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Posted Oct. 4, 2020, 8:19 a.m. by Mar. Captain Erve Manhattan (RTF Commander) (Jay Luistro)

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Adding to the Collection
Casela had successfully avoided Manhattan since the glitter balloon had exploded in his office. She’d seen the images that several crewmen had of both Manhattan and Cobb coming out of his office, the night of her surgery, covered in glitter. And under normal circumstances she would have found it funny. Now, in the middle of the night, when Manhattan was sure to be asleep, Casela was entering his office, to clean up the mess, that was, for all intents and purposes, her fault.

Taking a trick from Bog she brought a tricorder with her. The office was still covered in the small metallic reflective paper. She scanned the composition of it and placed a container on his desk. She used the scans from the tricorder to program the site to site transporter to collect all the glitter and put it in the container. She scanned the office several times to make sure it was all gone.

Today was also Manhattan’s birthday. So now he had a clean office and she left a package on his desk. The man had an impressive weapons collection that Casela admired. So with a note that read To add to an already respectable collection, Happy Birthday Inside the box was a pair of ancient Earth dueling pistols.

Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Manhattan was shocked about the treatment he received that day “I guess I need more Birthday,” he said looking at the box. He had just finished his daily training routine, and receiving a gift from one of his best agents made him smile a bit.

Taking off the wrapping and looking at the refined wooden box, Manhattan almost knew what was inside. He saw a pair of ancient Earth’s gun the first time he went on Earth, for a museum showcase, and now that he had it, oh well, he couldn’t shake of joy to open the box with careful manners “Oh look at those beauties!” He held one of them in hand “So sick.”

Inspecting more the weapons, the Captain wielded the arms both trying to impersonate some sort of pirate or officer. When he was done, Erve couldn’t help but get a big smile on his face and tapped his commbadge =/\= Lieutenant Casela, report immediately for briefing in my office. =/\=

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

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