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El tried to help translate that; she was feeling she was able to follow it easier. “Sir, the Greyhound is a Bonaventure class ship that is yet to launch, but somehow found itself a hundred and more years back in time at this world. They saved this world from a conquest from ships they call the Serpents. In the last battle they self destructed and took the Serpent fleet with them. They had most of their crew on world. The departments for whatever reason split and these MACARM forces are the descendants of the MACOS that were on the Greyhound. However it happened for this war we came into the Greyhound helped advance this world technologically.”

She emitted a small frown. She was in engineering when they were suddenly thrust out of warp and not on the bridge. She had no idea of any signal. Perhaps the commander would know that. The cup of tea felt nice and warm in her hands. However it was they were trapped here unless they could figure out what this spatial anomaly was that had them trapped. A part of her theorized that the Greyhound had devised it somehow as a defensive means to keep Elm’s world clear of space travelers in general and the Serpents in particular, but they were trapped in it too. The problem was if they turned it off or whatever, would that then invite Elm’s world to attack?

El, Eng

El quietly sipped on the tea, cupping it in both hands. It gave her time to think. Elm mentioned a signal. As far as she knew there had been no signal. Sure she had been in engineering and didn’t know of anything like that, but she had been on a long away mission and surely that would have been mentioned. If the Greyhound had arrived over a century ago and sent a signal the chances of Earth identifying it or even getting it was .. unlikely. Did they know that they had even traveled into the past? What had they thought when there was no reply? When they sent their people down to the planet to help Elm’s people, did they think it was only a matter of time before they someone came? How long did they wait after the Greyhound was destroyed before they gave up hope of help coming? What would El have done should she have been in that position? “Sir, do you think that the gravitational eddy was some kind of ‘flare’ that was sent out? Perhaps sensors there detected us and triggered it?” Not that it was a very .. nice flare - not too far from a fly suddenly careening into a spider web. It did, however, totally get their attention.

  • El, Eng

Jonathan thought about it for a moment. “With time travel involved anything is possible. My theory is that the gravitational effects are a result of whatever is causing the planet to skip through time. It would probably help to get a look at one of the Serpent ships, if any still exist. Looking at the tech, it’s definitely not all Starfleet. And I’m drawing a blank on how one could create a hop through time with what we have on board this ship.”

Cmdr. McKnight - XO

Elm meanwhile had finished her hot dog, and looked blankly and confused at the XO and El as they exchanged words. Since no one had asked her further questions she had nothing to reply too or offer currently.

Meanwhile outside the window tiny explosions dotting the ocean showed here and there naval battles were in progress to north and south, and likely in some form or another nuclear exchanges on a limited level were still ocurring.

GM CockRoach

El pondered that, her mind running through a great deal of equations and the like to try to match what she knew with what the XO said. Finally she said, “I don’t know, sir. The simpler solution was that the Greyhound traveled back in time. It is easier to fathom than an entire planet doing some kind of time jump. The fact that the planet reappeared in the precise location where it was supposed to be suggests more of something out of phase than time. Elm speaks of over a hundred years passing on her world with the survivors of the Greyhound.” She looked to Elm for confirmation and, glancing out the window. “Sir, is there anything we can do to stop that? Some kind of communication to the world to cease and desist, saying we’re the sister ship of the Greyhound as a sense of authority?”
- El, Eng

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