Main Sim - Plant Surface Team 2 - Back At The Base

Posted Dec. 1, 2021, 1:16 p.m. by Lieutenant Naomi Locke (Sci) (Janice B.)

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As they progressed, Naomi wished she had worn something lighter and thinner. The air was notably warmer than before causing her to wonder why. She didn’t have to wonder very long when they came to a sealed door with a control panel. Her eyes took a moment to look it over, noticing the warning. She stepped closer to the panel to look over the readings.

“Well, the readings are close to the same level as the surface. Think this might be the source of the radiation on the planet or something else?” She looked over her shoulder at the pair.

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

“It could be,” Nissek replied, reading her scanner. “It’s hard to tell.” She admitted after a moment.

[O] Bonaventure to Locke and Nissek. Do you read me? What is the status of your search? [O}

Cmdr. McKnight - XO (crosspost)

When the XO’s voice came over the comms, Naomi froze into place. Of course that man had to pick the worst possible time to check in and ask for an update. If he had remained down here, he might’ve not needed one. Unable to curse her rotten luck, she signaled for the others to pull in close and for someone to watch the door. She activated the comm then spoke in a hushed whisper.

=^= Currently, we’re still investigating. They are experimenting with FTL travel in order to make their planet capable of doing it. It explains the tremors and gravity waves keeping us here. Now, we’re in the ship bay and going to see if we can turn off the source. There’s also other lifeforms on the same level so we’re trying not to get caught.=^=

It was a very wimpy recap of their knowledge, but it hit the important marks. She did hope the XO might understand the dire danger they were in and consider keeping his voice down when he replied next. Her eyes looked to the side and prayed nothing came into their hallway. None of them, that she knew, had any weapons on their person.

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

Nissek pulled in closer, watching the door and keeping her eyes on the rest of the area. It really had been an inopportune time for a check-in. She wasn’t carrying a weapon either, and she didn’t particularly wish to get caught down here.

~ Subaltern Nissek

Thankfully no sign of other life forms were coming, only the distant muted ones far off in the opposite direction they had come from. The blinking door panel still awaited their choice for entry or not, that could hold the solutions to their problems.....or not.

GM CockRoach

[O] Understood, proceed with caution… Wait, did you say they were trying to make their planet go faster then light? [O]

Cmdr. McKnight - XO (crosspost)

Naomi found her patience drawing to an end. On a normal occasion, she might’ve simply let her temper loose and not care for the bloody consequences. Did the man not seriously hear the part about other lifeforms nearby and trying not to get caught? She looked at Nissek, her annoyance and frustration on display. Before she replied, she whispered underneath her breath.

Maybe she was being unreasonable about her attitude, but it didn’t feel like it.

=^= Yes, sir I did. Now, if we discover anything else, we’ll contact you. Right now, I want to get in and out. I would rather not see what these individuals do to ‘aliens’ that cross their path.=^= Naomi used the term loosely and kept the urgency in her voice.

Leaving the rest of the responses to Nissek, she focused on the still locked door before them. She pulled up the PADD then began to do a quick search of the data within. Maybe there might be some information in there that could help. If that course of action failed, her next one was to hack into the door using the device. Hopefully something worked.

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

All that came in reply from the Bonnie was a slight chirp indicating that the comm channel had closed.

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Checking things over with her hand scanner, Locke was able to find an easy bypass on the digital locking system. With a hiss the door opened and the humming from within grew louder almost to deafening levels. Radiation counts were still within tolerable levels like on the surface but they would not wish to linger here for more than a day or two to avoid getting sick.

GM CockRoach

Once the bypass went through, Locke fought the instinct to jerk. She disconnected the PADD and slipped it back into her pants pocket. Pausing at the entrance, she turned back to the rest of the crew.

“Okay, we go in and find the controls to the power source then disable them. Faster we get this done, the sooner we leave. It hopefully won’t take any longer than a few minutes to locate it.” Naomi quickly entered the room. Her eyes scanned the room while she took account of its outlay the best she could.

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

OOC: Dont worry the impromptu search party found me :P sorry I forgot to respond here :P

Eyeing over the massive cavernous room was a chore. While probably about 70% of it was taken up by the huge spherical ‘core’ of the energy source, and another 20% was various levels upon sublevels of steel holed flooring and ladders, there was still quite a lot of equipment to slog through, scan, catalog, and translate its purpose.

As a result of this the search dragged on for at least five hours, during which time they were not disturbed by anyone else thankfully. Radiation levels also remained constant and did not rise up. Finally though as they slid down the last level of grating to the floor which was made out of thick iron mineral rock overlaid by more steel grating plates they found a massive display screen which held a large winding control panel with levers, dials, and switches. The odd and funny part of this was much of its make up was almost to the exact dial the main control system’s board that one would find in main engineering in front of the ship’s warp core for the Bonaventure! Labels were rewritten from english to the alien script, but otherwise there was an exact working match! To confound this mystery further checking serial number plates on the side and the like found they were a match for the SS Greyhound still under construction around Earth! Except carbon dating on them put them at least 100-200 years old!

Looking things over the control panel was tied into the main massive reactor above them, tied in by a hodgepodge of alien machinery, Earth based know how, and some kind of mish mash of both sciences by unknown hands. In short they had found the main control panel and switching for the device above! They could easily study it further, turn it off, ramp up power, or more from here. Though fiddling with it beyond an ‘off’ choice who knew what it might do!

GM CockRoach

Naomi’s stress only increased with the time gradually passing during their search. Every time she made a sound or moved something, her eyes snapped back to the doorway. Thankfully, their task didn’t draw any unwanted attention. Upon reaching what appeared to be a control room, her paranoia had finally subsided. She didn’t expect it to last long as she eyed up the strange machine then glanced at the other two.

“So… anyone know where the off switch is for this?” She hadn’t noticed how familiar the layout was when she asked her question. Though given some time, she might realize it.

-ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci

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