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Posted by Lieutenant Naomi Locke (Sci) in Main Sim - Officer’s Mess Briefing

Posted by Commander Jonathan McKnight (Executive Officer) in Main Sim - Officer’s Mess Briefing
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((this is for anyone who wants to be in on the briefing that isn’t caught up in Medical… doesn’t matter if you are DH or Ens. Ari invited everyone in her group to the meeting so you have a right to be here… M))

Ari walked into the Officer’s mess and was glad to see coffee and tea already set out. She loved the idea that word always spread rapidly enough to be ready. In this case, it was certainly welcome as she made a cup of tea and reached for one of the sandwich halves stacked on a plate. “I love the little miracles on our ship,” she laughed as the XO eventually came in as she took her seat and waited for the others.

Capt Arialla Bovar

“Miracles, or just refreshments? Because I can definitely go for a snack after our hike in the woods,” Jonathan said making a beeline straight for the spread. He grabbed a cup of coffee and a sandwich half and took a bite. “So much better then emergency rations.”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

“The only emergency rations that is horrible is if you get the pork sausage one.” Lt. Sanks said as he entered the room and heard the XO’s statement, and placed a padd down where he was going to sit before going over to get a cup of the coffee. He had spent a long time with making the report on the information he and El had pulled from the mission.
Lt. Sanks, Linguist

“Well, whatever we call it, it works.” Ari laughed before settling into her chair. “Ok so nothing formal here. I just need to know if you guys have figured anything out or at least have a lead to something. If not, we may need to regroup and consider another location.” She didn’t like the idea of starting over. Especially since they had brought folks back with them.

((moving this ahead))

Ari glanced at the men. “All right, let’s get this started. The others can join as they arrive.” Turning to Johnathan, she smiled. “So you said you hadn’t gotten far. Neither have we. But what have you found out?” She was pretty sure they were still at ground zero, so to speak, as to why they were stuck. But she had to ask. And she had to be sure everyone was all right, as well. She didn’t like this many of the crew being away from the ship. And she didn’t like that the entire Command Staff was gone. It didn’t bode well for the Bonnie if something went amiss down there or up here.


Taking a drink of his coffee, Jonathan sat it down on the table in front of him.

“We witnessed a dog fight on the way to the compound, and managed to rescue a downed pilot from the wreckage. We got a little bit of intel from him before one of the MACO’s blew our cover story wide open. Soon after a rescue party came for him, and we had to take cover. But we had just found an entrance to a hidden underground bunker when you asked me to come back to the Bonnie Captain. The rest of the team is exploring to try and see if they can locate the source of the energy signature. And to find out why the level of technology here seems to be well past what we would come to expect.”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Leaning back in his chair, he picked up his sandwich and took another bite. “What did you encounter down on the planet Captain?”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Ari laughed, leaning back in her seat. “Well, apparently not as much as you. We discovered some technology sales location and learned of some history of the planet. We got in a couple scuffles ourselves.” She nodded to the door, and beyond. “We have a couple civilians in medical now. Including a soldier of one side or the other. He was about to be executed along with the rest of his group. But he was the only one we were able to save. Stunned the other. Found a couple strays as well. A couple women being hounded by the same sadistic side that was torturing the one we saved. And a couple kids. Trouble is, seems they think we are something akin to their deities. Maybe you should question the soldier once he’s cleared. He could possibly help with your investigation. Then we need to get everyone safely back to their homes. Or wherever it is they wanted to be.”

She smiled. “At least one team seems to have found something potentially useful. You hear or find anything relating to a Great Greyhound? Seems to be a god of theirs. My guess is a spaceship of some race.” She wasn’t sure why the idea bothered her, but it did.


“It doesn’t ring a bell. Maybe it’s something they will be able to help discover more information on as they go through the base. But what if it was an Earth ship? Our survivor got very antsy when the term MACO came up. It sounds like one side of this conflict is using a special group of soldiers who are using a very similar name.”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Ari frowned. “An earth ship…I hadn’t considered that.” Suddenly curious, she leaned forward and typed out a query.”

Lost ship

“I’m wondering if some ship crashed here and played deity to survive?” She waited and but her lower lip unconsciously. “The question is… How did they go from crashed ship to ‘planet jumping’?”

Part of her hoped it was a simple answer. Another part of her kicked the first part for foolish thinking.

Ari CO

There also was the mystery of the Black Serpents Tied into this as well

GM CockRoach

“Well what if an Earth ship was not the first ship to arrive here. Maybe it was just the one that was able to capitalize on the current situation the most Captain.”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Ari nodded. “Well, speculation is gonna get us no where. We need to figure out how to get home. I’m gonna check on our guests. Why don’t you see what your team has come up. With any luck, once the others are well enough to go home, we’ll be able to get there ourselves. I’m also gonna have a chat with the soldier we rescued, if he’s able to talk. Once you get your report, come join me in sickbay.” She rose and tried to smile but it didn’t quite reach her eyes. “Couldn’t hurt to have both of us figuring this out. The more the better… right? Or merrier, or whatever…” She shook her head to end the thought stream. “Let’s get this crew home. I’m starting to really not like this much adventuring.”

She laughed and patted his shoulder on her way to the door.


((not ignoring Serpent aspect… Ari didn’t remember it. lol… meaning I didn’t lol))

“Sounds good Captain, I’ll meet you down in sickbay shortly.”

Finishing off his cup of coffee, Jonathan stood up and got himself a refill. No time for rest yet, there was still plenty of work to do still. Fresh cup in hand, he headed over to the comm panel on the bulkhead.

[O] McKnight to the Bridge. Please open a channel to Locke and Nissek. Hopefully they are in a place to respond. [O]

OOC: If we are able to establish a channel, I’ll cross post to the surface thread.

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

NE Comms soon replied. =/\= Patching you through now sir.. =/\= He said opening the channel.

GM CockRoach

[O] Bonaventure to Locke and Nissek. Do you read me? What is the status of your search? [O}

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

=^= Currently, we’re still investigating. They are experimenting with FTL travel in order to make their planet capable of doing it. It explains the tremors and gravity waves keeping us here. Now, we’re in the ship bay and going to see if we can turn off the source. There’s also other lifeforms on the same level so we’re trying not to get caught.=^= Naomi’s voice came over the comms in a quiet tone.

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci (cross post)

[O] Understood, proceed with caution… Wait, did you say they were trying to make their planet go faster then light? [O]

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

=^= Yes, sir I did. Now, if we discover anything else, we’ll contact you. Right now, I want to get in and out. I would rather not see what these individuals do to ‘aliens’ that cross their path.=^=

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

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