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Posted Nov. 26, 2021, 2:54 p.m. by Vice Admiral CockRoach (GM) (Robert Archer)


“It’s nice to meet you Elm. I know it’s not much,” he said gesturing towards the hot dogs, “but I’m sure the chef would be able to put together quite the breakfast for you in the morning.

“I was just passing through after meeting with the Captain. What are your thoughts on the Bonnie so far?” Jonathan asked looking towards Elm.

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

El took this opportunity to slip over to the side where the coffee station was. She wasn’t after coffee, however, but tea and hot water was more available than the coffee that looked low in the urn. Choosing a neutral flavor like Earl Grey she made two cups. While coffee seemed to be the ‘thing’ with the crew, her Asian upbringing had her far more used to tea simply through availability. Her mother liked tea though her father preferred coffee, yet suffered patiently under the predominance of tea.

Slowly moving back she silently offered one mug to Elm. Throughout she was trying to fathom where these Serpents came from. Space yes which meant that their presence here may result in them meeting these beings, whoever they were. They seemed a match, but still the battle took time and to ‘win’ they had to self destruct. What would that mean for the next meeting? Had they become more technically proficient in the intervening time? She took a small sip of the tea but still shivered from the thoughts rolling through her mind.
- El, Eng

Elm took the offered tea, sipping it without much pause after smelling it curiously. Her final reply finally came to the XO’s question. “..You Heaven sent vessel is a sign of our misdeeds surely. You no doubt came here to correct our path of foolishness by nearly wiping ourselves off due to the foolishness of the MACARM forces to the south. You were no doubt lured here too by the ancient signal the Great Greyhound Saviors first sent after their stranding and arrival to our lowly planet..” She said.

GM CockRoach

El tried to help translate that; she was feeling she was able to follow it easier. “Sir, the Greyhound is a Bonaventure class ship that is yet to launch, but somehow found itself a hundred and more years back in time at this world. They saved this world from a conquest from ships they call the Serpents. In the last battle they self destructed and took the Serpent fleet with them. They had most of their crew on world. The departments for whatever reason split and these MACARM forces are the descendants of the MACOS that were on the Greyhound. However it happened for this war we came into the Greyhound helped advance this world technologically.”

She emitted a small frown. She was in engineering when they were suddenly thrust out of warp and not on the bridge. She had no idea of any signal. Perhaps the commander would know that. The cup of tea felt nice and warm in her hands. However it was they were trapped here unless they could figure out what this spatial anomaly was that had them trapped. A part of her theorized that the Greyhound had devised it somehow as a defensive means to keep Elm’s world clear of space travelers in general and the Serpents in particular, but they were trapped in it too. The problem was if they turned it off or whatever, would that then invite Elm’s world to attack?

El, Eng

OOC: Rob, reminder request .. was there a signal or did the world just appear out of nowhere and with it the spatial anomaly that pulled us out of warp? .. Gene

OOC: There was no signal, you were originally coming to this uncharted system to survey it for future efforts, while surveying Elm’s planet appeared out of thin air in an opposite orbit from the third planet across the system, shortly after a huge gravitational eddy covering several light years from here and out of the system emitted from the planet trapping you here or signaling for help.

GM CockRoach

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