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Posted Oct. 5, 2020, 3:37 p.m. by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) (Sharon Miller)

Line of the Night - August:

Hey crew,

so it’s that time of the month again (actually, I’m a couple of days late this time, sorry) where I share with you September’s picks for line of the night! As always, this is purely a bit of fun and doesn’t count towards anything official. It’s also inevitably skewed in favour of those who post daily, but that’s just the nature of me choosing a new line every day.

But please enjoy and, in case I haven’t said it enough this month, you truly are the most talented and inspirational crew that I’ve ever RPed with!

Date Character Player Line Post
01/09/2020 Erve Manhattan Jay Luistro “If I manage to take your neck, oh oh Mr. Sandman, I’ll slap you with my right Hand, Mr. You-Re-So-Fried”
02/09/2020 Andrea Stone Miha Kozlevcar “She wanted to give Kastil a tip, to aim for their ears, if she ever took a swing at one… but for now she held her tongue. Stone’s law number 2.. or was it 3. Who cares… Don’t let the enemy know their words might have hurt you. They are sure to use it more often, if you do.”
03/09/2020 William Hampton Samuel Stroud “His eyes fell on Potter. “Say, how weird would it feel if I said I didn’t remember saying you on the crew manifest Potter?” He asked with a slightly malicious chuckle.”
04/09/2020 Fey Kastil Brian Armstrong “Rule of Acquisition 65: Win or lose, there’s always Hupyrian beetle snuff.”
05/09/2020 N/A N/A None Chosen N/A
06/09/2020 Icarus Remington Terry Sullivan “Some people in the counseling field might consider a kiss at the end of a “therapy” session a bit unethical. But, hey, who am I to judge.”
07/09/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “The more she did these evals, the more she realized the crew was not diverse, all of them, herself included, were crazy and misfits and they all had secrets to too keep, or secrets they wanted to reveal just to prove they were right.”
08/09/2020 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “If someone claims to be right, I expect them to prove it - preferably, by putting their own arse on the line; if you’ll forgive my rudeness.” Gesturing at himself for emphasis, “I have done so repeatedly - and suffered failure as much as success. Progress cannot be made without risk; and respect cannot be earned by proxy.”
09/09/2020 Fey Kastil Brian Armstrong “We can use dermal regeneration from healthy skin cells to repair and correct the damage. Might prevent long term issues, though it’s not going to regrow the arms. I have some experimental things for that, but I can guarantee they’ll grow out of the correct location, or be human for that matter.”
10/09/2020 Icarus Remington Terry Sullivan “The RTF team,” he began, “remind me of a bunch of gung-ho jarheads.”
11/09/2020 William Hampton Samuel Stroud “Please just be normal.’ Hampton thought to himself as he looked up from his display screen.”
12/09/2020 N/A N/A None Chosen N/A
13/09/2020 Jessie Polizzi Ty Napier “Exercise was almost as important to the young quarter Klingon as mating. Well, that was exercise too, and maybe even more enjoyable”
14/09/2020 N/A N/A None Chosen N/A
15/09/2020 N/A N/A None Chosen N/A
16/09/2020 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “Whatever ‘normal’ may or may not have been, the crewman that walked through Hampton’s door was well past the standard deviation. Or three.”
16/09/2020 Fey Kastil Brian Armstrong “As you can see, my arm is clearly broken. Wow, that is broken, I’m going to feel that later.”
16/09/2020 William Hampton Samuel Stroud “Just as a sailboat is demolished in the onslaught and is left barely adrift afterwards, simply going where the current takes it, Leviathan floated through space.”
17/09/2020 N/A N/A None Chosen N/A
18/09/2020 N/A N/A None Chosen N/A
19/09/2020 GLaDOS Miriam W “It’s not the most pleasant sight, but that is raw flesh. The process works by something like biological electrophoresis. There chemicals and bio agents in this gel are smartly engineered to grow in a certain pattern. I use the chamber fairly frequently, but I do have to be wary not to build enough that the tissue is rejected by my body.”
20/09/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward ” I couldn’t risk staying longer, HQ would find out what I had done. I had to leave her to whatever fate she’d found for herself. And I had condemned that little girl to live a hell unlike anything you or I could fathom, Zachariah.”
20/09/2020 Tellek Bog Charles Stevens “Ready to be violated Mr. Tock.” Bog chuckled.”
21/09/2020 Tellek Bog Charles Stevens “Near the bar, at the point closest to the fire a hole opens in the ground and a yellow smoke chased by orange flames erupt from it. Out from the rift pour a tribe of small imps that rush out to behind dancing in and out of the flames of the fire pit. Some few take up residence in the torches lighting the glen. From the smoke steps a figure, with forward swept bovine horns, red skin and bat wings. His cloven hooves leave smoking prints in the grass while his tail writhes around with a will of its own. “
22/09/2020 Tellek Bog Charles Stevens “The smell of brimstone competed with his natural musk. “I will claim your tattered sole at a later date Captain.” The little Tellarit’s tusks were manifest in all their glory.”
23/09/2020 Erve Manhattan Jay Luistro “Screams and sounds of phasers, of bullets were all over the place. The wheezing of Dave and the tremor of his moves, resonated through the whole ship’s length. Although the alarm sounded some minutes later, for those on Deck 13 it was certain that it was not a drill. They had a containment breach.”
24/09/2020 Jonathan Durheim William Deaton “Druheim took a mock bow (and scattered dark oil all about as he did so). “Oh, gremlins are such fascinating things, wouldn’t you say, Mr Bog? All evidence suggests that we don’t exist, yet I challenge you to find a single technician or engineer who denies their presence.”
25/09/2020 William Hampton Samuel Stroud “It also helped that the science staff on Leviathan was alive, something that the research expedition team was not. Their body parts had found in pieces and had to be scrubbed off of the stones, and it had not been an easy or quick process.”
26/09/2020 N/A N/A None Chosen N/A
27/09/2020 Casela Synthi-er Jennifer Ward “There was someone else in the room at this point, and it wasn’t Casela anymore. It was someone who until now hadn’t been needed on this ship. A side of herself that had been buried when she’d been sent to Triton. The person shadow man really wanted.”
28/09/2020 Erve Manhattan Jay Luistro “What was not known at that moment, however, was that several damages to the ship’s hull from inside caused all lights to shut off. Now survivors could not see and the deck became hunting ground for the formidable hunter. It would have been proved later to be a hard obstacle to get rid off.”
29/09/2020 Icarus Remington Terry Sullivan “Perhaps the commander is doing some ‘therapy’ elsewhere on the ship and his comm badge is buried deep inside a junior counselor?”
30/09/2020 Ryder Raauhl J Ridgley “There were a number of plausible explanations for this phenomenon however the Leviathan didn’t operate with the plausible.”

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