Captain's Mess with Guests

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“And you are all individual minds? You speak for all but are not all?” Bane asked the Captain. “We have heard of .. others like you spanning the stars again.” His head tipped to one side. “Mess?”

Glancing at those present, she made her decision quickly. “Baumann…you, Barr, Hudson, and Stovik and T’Leia with me. NE Branson, you have the bridge. Shall we?” She glanced at the others then, still smiling, back to her guest.

Captain Ari Bovar
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“Aye Captain.”Was T’Leia’s only response but it was obvious she was uneasy with their new guest. A collective race? That was even more daunting. Collective races usually liked to collect more…
Stovik nodded though he did not speak. He took a moment from his communication with the Arrha to try and mentally scan Bane again. He pondered how they were to know which set of beings were telling the truth. Until he had more data he could not judge.

It took a second for Alison to look up as the Captain spoke her name. As soon as Bane has appeared on the bridge, she had been engrossed in trying to figure out how he had done it. Was it some sort of transportation? Or were their species able to just leap across short distances in space. Not to mention his species in general. They had only had a brief moment of contact, but there was already so many questions.

“Hmm? Oh right yes Captain.”

Standing up, Alison motioned to her replacement to come over. As the NE approached she lowered her voice and spoke quietly to him. “See what you can find out of how they were able to suddenly appear on the bridge. Anything, anything at all. Okay?”

Backing away, she turned towards the Captain and waited for them to proceed to the mess.

Ltjg Barr - CSO

Baumann nodded in acknowledgement, but remained on the bridge. He wasn’t leaving the Command staff alone with their… guest. He simply waited for the CO and XO to make their way and would follow them.

Baumann, AC

Despite his question of ‘mess?’ earlier he would go with the group to wherever they led him. His gaze did take in a lot of where they went. Along the way he would comment, “Your mode of travel. Is it comfortable?”

Wookiee for Bane

T’Leia and Stovik walked stoically and silently behind the Captain and their ‘guest’ as they exited the bridge.

Commander T’Leia
Healer Stovik
((Moved to Captain’s Mess next to the bridge))

As Ari led the way off the bridge, she was aware of their guest glancing around. She hoped everyone was doing what they were supposed to. If it was the case, she doubted their was much the ‘man’ could glean merely from looking at half lit consoles.

The idea of a collective species seemed intriguing at the outset. It always was, in her opinion, a faster, more efficient way to ‘be’. But when she had explored it more deeply on her own, she didn’t like the idea so much. Humans reveled in individuality and the thought that everyone knew what everyone else knew left little to ‘the imagination’ and thinking out of the box, in her opinion. “In answer to your first question, yes, we think individually. I am the leader on this ship so I speak for us as a group in this situation.” She didn’t go into details about folks like Stovik who could mind meld with some species and think ‘collective like’ with them.

“It is difficult for me to imagine. We are as a collective, and to see all of you as individuals is as seeing a multitude of collectives. It is daunting.”

As he asked about their walking, she nodded. “It suits us. Walking, I mean. As for ‘comfortable’, I suppose it depends on distance and speed. And such comfort levels in those situations are based on the individual.” As she palmed open the door to the mess, she stepped aside to motion Bane in first. “Do all of your kind prefer the less solid manifestation of your kind? Is it difficult for you to be in this form?” She motioned to the humanoid outline he now occupied.

Bane did enter then answered. His gaze took him to his left arm that he held out, bent at the elbow. It looked like it essentially dissolved into a dark gritty gas before reforming. “All matter is made up of small elements with mostly space in between. Taking this form is only slightly different from the natural form that is .. formless?”

Alison nodded as she listened to Bane. Somehow this race had come up with a way to change how much space their body took up, spreading out themselves into a fine mist, or probably able to make themselves very dense. That made sense on how they were able to get through the hull, but she was surprised that the hull plating hadn’t disrupted the link that still connected the cells of their body.

As Bane entered, she would nod to T’Leia and hope the woman understood to keep her guard up. This dual meeting was becoming a bit less ‘fun and unique’ and more ‘confusing and troublesome’. Part of her wished she had remained a mere scientist instead of a Commanding Officer. But then her brain kicked in and she chided herself. This was what she had hoped for. A chance to do all the things a ‘mere scientist’ couldn’t. And here she was!

T’Leia nodded subtly back to the CO, catching her warning glance. She was uneasy as it was with these beings and more concerned by Stovik’s silence as well. She had the feeling that Stovik was finding these beings just as disconcerting.
Stovik stopped and stood slightly behind T’Leia who took a seat at the table, it looked as if he was keeping himself slightly separate from the proceedings as he continued contact with the Arrha.

Commander T’Leia

“Please… have a seat. We do find sitting more ‘comfortable’ than standing and walking.” She smiled and offered one of the seats at the table to her guest.

Capt Ari Bovar

Baumann waited until everyone was seated before he took his own seat near the door.

Baumann, AC

Bane examined the chair as if trying to fathom the use then sat down. As there were others seated on the bridge, it was ‘logical’ to consider that he had learned that way. “We are an old race. Long ago we .. explored. So much of the galaxy was evolving at the time. And you are, I understand, the product of this evolution?”

‘Product of this evolution....’ This race was long lived enough to consider time in evolutions? That was a bit daunting. What was more daunting was the possibility that this particular entity was long enough lived to be speaking of himself.

T’Leia’s brow raised at this surprising statement and question. If this species had not evolved, what had they done?
“Are you saying that you were here before this evolution, and watched it?” She couldn’t help asking.

Commander T’Leia

As T’Leia voiced her own surprise first, Ari merely sat down and waited to hear the answer. She glanced at the NE cook who stepped in and waved him off with a murmur to stand by for her comm.

Capt Ari Bovar

Alison sat back speechless as she listened. If these aliens were that old, how much had they seen? What sort of secrets could they reveal of the beginnings of the universe, and maybe even of their own past.

Ltjg Barr - CSO

Not wanting to be rude, but already guessing the answer, Ari turned to their guest. “Is there anything you desire for food or drink? If your species consumes anything that way, I mean.” It was obvious she was trying to be polite but also unsure how to do so when all the normal protocols went out the proverbial window.

Capt Ari Bovar

Baumann remained quiet as the conversation took place. He was concerned about how to keep the ship and crew safe should the dialogue turn… hostile.

Baumann, AC

Alison couldn’t stop thinking of the different possibilities of what could be done with a power like that, to change ones density. Especially when you could slip between the atoms of a completely solid object. She wasn’t even sure if this was possible, but here it was, proof right before her. She wondered if it would be possible to get a closer look at their visitor and their technology. It would be an amazing opportunity.

Ltjg Barr - CSO

The scientist side of her had a plethora of questions just dieing to be answered. Unfortunately, the Captain side of her had to consider diplomacy.

As she waited to hear what her guest’s possible request might be, she wondered at another question. Not realizing she hadn’t gotten her first answer, she piped up with her second question. “Are you familiar with the ship and species of our bow? They have asked for help. We could use your aid in figuring out how we may help them.”

She was trying to convey their desire to help with their ability to ask for it, themselves. Ari was pretty sure there were species out there that either wouldn’t help another, thinking them weak, not all for help, for fear of being seen weak. Humans, it at least Ari, was strong enough to do both.

Capt Ari Bovar

Baumann didn’t know much about stellar cartography, but he was smart enough to know that the sudden appearance of one unknown alien vessel while assisting another unknown alien vessel and having the two not be related was… improbable… to say the least.

Baumann, AC

T’Leia glanced back at Stovik who gave her a slight shake of his head, indicating he had no other information to give her as he had had no further contact with the counterpart to this species. She turned back to the table and studied their ‘guest’ again.

Commander T’Leia

Bane had taken a seat and was looking from one to the other of the crew about him. He appeared to take more of an interest in Stovik and T’Leia, and whenever he focused on them both Vulcans could feel a kind of whispering buzzing in their mind. When he looked away it stopped.

The Captain did garner his interest when she mentioned the other ship. “We are familiar with them. Long ago they were a warring nation. Dictators. Brutal. Expansionist in nature. Cruel beyond all imagination. And, not of this dimension but from another. An alternate universe. By some stroke of luck they never developed here - or, if they did, in this universe they did not last. What I know is almost folklore now. And the story of many a similar tale of those who stood up to them in a great alliance. They were pushed back and on the eve of victory these .. the ones who have said they are the Arryha, broke through to this universe. Only some were able to follow - caught in the wake of the power transfer to come here - and in the final battle these suns you see about you were devastated and the planets ruined, the way back closed. The last remains of these dictators were captured and sealed in the pod that you have discovered. We, the Qeebain, are the remnants of those who were stranded in your universe.”

“We draw sustenance from the space around us. The air you call it. On our vessel it is part of our .. atmosphere. Your offer is met with thanks, however, it is not necessary.”
- wookiee

They drew sustenance from the space around them??? Alison was more then intrigued. They didn’t need any particular intake, but they survived on what was around them, and they were from a different universe. She wondered how long they could exist in our universe, it had obviously been a while so far. Maybe their ship acted as a filter for them, converting our universe it something that was tolerable to them.

Ltjg Barr - CSO

Bane looked at Barr. Did he know what she was thinking? Or just taking in cues. “I will explain. You take in sustenance from the outside. As do we. Our normal state is not solid. Solids take in solids. We are more .. gaseous, as you would call us. We absorb it differently.”


Alison blinked, he was talking directly at her, could he read her mind…

While the others spoke, T’Leia noted the buzzing in her mind when Bane looked at her but her psi level was no where as developed as Stovik’s. She needed touch to initiate any contact with another mind. Stovik, on the other hand had a higher psi quotient. Upon meeting Bane’s eyes he psychically attempted to make contact again. Were their abilities on a different level as their physical was?

Commander T’Leia
Healer Stovik

Stovik found a kind of buzzing in his mind. One person or many speaking, or perhaps just a wash of telepathic energy. One thing he did sense was at one moment in this ‘buzz’ it cut out abruptly and a single word coming through ‘Lies!!’ before the buzz reappeared.

Baumann looked at Bane. “What can you tell us of these… ‘dictators’, as you call them? And what is your relationship to them? How did you know they were here?”

Baumann, AC

“Fair questions,” Bane replied to Baumann. “They were advanced and in their pride set themselves up as gods. Their pride had the rest treated as chattel and any challengers quashed. Any others were simply their playthings. That is the mentality of those who used to rule there. The few who remained were imprisoned. History is dim as to why they were not slain and the universes rid of them, but instead they were imprisoned, entombed, in the hope they would pass away from time and space. We knew you were here by virtue of buoys that send an alert to any ships that may come to this dead space, and this star in particular. The fear of their release has had us ever on an alert to that possibility.”

Before she could speak up about what Bane said, Baumann spoke. Slowly she closed her mouth and sat back in her seat. Hopefully she would get a chance to ask a follow-up question soon.

Ltjg Barr - CSO

Ari nodded as she listened. Some of it made sense. The rest seemed so impossible that it had to be possible. As the others sled their questions, she went back to merely listening. She was pleased that her curiosity wasn’t an anomaly.

As she listened to the tale of a was that spanned universes, she was intrigued that Bane didn’t tell her not to contact the other ship. He said they had been barbarians and dictators. But he also said that, like him, they were stranded here. This anomalous section of space being all that was left of a door between places. She wondered if the other ship’s occupants were as shifting capable as Bane’s species. And if so, why they hadn’t left their ship, themselves.

Capt Ari

Baumann wasn’t excited about the prospect of dealing with such advanced species without knowing more about their history. He glanced at Ari and made sure she knew that he was wary.

Baumann, AC

Alan walked in, the number of people in the mess immediately making him uncomfortable. His right arm crossed over his abdomen, hand grasping the elbow, eyes directed to the floor, he approached the Captain. “S…Sir. Chef sends a message. ‘El segundo curso será unos minutos tarde.’” Alan recited. The thought never crossed his mind that anyone else here might not speak Spanish, he had spent the way over repeating the phrase over and over to make sure it was committed to memory and delivered perfectly, not thinking of the recipient of the message.

-Lt(j.g.) Alan Dysart, Linguist


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