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Posted Dec. 4, 2021, 11:38 p.m. by Captain Arialla Bovar (Captain) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Vice Admiral CockRoach (GM) in Main Sim - Mess Hall - “Room with a View”

Posted by Captain Arialla Bovar (Captain) in Main Sim - Mess Hall - “Room with a View”
Ari let the soldier follow her to the lift in silence. As the three stepped in, and she was sure the CMO was not crowded, her voice piped up. “B DECK!” When the lift began to move, she kept her eyes on the door, but addressed the man at her side.

“We have a pretty good galley. The food isn’t always the greatest, but it’s nutritious and is always interesting.” She laughed lightly. The cooks did the best they could with what they had. But sometimes creativity was the course of the meal. “I figured you could get something to eat and drink, we could talk, then maybe you could help us with a little problem.” She let her voice trail off to see if he would respond. She was going out on a limb, but was willing to take the fall if it got her people home.

Captain Arialla Bovar CO

The Captain’s guest remained quiet through their walk, taking in the ship’s halls around him. As the lift began to move he still remained quiet studying the outline of the Bonaventure on the wall panel nearby outlining the deck’s and hub areas the lift would stop at. When they finally got out onto B Deck they passed some NEs who gave polite nods to both before entering the lift they had just departed.

Coming into the Mess Hall the man looked around again, thankfully the hall was empty barring the ship’s Chef who peeked out from the kitchen area nearby. “..Evening Captain! What can I get you and your guest there?” He inquired.

The man meanwhile was drawn to the nearby window view, where the smokey remains of his home planet was in its fully gloomy glory. The man seemed stunned at first, before his mask of stern neutrality came back over his face and he turned to the CO. “..We are in the Heavens! You....” He sighed rubbing his hair torn out scalp of hair of what remained. He seemed at a loss for words for the moment, then looking to the Chef he inquired. “..What.....what is it you have to eat?” he said finally chiming in on the CO’s earlier words about eating.

”..Well, we got coffee, some assorted teas, water of course, for drinks. As for food, I got some rehydrated beef and onion sandwiches on order.” the Chef offered.

GM CockRoach

Ari watched him close enough that she caught the surprise look on his face as well as his return to the stony visage he had borne since being saved. Pretending she hadn’t caught the look, she merely raised an eyebrow as if worried she had missed something. “I’m sorry, you were saying something? All I caught was You…. You’re welcome to ask anything you like. The beef and onion sandwiches are pretty good, by the way.” She turned to the Chef and nodded. “I’ll have a sandwich and coffee please.”

Ari then moved towards one of the tables by the window and sat down as if nothing were amiss. “Please. Come and relax. I figured there was no need to remain in medical if we were just going to talk.” She nodded to the Doc. “Grab some food, yourself, Doc. It’s been a long day.” She nodded and took a sip of coffee as one of the crewmen placed it before her. She watched the soldier wondering when he would ask what she knew was burning in his mind.


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