MPT-ST: Unforeseen Breach - Deck 14 and 13 (Open to everyone)

Posted Sept. 23, 2020, 2:52 a.m. by Mar. Captain Erve Manhattan (RTF Commander) (Jay Luistro)

It was a day like the others, a bit absent from action, partially covered by personnel souls asking for a raise as they signed paperworks. On Deck 13, Dave was resting in his cage. It was weird that after several dockings the orders to transfer Dave never came, and so, as a new cycle began in the ARU flagship, Dave was once again aboard the luxury class starship’s containment zone. What he and the personnel onboard didn’t know, however, was that it was not going to be a normal day. Not at all.

Time have passed for many of the crew of the Levi. The Captain signed the final reports for the day, the XO was probably around the ship doing his stuff, and Erve was also occupied to finish the last reports to submit to command. It wasn’t that bad, to be honest. Last cycle of patrol took 17 days and the crew, at the end of it, was honestly dried and necessitated a brief leave off shore. For them it was just the start of what was a 8-days cycle, an average for all ARU ships.

“Hey, almost over uh?” An agent looked over Garrison Hal, RTF security officer that was at that time on guard of the Abell Anomaly Zone “Yes. I am literally done. Luckily today Dave was chill and ate less food than normal.”
“So the beast was a good boy. Nuh-uh I don’t believe it!” Replied the other.
Suddenly a power outage came first. As the lights started to blink on and off, Hal was curiously looking around almost like scared of what could have been a serious problem. The lights stayed then on and for a moment both the agents gave a sigh of relief… “Engineering is having issues today-..” again the lights, but then…
The worst of the sounds have been unleashed. The beast was unleashed. When Hal heard the loud roar of the anomaly he knew it was not something good. The flickering ended up into a black-out and only emergency lighting were on. Lucky for him and the other man they were inside of the control room. But no room, in a short time, would have been safe anymore. Unluckily for the others, however, their destiny was not so bright and many, as the huge doors and force fields opened, never saw the end of that day. Screams and sounds of phasers, of bullets were all over the place. The wheezing of Dave and the tremor of his moves, resonated through the whole ship’s length. Although the alarm sounded some minutes later, for those on Deck 13 it was certain that it was not a drill. They had a containment breach.

No comms for the bridge or for the upper decks. Running without knowledge of how many have survived the catastrophe, Hal rushed toward the nearest turbolift when suddenly from an adjacent aisle the other man was killed by Dave himself “Oh saint Lord!” Hal screamed slipping on the floor. The tension and the adrenaline permitted the agent to get up quickly and return to find the safety, while Dave, slower than many, started chasing Garrison with the interest to eat the whole man from feet to head.

For sectors, the ship’s hulls were Hal’s enemies. But as he saw the orange doors of the turbolift from the distance, the Agent’s morale was at its peak. Quickly the button was pressed and the lift started coming down. Now even the emergency lights were shut off and only the red ones were illuminating the damn corridor “How much is taking this hell of a thing?!” Hal shouted almost dying of fear “Open! Open quick!” The claustrophobic environment, the damn darkness, the air and the mist that Dave left around the scene, all completed the Angst of the man that faced toward the darkness. But then someone grazed his soul and the doors slid wide open. The man immediately run inside and with a faint glance he acknowledged one thing: he was two steps away from certain death.

The upper decks were in a state of chaos, not knowing what happened on Deck 13. High ranking officers blocked all the escape routes from the deck for exception of Jeffrey’s tubes. Hal was one of the luckiest and first to arrive on the bridge where Erve, still unconscious of the wide emergency that was happening down there, was coordinating RTF teams to watch all lifts and access to the site.

Erve saw this man, someone with a medium body and a white, scared face. Leaving his post, Erve came toward the man and recognized that something bad was happening “Good lord…” he could only say
“Sir… sir… D-Dave…”
“Dave what?” Questioned at the shocked trooper
“He got out.”
With a gulp Erve ran at his console. It was immediately red alert. After telling all security teams to hold their position, Erve tapped his commbadge and called the squadron, including Casela, the AARM and lastly advised the Captain and the XO so they could discuss of what to do about the breach. It was time to act, it was time to re-establish the order.

=/\= ALL PERSONNEL, STAND TO BATTLE STATION, all RTF security team, initiate lockdown procedures of Deck 13. 2nd Squadron, report by turbolift 08 in 2 minutes, fully rigged and ready. Crew to evacuate adjacent decks.=/\=

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