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She tapped the console on her chair to call to the away teams. [O]Status update… MACO? Baumann? What’s happening out there? We’ve moved closer to assist but We can’t penetrate the sphere much to see what’s going on.[O]


=^=Apologies Captain. We are attempting to evacuate the people here into one of their spacecraft in case our MACO team is unsuccessful. Engineering is having a look at their craft at this time to improve its efficiency.=^= T’Leia said as she watched the activity around her.

Commander T’Leia

Shrant entered and began looking at the craft, looking over at the Engineering Ensign “What’s the status on this thing?”


The Ensign looked up, saw the CE’s rank and insignia and gulped,”Uh, not good sir. Its just too old but we might increase the efficiency of the engines and environmental systems enough with a few parts from our supplies. Might be enough for it to run as long as we need it too. Want to take a look?” He asked standing up out of the way.

NE Phillips

Rachel continued assisting the population into the pod with some effort. Not being able to help on any other front was frustrating while at the same time being pleased with the fact that she didn’t have to do anything. when a Doctor had little to do things were generally better for everyone.

Dr. Grey - CMO

The Captain’s voice came over T’Leia’s comm and anyone else patched in and listening. [O] Roger, T’Leia… keep everyone safe if you can. Most of all I want everyone home safe for dinner tonight.[O] she smiled as she finished the thought, [O]That’s an order.[O]

[O]Aye, Captain.[O] T’Leia said a touch dryly in her response.

About two minutes later, a very stern voice once more lit up the comms. This time the anger, while evident, was also tightly reined in. Baumann and T’Leia would realize just how much control the CO was holding in keeping her voice as steady as it was. [O]T’Leia, as of right now, you are adviser to Lieutenant Commander Baumann, who is hereby field promoted to XO. Orders from High Command.[O] She knew it would throw things into a kilter on the away mission, but if she didn’t do this now, things that occurred after the missive had reached her, and she’d been seen as reading it, could make things hairy for them all. She just hoped everyone could keep it together and just do what they were doing. She had faith in Baumann to step up, he was practically her third in command down there as it was.

T’Leia blinked in surprise at the Captain’s tone and glanced toward Baumann to see what his reaction was. Her brow rose as she contemplated why High Command would have made such as order.
[O]Understood, Captain.[O] Had she done something to upset High Command? Her reports had been submitted within a timely manner.

[O] Lieutenant Baumann, you are hereby field promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made XO for the duration of the mission. T’Leia is your adviser. Mission parameters haven’t changed. I have every faith in you. [O] She knew the words weren’t very comforting, but it couldn’t be helped.

Capt Ari

In his typical even and calm manner, Baumann responded over the comms to T’Leia and the Bonaventure bridge. [O] Understood, Captain. [O] was all he said.

Baumann, AC

Rachel stopped what she was doing for a moment and looked at the Vulcan. What an odd time to decide this, however, she had learned not to question Command so with a single shake of her head the Tall doctor continued her work without a single word regarding the sudden change.

Dr. Grey - CMO

The identifier of the second shuttle pod could be detected .. it was the pod from the Bonnie .. a second one had entered the sphere.

The group reached the point of not knowing what more to do. Dr Grey had moved as many into their ship as possible, while the engineers tried to tinker. The problem was whether they could manage to do more while they were needing to be in flight or whether it would mess with the engines and cause a failure. Everyone was milling about with little information … amongst Dal’s people that is. Were they going or not? What was happening?

At this point near where Dr Grey was which was close to the front of their pod came the crackling of their comms .. a message from the ‘other’ incoming vessel from the opposite direction. [o] Help come [o] was the only verbage they could understand.

  • Wookiee

Alan shook his head. Took them long enough. “Etek ma wuh dahr tvi’haf svi’ wuh ek’kal.” (We have a second pod in the sphere.) he told Dal. He looked over at the recently dethroned T’Leia, unsure if her face would betray any emotion.

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

T’Leia frowned as she looked over at Dysart,”Was that from our shuttle or the other alien vessels?” She asked considering the garbled sound of it.


“Sounded like us.” He stepped closer. “Why was it garbled so close up though? Kupi wuh raiders khlup wuh glantokaya?“ (Could the raiders jam the signal?)

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

As time moved on slowly it became apparent that one detection was relating to the other shuttle pod and confirmed with stronger pings of the internal computers.

The other message was not from the shuttle pod but from another vessel approaching from the opposite direction. They could visually see it as a light against the darkness, though no other detail as yet. “Do we answer?” Dal asked, referring to the ‘help come’ message.
- Wookiee

“Ummm,” Naomi replied, still surprised by the new status shift.

Her shoulders shrugged as she considered trying to use the ship’s systems to run a scan, but she resisted. She didn’t want to cause more trouble then they already had. It was a relief to heard another mode of transport was on its way and they could save more lives.

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci.

Wait. That ship.” Alan pointed at the other incoming vessel. “If it were damaged, maybe it would scramble the signal. Maybe such that the translator would struggle with it.” Alan was not just the Linguist, but the Comms Officer too. He unzipped a pocket on his uniform and withdrew a communicator. Tuning it to a broad frequency, he said [O]Terra halitra sad travek tor unidentified hali. Etek poprah wuh ulik skladan. “help sarlah. ” sanu-shasutan-tor ovu heh retransmit ish-veh skladan.[C] (Earth fleet away team to unidentified vessel. We received a partial message. “Help come.” Please identify yourself and retransmit your message.)

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

Rachel turned around and looked at the linguist with bated breath. She didn’t speak Vulcan so she had no earthly idea what the man was saying but she was excited to hear what this new speaker had to say. Continuing her work she helped more people.

Dr. Grey - CMO

There was a pause with a lot of crackling static on the open line. Finally a reply .. [o] Clan Zool come to help clan Dal. What is Earth? [c] A question that one would likely be getting tired of answering by now.

Dal heard this and his round eyes grew rounder and his thin long fingered hands clapped together. “The Zool live near. Are relations. They are small, like us. Are raided too.”
- Wookiee for Dal and Zool

“Dysart, find out the status of the raiders.” T’Leia ordered as she only saw their shuttle and now this Zool shuttle on the monitors. Where had the raiders gone? “Locke, can this system scan what’s going on out there?”


[O]Maat zool, mokuhlek du wugau wuh nosh t’ wuh raiders? etek bolaya tor sashalotau maat dal. Etek either bolaya weht shan-hali il weht wak.[C] (Clan Zool, can you confirm the status of the raiders? We need to evacuate Clan Dal. We need either more shuttles or more time.)

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

T’Leia frowned as she wondered if they still needed to evacuate now. If the raiders had backed off it might not be required though the Captain’s orders had said that mission parameters had not changed. Mind you, mission parameters had been to assist the natives in fixing their broken machinery not in evacuation.


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IC: At that time, Baumann came trotting back down the docking umbilical and up to the rest of the team. Looking at T’Leia, he said “Commander. To ensure we both have the same information, the ‘Raiders’ have returned to what I assume to be their base of operations. So, for the time being, the tech they were after is still in place. I have suggested to the Captain that we attempt a mediation between the various factions. As you and I will surely agree, cooperation between these groups in this - ” and he looked around briefly “- environment would be the most likely way to ensure their continued survival.”

Baumann, XO

Naomi watched Alan and Dan talk with the Zool, the conversation going back and forth. A sense of hope entered her chest just when they ran out of room in the shuttle craft. It was a tense moment for everyone. She exhaled in relief and looked to the others.

“So… has the original plan changed now?” She asked, getting clarification for her duty.

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci.

T’Leia took a silent breath of relief,”We were just trying to contact the Captain to check on the status of the Raiders as we did not see them anymore. Should we stand down here now then, do you think? We should speak with Dal and let him know what is going on and that he and his people can relax.” That she had obviously been a bit rattled about what was going on was apparent by her unusually rambling sentence. She was usually more precise and accurate.


Alan nodded. He turned to Dal. “Wuh raiders saudau tor nam-tor hal-tor. Ish-veh sutra mokuhlek shom.” (The raiders appear to be gone. Your people can rest.) Looking back at Baumann, he said “Sir. Um, I’m in contact with another small group from inside the sphere. They seem to have heard the distress call as well, and came to help with the raider situation. They call themselves ‘Clan Zool.’ Should I bring them here? Send them away?”

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

Baumann looked at the assembled team and cursed inside his head. This was not the ideal time for a command structure change. “But so be it.” he thought silently. He then said out loud “Lt. Dysart, please ask Dal and a representative of ‘Clan Zool’ to meet with us as quickly as possible. We need to get a more solid understanding of the political climate within this place. Ensign Locke, compile all scans of the existing tech and coordinate with Engineering on prioritizing repairs needed to stabilize this particular habitat. Keeping this group safe is our first priority as they sent the distress call. Commander T’Leia, as our Diplomatic Officer, I would ask that you begin preparations for the proposed mediation between Dal, Zool, and the so-called ‘Raiders’. A venue that is neutral to all would be my suggestion. I do not want to have those talks here, however. Inviting potential hostiles into an already compromised area is not a sound tactical decision.” He then looked around and saw Dr. Grey. “Doctor. Can you prioritize any sick or injured for treatment? If need be, we can send those most in need to the ship for treatment once we determine they pose no risk of contamination.” He then looked at the Security team. “Security. Lock down this area and keep an eye open for any further attempts to interfere with this habitat’s safety.”

Baumann then relayed his instructions to the bridge of the Bonaventure.

Baumann, XO

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“Sir. Um, I’m in contact with another small group from inside the sphere. They seem to have heard the distress call as well, and came to help with the raider situation. They call themselves ‘Clan Zool.’ Should I bring them here? Send them away?”

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

T’Leia waited for Dysart’s question to be answered before asking her own.
“Perhaps if all parties are agreed we could meet on the Bonaventure. I would suggest the Captain’s Mess, if Captain Bovar is amenable. The Situation room does not provide seating and we would wish the parties to be able to relax and be amenable themselves.”

Commander T’Leia

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