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“I am tired,” Bryan said, “and my shoulder hurts.” He then seemed to clue in a little. “Nap test? How will I know if I passed it? Chef gives me tests. Usually he says I pass them if nobody gets sick on dinner.”

What are you scanning for?


Rachel set the scanners to look for any abnormalities in his neurological activities alongside a general medical scan. “A nap test means ye close yer eyes an’ don’t speak, try to rest” She waited for the results.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Max stood out of the way, so that the doctor can continue her scans. He gave a serious look to Rachel that he wanted to be kept apprised once she reviewed the results.

Lt. (j.g.) Woods, Armory

Neurological scans noted that they matched what was on record for Bryan Lalonde. His own mental state to begin with showed that he had an IQ that was on the low side of normal, though in testing showed that he had a very good grasp of ‘space’ as in not showing disorientation in space in even vigorous testing, and made for a fair jack of all trades in being able to do simple, if necessary, work. To give him a role, he was placed in as the ship’s cook. Bryan was simple, uncomplicated and loyal.

But he was also now showing a second brain wave that was nearly identical to his own..

Rachel rad through his records and wondered how such a simpleton was even allowed on a Starfleet vessel, even in a menial position such as the Chef’s assistant. Even the lowest Crewmen had at least a speciality even counting the Chef himself. She frowned at the secondary brainwave. She started an isolation, identifying and tracking down the origin of the wave, attempting to understand why it was there.


“What’d you find Doctor?” Max asked curiously.

Lt. (j.g.) Woods, Armory

Rachel looked over to the Loonar Schooner Officer with raised eyebrows “A surprisingly incompetent Crewmember and his second brain” She looked away without explaining further and continued her examination of the man’s Neurological abnormalities.

Dr Grey - CMO

“Anything else I can put in my report?’

Woods, Armory

“Well you don’t have anything conclusive to report now so I sugest sitting down and staying quiet” She spoke with a certain lightness, not harshness the words implied.

Dr Grey - CMO

The second brain pattern was very close to his own. It was a new thing compared to past medical exams. What was more, that brain wave looked to be more active than Bryan’s own. Where the waves intersected Grey could see that it was in parts of his brain that had to do with logic and perception - perhaps explaining his odd behavior.

As he slept he began to speak, as though in his sleep, “Lies. Darkness returns. The Shadow lengthens. Minions as kings, servants as emperors. The bane of all has awakened.”
- Wookiee

Rachel stopped what she was doing and looked into the scanning chamber “Well doesn’t that sound ominous?” She looked back at the security officer with her crooked smile “You can take down, ‘makes a Lovecraftian statement’ and put that in your report” She looked back at her equipment. A secondary brain pattern must come from somewhere, she initiated a level two signal scan incase there where any neural, telepathic or other traceable signals coming from his mind.

Dr. Grey - CMO

Another mind was there. that was evident by the scans. Where it came from was a mystery. Bryan caught her wrist suddenly. It was not a hard grab but firm. His eyes opened wide. “It will cover us all with a second darkness. Children knowing not what they do. Deceived. Still deceived.”
- Wookiee

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