Shuttlebay - Mission to the Sphere

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Naomi watched Alan and Dan talk with the Zool, the conversation going back and forth. A sense of hope entered her chest just when they ran out of room in the shuttle craft. It was a tense moment for everyone. She exhaled in relief and looked to the others.

“So… has the original plan changed now?” She asked, getting clarification for her duty.

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci.

T’Leia took a silent breath of relief,”We were just trying to contact the Captain to check on the status of the Raiders as we did not see them anymore. Should we stand down here now then, do you think? We should speak with Dal and let him know what is going on and that he and his people can relax.” That she had obviously been a bit rattled about what was going on was apparent by her unusually rambling sentence. She was usually more precise and accurate.


Alan nodded. He turned to Dal. “Wuh raiders saudau tor nam-tor hal-tor. Ish-veh sutra mokuhlek shom.” (The raiders appear to be gone. Your people can rest.) Looking back at Baumann, he said “Sir. Um, I’m in contact with another small group from inside the sphere. They seem to have heard the distress call as well, and came to help with the raider situation. They call themselves ‘Clan Zool.’ Should I bring them here? Send them away?”

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

Baumann looked at the assembled team and cursed inside his head. This was not the ideal time for a command structure change. “But so be it.” he thought silently. He then said out loud “Lt. Dysart, please ask Dal and a representative of ‘Clan Zool’ to meet with us as quickly as possible. We need to get a more solid understanding of the political climate within this place. Ensign Locke, compile all scans of the existing tech and coordinate with Engineering on prioritizing repairs needed to stabilize this particular habitat. Keeping this group safe is our first priority as they sent the distress call. Commander T’Leia, as our Diplomatic Officer, I would ask that you begin preparations for the proposed mediation between Dal, Zool, and the so-called ‘Raiders’. A venue that is neutral to all would be my suggestion. I do not want to have those talks here, however. Inviting potential hostiles into an already compromised area is not a sound tactical decision.” He then looked around and saw Dr. Grey. “Doctor. Can you prioritize any sick or injured for treatment? If need be, we can send those most in need to the ship for treatment once we determine they pose no risk of contamination.” He then looked at the Security team. “Security. Lock down this area and keep an eye open for any further attempts to interfere with this habitat’s safety.”

Baumann then relayed his instructions to the bridge of the Bonaventure.

Baumann, XO
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“Sir. Um, I’m in contact with another small group from inside the sphere. They seem to have heard the distress call as well, and came to help with the raider situation. They call themselves ‘Clan Zool.’ Should I bring them here? Send them away?”

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

T’Leia waited for Dysart’s question to be answered before asking her own.
“Perhaps if all parties are agreed we could meet on the Bonaventure. I would suggest the Captain’s Mess, if Captain Bovar is amenable. The Situation room does not provide seating and we would wish the parties to be able to relax and be amenable themselves.”

Commander T’Leia

Rachel nodded and went straight to work. Having already moved the injured to a specific location as she assisted with the transfer she thought it would be considerably easier than it would have been earlier. Seeing as she didn’t possess the linguistic abilities of their communications officer she tried to indicate to the more injured to follow her, speaking calmly to them the tall Scot indicated to the side so she could start general assessment and treatments.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Alan decided to help. “Zahal-tor hassu Grey. Fan-veh dash-tor, zahal-tor wuh hassu.” (Follow Doctor Grey. Anyone injured, follow the doctor.)

After relaying that the Raiders had fled Dal’s clan disembarked from their shuttle pod of sorts and returned slowly to the main room. In this time Grey was able to discern some of the injuries and ailments and in her mind triage them. In essence there were no ‘injuries’ from any kind of industry or battle but simply living and where there had been limited medical availability. There were a couple of poorly set bones, minor burns and a two birth defects by the look of it - one being a leg shorter than the other and another a kind of skin deformation.

With the people out engineering could get a better look at the engines and function of the cobbled together repairs on their travel pod and remove panels and such to expose the real guts and ‘work’.

Slowly the Zool group approached until they were hovering close by. It was a pod not unlike the one that they were going to escape in, only this one had what looked to be projectile weaponry on the outside and what might be a form of torpedo launcher slung underneath. However, the pod was not in any better shape than Dal’s and looked even the worse for wear as it appeared to have seen some conflict.
- Wookiee

Ari then tapped her chair. [O]Baumann, we can’t get too involved. But if all sides are willing to ‘talk’ then let’s at least get them together. Perhaps between them they can figure things out. But we shouldn’t offer more than standard first aid. Anything more would either be more or less than they are used to and could cause more problems than it helps. [O] Her voice struggled to remain steady.


“Sir? Should I send Clan Zool to the Bonaventure?” Alan asked.

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

=^=I have suggested that our ship might be a suitable neutral spot for negotiations, Captain.=^= T’Leia tapped her combadge to ask the Captain.


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