Shuttlebay - Mission to the Sphere

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Rachel nodded and went straight to work. Having already moved the injured to a specific location as she assisted with the transfer she thought it would be considerably easier than it would have been earlier. Seeing as she didn’t possess the linguistic abilities of their communications officer she tried to indicate to the more injured to follow her, speaking calmly to them the tall Scot indicated to the side so she could start general assessment and treatments.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Alan decided to help. “Zahal-tor hassu Grey. Fan-veh dash-tor, zahal-tor wuh hassu.” (Follow Doctor Grey. Anyone injured, follow the doctor.)

The Doctor smile her crooked smile at the linguist and gave him a thankful nod.

After relaying that the Raiders had fled Dal’s clan disembarked from their shuttle pod of sorts and returned slowly to the main room. In this time Grey was able to discern some of the injuries and ailments and in her mind triage them. In essence there were no ‘injuries’ from any kind of industry or battle but simply living and where there had been limited medical availability. There were a couple of poorly set bones, minor burns and a two birth defects by the look of it - one being a leg shorter than the other and another a kind of skin deformation.

With the people out engineering could get a better look at the engines and function of the cobbled together repairs on their travel pod and remove panels and such to expose the real guts and ‘work’.

Slowly the Zool group approached until they were hovering close by. It was a pod not unlike the one that they were going to escape in, only this one had what looked to be projectile weaponry on the outside and what might be a form of torpedo launcher slung underneath. However, the pod was not in any better shape than Dal’s and looked even the worse for wear as it appeared to have seen some conflict.
- Wookiee

Ari then tapped her chair. [O]Baumann, we can’t get too involved. But if all sides are willing to ‘talk’ then let’s at least get them together. Perhaps between them they can figure things out. But we shouldn’t offer more than standard first aid. Anything more would either be more or less than they are used to and could cause more problems than it helps. [O] Her voice struggled to remain steady.


“Sir? Should I send Clan Zool to the Bonaventure?” Alan asked.

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

=^=I have suggested that our ship might be a suitable neutral spot for negotiations, Captain.=^= T’Leia tapped her combadge to ask the Captain.


Naomi nodded while she listened to T’Leia mention about contacting the Captain and check on the Raider’s status. It was a good idea. Sensing T’Leia’s anxiety, the junior officer frowned and considered what she could do in order to ease it.

Her thoughts were distracted when Alan spoke to Dal, then to Baumann.

When Baumann mentioned her coordinating with the Engineering time, she nodded.

“On it.”

She moved over to help to help the Engineers as she began to analyze data from the nearest console.

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci.

Rachel started by working with what she had. Repairing badly healed bones was a simple procedure, at least in theory, repair any damage she could find and reset them without overly hurting her patients. She worked quickly and efficiently, identifying a detrimental problem, assessing the injury and treating it with care.

Dr Grey - CMO

The patients were not ‘that’ many, but the time required to work with each one was more than Grey may have thought. Their bone structure was less dense and their bones thinner and so any work in that was a more detailed affair. She was, however, in each one, able to develop a sense of trust from them and their language which was certainly alien, became easier to follow. Dal came by in line, holding out his left arm. A scan would show that it had been fractured at one time and some shards were messing with nerves running close to the bone.
“You would be a elder healer among my clan/family,” he said. “Where do you live?”

Rachel rummaged in her medkit and grabbed the necessary equipment to realign the bone and remove the fragments. Giving Dal a friendly smile as she began her work, first sedating her arm so she could properly remove the shards “I live on the Bonnie, our ship, B-deck like all the rest” He said as she worked “But I’m from Earth, the Homeworld to us Humans. Place called Scotland”

“Scot Land,” Dal repeated. “Is it dark like here? Does it have a Great Eye over you too?”
- Wookiee

Rachel half smiled as she continued her work “Ah no It’s very different. We come from a planet not a grand sphere like this. It can get very bright” She explained taking care not to use too big a concept or details.

“Bright?” Dal asked. “Like the lights here?” He pointed to the glowing strip above them which afforded a muted glow rather than a ‘bright’ orb.

“No, well yes we do have lights” Doctor Grey added quickly “But our home planet orbits a Star we call the sun which is, in fact, a Sun” Rachel spoke with her usual dry humour “Though I don’t suppose ye have any point of reference for what I’m discussing, perhaps we’ll have time to look at some pictures later.”

Baumann activated his communicator. [O] Captain, while I agree that we shouldn’t become overly involved, I do suggest that our role as a mediator of sorts may prove valuable for all parties. I recommend that we take up the Commander’s suggestion and convene a meeting on board the Bonaventure. [O]

Baumann, XO

Engineering would have a harder time. The console was in an alien script and made little sense to them as the language did not seem to match anything on the written side. Another .. alternative may be in order.
- Wookiee

Dr Grey - CMO

Baumann watched as the others prepared for the next phase of operations. Seeing the Engineering team trying to decipher the alien script, Baumann said “Maybe ask Dal if he can translate. That may help increase our chances of getting the shuttle operational.”

Baumann, XO

Alan approached Dal. “Mokuhlek du gol’nev etek telv-tor ish-veh tum-vel? ish-veh tor unfamiliar ek’mishan.” (Can you help us read your computers? It is unfamiliar technology.)

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

Dal, still being treated by the doctor looked up. A flash of almost fear crossed his features. “I do not know machines.” He looked down. Was that an ashamed looked? Pointing over to another of his clan, he said, “Yul. He knows this more than any here in the clan/family.”

Dr. Grey - CMO

Baumann opened his communicator. [O] Baumann to Bonaventure. We are attempting repairs and performing triage on the wounded. Is there any update to our situation form your end? [O]

Baumann, XO


“I am looking na’ wuh sasu ahmau Yul. Etek bolaya assistance operating ish-veh tum-vel.” (I am looking for a man named Yul. We require your assistance operating your computers.) Alan said to various people, looking for the person Dal had named.

Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist

Naomi looked at the alien language and began to think of a solution. Her first thoughts were to try to attempt to find similarities with the Vulcan language and this one, but it would’ve taken too long. It didn’t help she knew very little about the Vulcan language itself. For a dark moment, her heart sank at her uselessness.

She resisted the urge to step back from the console. It was the hardest thing she had ever done. Her father’s voice echoed in her head with questions and insults to her intelligence, hints of her less than perfect childhood. She inhaled and gradually calmed her trembling hands.

Her head tilted toward Dan, who was wading through the small crowd and shouting. She hoped he would find this Yu quickly.

–ENS Naomi D. Locke, Sci.

T’Leia studied the picture of the alien vessel coming into the sphere.”Does that not look familiar? It looks like that ship we saved?” She asked Barr and Locke. Straightening she closed her eyes as she cleared her mind and reached out to the vessel telepathically.
Do you know this place? Why do you come here?


Dr. Grey - CMO

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