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Not long after, Baumann’s voice again came through the comms. [O] Bonaventure. Raider vessels heading for these coordinates.[O] and he sent the location of the energy and life signs. [O] I am returning to assist in the evacuation. Advise that once refugees are secure we attempt to contact the other faction at those coordinates for fact-finding and negotiations. [O]

Baumann, AC

[O] I concur.... let’s get everyone to safety then see if we can find a way to make peace and help everyone involved. [O] Her voice came back a moment later. She managed not to add her thoughts of gods know how, though.

Watching from her vantage point, it troubled her she couldn’t see what was happening inside. But to get closer was to put everyone in danger. She wanted to keep comms open, but not get themselves trapped inside. So she sat, and waited… and watched the opening praying not to see something she couldn’t live with in the morning.


As he returned to the rest of the team, Baumann toggled the comms to the Bonaventure. [O] Captain, I have a question. We obviously have multiple factions we are dealing with, some with more advantages but perhaps less resources than others. Should we try and mediate a mutually beneficial treaty of of some kind? At least the two factions we have dealt directly with so far speak before they fight. Perhaps bringing them to a neutral location for talks would be a prudent course of action for all parties. [O]

Baumann, XO

“Captain, while a neutral location would probably help, how much do we want to get involved with these inner politics? Because as soon as we leave, they could quite easily jump back to the way they are now. They might only be going along right now because of our position out here.”

Ltjg Barr - CSO

Ari nodded to Barr. “You are right. Getting ‘too’ involved may be an issue. But perhaps a happy medium… get them to a neutral location and get them talking amongst themselves. If they go back to fighting, so be it. But perhaps they just need a chance to talk. We really shouldn’t help any more than that.”

Ari then tapped her chair. [O]Baumann, we can’t get too involved. But if all sides are willing to ‘talk’ then let’s at least get them together. Perhaps between them they can figure things out. But we shouldn’t offer more than standard first aid. Anything more would either be more or less than they are used to and could cause more problems than it helps. [O] Her voice struggled to remain steady. Part of her, the science part, wanted to charge in, offer aid, try and solve their problems. But as Barr so pointedly spoke up, they really shouldn’t interfere. She took a deep breath and shook her head. “And unless it’s something we can fix from outside, Barr, I would say we shouldn’t be too much help on the technological side, either.” She hated that Barr was being more of a voice of reason than she was at the moment. But, on the other hand, she was grateful for the mental check as well.


“Yes Ma’am,” Alison said nodding.

“I’m not sure that we can help much on the technological side, but I could try tapping into the sensor systems again. Maybe we can patch together the internal and external systems. Or maybe act as a bridge to the watchers for now. Maybe show them what is going on inside.”

Ltjg Barr - CSO

Sensors focused on the maw would pick up a small object, perhaps a meteorite moving in a course that may see it thread the needle and enter into the Sphere.
- Wookiee

Ari frowned slightly. “Barr… That object coming nearby… ” She was a bit concerned. “If that’s not mechanical, we need to see about kicking it away from the sphere. Stand by on phaser cannon. I don’t want it going inside just because it’s open on account of our presence. Maneuvering thrusters to best angle to fire without jepordizing the sphere.”

She hoped this was just a rogue rock. If it was something more, she had the feeling things were about to get hairy.


As if on cue, the new XO’s voice came through the comms. [O] Baumann to Bonaventure. We are attempting repairs and performing triage on the wounded. Is there any update to our situation form your end? [O]

Baumann, XO

“Yes Ma’am,” Alison said as she trained the sensors on the object. She really hoped that it was just an ordinary rock, but she had a bad feeling. For a bit she thought that she had finally gotten over her nerves, but it looked like they were coming back. Hopefully it was the easy solution.

Ltjg Barr - CSO

Indeed, when they focused upon it with sensors, it turned out to be no other but a rather familiar satellite sized creation that they had rescued earlier, wherein they later had done the ‘catch and release’ … somehow it had either followed or managed to travel this far - again, the method of their propulsion was a mystery. However it was headed toward the entrance of the Sphere …
- Wookiee


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“Um Captain. I’m pretty sure that’s the object we picked up earlier. It looks like it followed us here…”

As Alison trailed off she started looking through the sensor records from their trip, trying to see if it had been following them the entire time.

Ltjg Barr - CSO

Ari frowned. “You mean it followed us? Oh, stars…” The Captain want happy and this time she didn’t even bother to hide it. “Well maybe we can find out what’s going on. Open hailing channels.”

Once she got the nod from the help, she spoke up as casually as she could. [O] To the entity vessel approaching the sphere, this is Captain Arianna of the Bonaventure. Can we be of assistance?[O]

There was no reply off the standard channels.

She then glanced back at Barr, “Let Baumann and there others know what’s happening. We don’t want them caught unaware.” She’d send the message herself, but she’d just now thought of it and didn’t want to be in the middle of it if a reply came back.


Sensor logs were not terribly forthcoming. They had lost sight of it not long after they had left it behind. And even then it had made no effort or motion until they were out of sensor range. In fact the only time it came back into sensors was most recently, after the portal had opened. Which, technically, would have placed the speed of that object to be quite high, though in the approach when detected it was not traveling fast at all but very leisurely.

The fact the Aarya had followed them so swiftly and without notice, set the Captain’s hackles on edge. She clenched and unclenched her jaw she took a breath. “We need T’Leia…” She murmured.

With no response, she tapped her chair comm… [O] X… I mean, T’Leia… We have visual on the Aarya ship we encountered before this. Have you had any contact? They’re heading the door and I don’t like it. Round everyone up in case we need emergency evac of you all. [O]

=^=It would seem, Captain that they wish to go through the singularity. They do not seem to have any designs of the people here though what their going through the singularity will cause, I do not know. I will attempt to speak with them more.=^= Came back T’Leia’s immediate response.

If she had to, she’d fire to protect her people. She just sincerely hoped it didn’t come to that. A small voice in her brain actually wondered something else. “Barr… Check for Bane’s ship.. wide and broad a range on every possible frequency, channel and reading. Don’t want him sneaking up either… “

She had wanted exploration and excitement. Careful what you wish for.


“I’m on it Captain. But if Bane’s ship is anything like this one, we might not see it coming. I was checking the sensors and there isn’t any trace of it following us here. It only recently appeared back on our sensors.”

Turning back to her sensors, Alison started looking at the different sensor readings, trying to see if there was any sign of Bane’s ship coming. Or anything else coming up on them.

Ltjg Barr - CSO

To project on computer analysis, the Arryha would have had to approach at an amazing speed to suddenly appear on the sensors, this time at a more sedate approach that was not really detected as anything more than an asteroid until the last moment. Whether that was a matter of cloaking tech, the sensors focused inward or what, tht was not certain.

Regarding the Bane, however, sensor scans were inconclusive. By inconclusive they ‘did’ detect what might be ‘sniffs’ of the Bane’s signature, though there was nothing conclusive. It too was uncertain, given the Watchman’s keen nose for Bane presence.

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Ari stood up and started to pace. She thought better when moving. The fact she hadn’t heard back from T’Leia want helping, either. Unable to wait as she watched the shop move closer to the sphere, she tapped the comm on the helm’s console as she moved by it.

[O] Baumann… What’s going on out there? [O] Ari’s voice sounded pleasant, but the edge was there if he listened for it. [O] Incoming company… I need to know if I should deter them from approaching… [O] He would have heard her message to T’Leia about the approaching Arryha.


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