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Posted Oct. 22, 2021, 7:02 p.m. by Vice Admiral CockRoach (GM) (Robert Archer)


“We are still learning. When you first spoke of the Greyhound and Serpents it sounded like it was long ago, but then you said it was recent. A week or so ago. Please tell me more of them. What are these Serpents?”
- El, Eng

El’s mind raced about. She could almost ‘see’ in her imagination the bands in space that held them here. What kind of power could create such a .. mystery? And why? Was it some kind of failsafe to keep the region of space secure from intervention from these ‘serpents’? After all, who would want to travel for years to get here and then years out again? That would be the perfect barrier to isolate the region from n’er do wells. ‘But not from each other,’ she thought, looking at the ravaged world below. That raised the next question - if this was established as some kind of interstellar ‘moat’ to protect the world set up by these ‘Greyhound’ people then they, who were caught inadvertently in this ‘moat’ .. who were they to turn it off. Absently she chewed on a thumbnail, her midnight snack feeling more like a lump in her stomach now.
El, waxing philosophical ..

”..The Serpents were the great evil that came from the dark heavens!” She said gesturing around out the window. “..They came to enslave and conquer us when we were lowly and unprepared. The Great Greyhound Saviors uplifted us from our dark lowly existence and had us repair their great heaven bound ship.” She said gesturing to the Bonnie. “..Like yours in fact, the great texts of ages pass speak of the formation of the Great Greyhound, blessed may it be, your......your heaven bound ship is the same.” She said as if the realization just was coming to her. “..Even the ancient texts speak of the garb the Blessed Saviors were, they were the same as yours, which is why I truly believe you are from their Heavens!” She said.

”..You are the destined angels they said would one day come from their far off signal through the heavens of space. But their time here was drawn short when the Serpents came. Much of their…” She seemed to struggle for the word, “..ah their crew were on our lowly planet teaching and ....refitting our lowly existence to more uplifted heights, spreading their words and wisdom to all who would listen and wiping out those who would not with their MACO and Armory force. What later became the MACARMs to the south when the great split happened.” She said then seemed to realize she was getting side tracked. “..The sacred texts though say those still aboard the Great Greyhound fought the Serpents who invaded our system. The great Captain Boyo and his lead departments at his side remained aboard transporting down the remaining crew to care for our people and finish their uplifting and wisdom. The texts of the great Chief Engineer Qill say there was a great breach in the sky and a tear within the space of the heavens as the Greyhound cast its warping field into an overload destroying the foul Serpents before they could make landfall.” She said as if reciting a holy text from memory.

If El decided to cue up an NE to run some data records on the name, they would find something interesting. 1) There was a Bonaventure class frigate the SS Greyhound under construction currently about Earth, but she wasnt expected to take flight for another few months, 2) The Captain planned to be assigned to her was a man by the name of Captain David Boyo, and their was a planned Lieutenant grade chief engineering named Samuel Qill on the roster for once the ship was finished. Their was also plans to equip it with a MACO squad before launch.

The oddity of all this was clearly that to Elm and her people these people had been there already, something that seemed impossible frankly. But yet the evidence was clear before their eyes, a primitive people human like barely out of the dark ages had somehow been forcefully uplifted by what seemed a crew of Earth based explorers somehow stranded here or elsewhere and fought off these ‘Serpents’. In turn there then had been some kind of ‘split’ among the survivors, one half being the MACO/Armory crew taking over the southern portion of the planet with their followers, and the other half being the Engineering/Medical/Science based crew and their followers. Then after some years somehow this all lead to a war they now were seeing and the strange ability for this planet to ‘warp jump’ about. It might seem the survivors of the Greyhound if this was all true used Earth technology and likely remains of these Serpents to do more.

GM CockRoach


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