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Posted Oct. 21, 2021, 9:41 p.m. by Captain Arialla Bovar (Captain) (Melissa Aragon)

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Rachel raised an eyebrow at the armoury Chief Ahh right, not everyone can dictate by memory She thought to herself and returned her attention to her patient. The Captain would take the lead on this.

Dr. Grey - CMO

With a swish of quiet robes, Stovik stepped into the Sickbay proper, ready for his shift. His quiet, dark eyes took in the scene before him and he moved over to quietly stand to the side, watching the drama unfold.

Vulcan Healer

”..This…this is not..” He looked confused, lost even. Then down at himself where his uniform had been replaced by a patient garb. “..Where is my uniform? Where is my equipment?” He asked looking about, “ this isnt right. Something is not right here.” He said in confusion.

GM CockRoach

Rachel shot the Captain a quick glance then turned to the soldier “This is a medical facility. I was treating you for your injuries” She said in a calm voice

Dr. Grey - CMO

Isaac spoke up “ listen soldier we took a big risk bringing you to this top-secret military base so we need you to relax what is your name and rank” he said with his best soldier voice.

(he might freak out if we tell him we are in space we need him to relax)

Lt. Isaac Black (AC)

The man seemed to focus at Black’s snappish tone, but it did not seem a friendly look. In fact it seemed almost near hostile. “..You are not in the garb of the ESM forces! Nor do I recognize any of these things about me. You will get nothing from me.” He said then listed off his name, rank and a serial number. “..Mark Glossglow, Lieutenant ESM forces 276th Platoon Rangers, serial number 10008239M!” He declared.

GM CockRoach

Rachel snorted at his answer “That wasn’t so difficult lad, we’re becoming great friends already” She had taken a step back to allow the Captain and armory chief to speak to him but her height allowed her to loom behind the pair with an easy view of her patient. She had crossed her arms and was smiling her crooked smile, her voice was calm with a hint of amusement.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Ari smiled. Such responses were programmed or trained into nearly every type of military in nearly every military she had ever encountered. Nothing but the bare facts. Shaking her head slightly, she moved to sit on the edge of the bed near the man’s feet. “I am Captain Arialla Bovar. Captain of this,” she paused for a moment, then nodded to the room in general, “this service group. We saved you because we are from a long way off and are trying to figure out why the stars in the sky are suddenly different and the ground shakes like there are quakes happening when they shouldn’t be. You have come to no harm, and your uniform can easily be returned to you if you are more comfortable in it. Though,” she inclined her head with a slight smile, “I hope you understand if we don’t hand you your weapons back right away. But I can assure you they are in good keeping with my armorer and will be returned to you when we take you where you want to be dropped at.”

She sighed and shook her head. “If you looked up one night into the sky, noticed nothing familiar, would you not be a bit frightened and want to know the reason?” She tried to appeal to him.


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