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“Why in the world would someone try to move an entire planet?? That seems very dangerous and kinda stupid. Unless you know exactly where you’re going and can get there really fast, a planet might die from lack of a sun…”

  • Lt. Fleet, who has definitely been in the background quietly this whole time

Naomi immediately jumped in her seat as her head turned, realizing Kenneth had followed them down. She blinked and let her heart settle down, the muscle strained against her chest. With a deep breath, she addressed him.

“I don’t even think that’s possible based on everything I’ve read about the subject. Ships are at least self contained and protected by the hull. A planet… is bloody well not. “ She licked her lips before she moved on.

“Also, have you found anything else while we were examining the computer files? Because we should consider leaving and joining the XO on the ship. What do you two think?” She shuffled the stuff about the desk in search of anything to download the information and transport it back with her. For a moment, she regretted not bringing a datapad to connect to it.

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Kenny shook his head, shrugging. “I didn’t see anything of interest. I agree, it’s probably a good idea to head back up and return to the ship. I’m curious to know if the other team discovered anything of importance.”

Fleet, Helm

The thought they could explore the rest of the base might be in order too so they could give a full report.....

GM CockRoach

OOC: Jumping back in, apologies

“I’ve found nothing else of interest, either. Perhaps there’s somewhere else we can find some information?” She asked allowed, not particularly wanting to return with just about nothing to report.

~ Subaltern Nissek

Noami listened to both Kenny and Nissek. One was in favor of returning to the ship and combining information, ensuring their ship didn’t leave them behind. The other wanted to satisfy her curiosity and ensure they collected everything they needed before leaving. She weighed the options since her decision would be the tie breaker.

“You had to make me the tie breaker, didn’t you?” She gave a mused accusation toward the pair.

“I feel there’s more in the base, but we can’t waste time. Do you think we can find a lead where to search next within the computer? The XO suggested the bay level, but I don’t want to waste time if there’s no evidence of anything there.”As she spoke, Naomi was still looking for some sort of data storage unit. If she didn’t find any soon, she would give up on the endeavor and try to memorize everything the best she could.

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Nissek pulled her data pad out of its pouch and offered it to Naomi. “We can save what we’ve found, at least. I would still prefer we search further,” she said. “If there is more to be found, it may be the answer to our mystery.”

~ Subaltern Nissek

The group would remember there was four more levels to the base, this one was office and supplies, the next and third floors were lab and cold storage, the fourth was something called ‘ship and core storage’

GM CockRoach

Naomi jacked the data pad into the computer and began to download the data. It didn’t take too long as she considered their options, forced to make a decision for everyone. She gritted her teeth a moment then spoke.

“Fine, we’ll do the ship and core storage. XO, before he left, seemed keen on that area anyways. This has to be our last stop cause we’re out of time and need to get back to the ship. I don’t want to see what happens when we run out of time.” She fought the urge to snap as she removed the jack and rushed over to the turbo lift.

Once the crew entered, she hit the button for the level.

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Again the lift began to rumble down, slowly picking up speed to an almost nauseating level. Finally after almost another 3 minutes of travel the lift halted and the doors opened. Ahead was a open corridor 10ft high by 15ft wide, it split to left and right made up of grey painted walls. Lighting flickered on this time along the top and bottom corners of the corridor providing lighting to left and right around unseen corners.

The humming of a power source could be heard in either direction, it though was barely noticeable given its high pitch, but if someone deemed to scan they would pick up the energy readings they sought came from the left, while to the right were what seemed a weaker power source and what might be life signs though exact properties of this second finding were muddled due to the energy put out by the unknown power source.

GM CockRoach

Nissek stepped into the lift after Naomi and waited until the doors opened once again.

Upon stepping out in the new location, she checked her scanner. “Our energy reading appear to be originating from that direction,” Nissek pointed to the left. “However there also seems to be something in the other direction…” she said, though she would rather go left.

~ Subaltern Nissek

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