from the sick sensation. Her ears caught the quiet thump of the elevator as it passed each level. When it hit the floor, the elevator pinged and she managed to hold firm in place. She was thankful for the company when the Vulcan woman moved first, exiting into the darkness.

Being human, her dark vision was very poor but she managed to make out faint shapes of the workplace. Naomi stepped partway through the door then stopped. The woman hoped to use any faint light to illuminate the scenery. She looked to the wall for any shape that could be a switch for the lights.

“I wasn’t expecting this. As long as we have power, I agree… but if we don’t, that is another problem.” Naomi stated with worry, hoping there was a switch around to brighten up the place.

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Searches for a light source soon found a breaker box near the elevator shaft. Flipping the hard switch lights slowly hummed to life and computer consoles began beeping and dinging with life. Green screens soon alighted the room.

OOC: Think 80s/early 90s style computers with a DOS like interface and keyboard/mouse use.

GM CockRoach

With the lights on, Nissek could get a better look at the room and equipment. And… it wasn’t exactly cutting edge. She went up to one of the computers and looked at the screen. “I believe this would be similar to early Earth computers.” She said, looking back to Naomi.

~ Subaltern Nissek

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