MPT-ST: Unforeseen Breach - Deck 14 and 13 (Open to everyone)

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Erve saw this man, someone with a medium body and a white, scared face. Leaving his post, Erve came toward the man and recognized that something bad was happening “Good lord…” he could only say
“Sir… sir… D-Dave…”
“Dave what?” Questioned at the shocked trooper
“He got out.”
With a gulp Erve ran at his console. It was immediately red alert. After telling all security teams to hold their position, Erve tapped his commbadge and called the squadron, including Casela, the AARM and lastly advised the Captain and the XO so they could discuss of what to do about the breach. It was time to act, it was time to re-establish the order.

=/\= ALL PERSONNEL, STAND TO BATTLE STATION, all RTF security team, initiate lockdown procedures of Deck 13. 2nd Squadron, report by turbolift 08 in 2 minutes, fully rigged and ready. Crew to evacuate adjacent decks.=/\=

Casela was in her office writing up reports and session notes when she heard the summons from Manhattan. =^=Aye Sir.=^= she said unconcerned. Probably another training session. She thought they had an understanding that they would leave her be during her regular duty shift. She stuck her head out the door to the main lobby, “Fenrir, you better be charged. We’ve been summoned.” She got up looking for her Mark VII baton and her railgun. She hated that thing. She couldn’t shoot worth anything. Why not give her throwing knives? That she could do. She was taking her time about it too. Then she heard that call for battle stations and the team being summoned. “Oh great. What now?!” She found her RTF uniform and armor rigging and changed and then headed out of her office. “Let’s go Fenrir!” she called. She got to the turbolift and took it, it stopping on deck 15. She stepped out and looked at the rest of the team. She looked around for Manhattan. The team looked tense and had no idea what was going on yet. It put her on edge and she found herself, pulling that proverbial armour, she and Cobb had talked about, back on and slipping into a dangerous mindset. She spotted Manhattan, “Are we taking the jefferies tubes or beaming in?”
Lt. Synthi-er, RTF/KAI9-Handler

On a Federation starship, sailing from one galaxy to the next at millions of miles every hour, it becomes almost natural to accept the extraordinary for the commonplace. But of all the scenarios and situations that might terrify a rookie yet break barely a sweat from a seasoned officer, there was one that, irrespective of time served, would be awarded complete and immediate attention. Red alert.

And so it was that, on an otherwise uneventful afternoon where Cobb had just lost his third game of Battleship against the CIC’s tactical computer, the entire area was suddenly engulfed in a blinding red light and screaming, emergency alarm.
Leaping to his feet, Zachariah’s first act was to open a channel to the entire ship. =^= USS Leviathan, this is your captain. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. All non-essential personnel are to return to their quarters immediately. Security will begin shipwide patrols in case you need any assistance. All RTF personnel are to assemble on Deck 13 and await further instructions. All others, go to battle stations and follow established protocols. I shall update you all when I have more information but right now we are at red alert. I repeat, we are at red alert. Captain out. =^=

Once glance around the bridge at the manned stations told him that none of the usual departments had raised the emergency. Which left only one other option and it was the one Cobb had been dreading since his first day onboard. Moving quickly towards the exit, he called out, “Mr McReady, you have the conn,” then began to make his own way to deck 13, tapping his commbadge as he walked and opening a secure loop to the RTF Chief.

=^= Captain Manhattan? What’s happened? =^= he got straight to the point.

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

If it was a low crawl threw three hundred and fifty feet of between deck access tube to check a plasma relay for an intermittent fault it was almost certain to be Ensin Bog to draw the assignment. It was just one of a hundred ways Leuitenant Hampton showed his dislike for the Tellarite. Despite the fact Hampton was a bigot, his disdain was well deserved. Tellek had made a right fool of himself and attacked him, but despite knowing he deserved the scut work it wasn’t in his nature not to complain.

‘Ensin Bog, I have a special assignment for you, he says. Plasma relay eleven forty nine charley, he says. Intermittent fault code he says” as the engineer crawled threw the Jeffries’s tube.
“ Don’t see that pimply targ’s rump of a lieutenant crawling around in here, do you? No, no you don’t.” As he reached the glitchy relay Bog let’s out a guttural porcine squeal as he sees the flash of escaping plasma mostly deflected buy the emergency containment field as the relay all. But desentigrates dumping raw unregulated plasma into deck eleven and twelve’s eps grid. The containment field holds for just an instant before all the containment decks EPS relays fuse along with a good third of the conduits.

Feeling heat wash over him, Tellek Bog pitched forward into darkness.

Bog the screwed

Manhattan arrived, then looked at the team that was there and found out that Casela came earlier than anyone else of the 2nd Squadron
“To be a newbie in RTF, timing is not a problem for ya.” he nodded “yes we need KAI9 to enter the deck first. Unfortunately we can’t use turbolifts as per BSAC (Breach, Secure and Contain) protocols that are now online through deck 13. Jeffries tubes are the only way to get in.” The Captain was then interrupted as a small vibration moved the security team around: It was Dave making more damages as he grew even more. “We don’t have much time uh?” he was again interrupted by Cobb’s communication.

Casela didn’t even blink she just raised that annoying single brow. “I was trained to react Mr. Manhattan, not dwaddle.” The vibration turned the team around, but she simply swayed with it maintaining her stance. “Apparently we don’t. So are we moving or letting Dave get control of the ship?” There were protocol’s in place for this, and they’d been training every day for weeks now. It was time to move, not hemm and haww over it.

=/\= Captain, I still don’t know the dynamics of the incident but we may perhaps suppose that Dave was freed and now is roaming around Deck 13. I am taking the 2nd Squadron to perform BSAC protocol and prepare to re-contain the anomaly. Copy? =/\= giving a small sign to Casela and at the rest of the Squadron that was coming, Manhattan told them to get ready and geared with conventional-weaponry guns. It was going to be tough but they needed to execute re-containment to rescue any survivor of the breached deck.

In the meanwhile, down there, almost nobody else than Hal had survived the first attack. What was not known at that moment, however, was that several damages to the ship’s hull from inside caused all lights to shut off. Now survivors could not see and the deck became hunting ground for the formidable hunter. It would have been proved later to be a hard obstacle to get rid off.

M. Captaincies. Erve Manhattan - RCO

Cobb’s arrival on deck 15 coincided with the delivery of Manhattan’s message, so that his final words were echoed both digitally and in person. It was immediately obvious to the captain that the RTF team were gearing up and, since he had no invitation, or indeed desire, to join them, he hung back out of the way so as not to interfere with such vital prep.

“Take whatever steps are necessary, Captain,” he called over to Manhattan. “I know your team are trained for this kind of situation and I have no intentions of interfering. Only in assisting where I can.”

A small step closer, curiosity the driving impetus. “To that end, I wonder if we might harness the location pings from your comm badges to track your progress through the jefferies tubes? And perhaps an alternative, biological detection to track…anything else?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

At the Cobb’s suggestion she set the internal scanners and groaned. “Cobb, looks like Bog and Durheim are stuck in the tubes on deck 14.”

“Bog and Durheim are what now?” Cobb repeated in a tone that wavered between exasperation and alarm. “Well what the hell are they…” He shook his head to kill the irrelevant question before it had even been asked. Then, tapping his commbadge, he hissed in a whisper;
=^=Mr Bog, Mr Durheim, you do realise the nature of the current situation, I hope? You gentlemen are in a most vulnerable and precarious condition. As we speak, an RTF team are moving in to complete recapture and I am monitoring your current positions relative to…the anomaly. I will give you as much warning as is possible if it passes into your immediate vicinity but, and I can not stress this enough, be on your guard. And Mr Bog? I hope for both of your sakes that you showered this morning! Cobb out.=^=

=^= Understood, Captain, is there any thing we can do to help?=^= came the unmistakable voice of the Tellarite engineer over the comms.
=^= Aye, there is =^= Cobb replied, tensely. =^= Restore the power to the containment decks. And try not to die in the process. =^=

And to Manhattan’s delight, Casela simply stepped into the position he’d been trying to force on her since she first came on board-squadron regent. Her S31 training allowing her to quickly assess the situation, decide on an approach and then move. “Niven go with Lihew, cover him. Take tube 10, you’ll come up right under Dave’s cell.
Lihew, get it fixed.” Niven was good at close combat, not as good as Irida, but she was also an amazing scientist and would complement Lihew’s engineering skills. Trainor was an amazig sniper, “Trainor take tube 10, keep them both covered, it will give you a back wall to protect you. Irida you and Uj’aw take tube 15. Just like in training. Get his attention, and don’t let him touch you.” She looked over at Fenrir and grinned. “Tube 8 for us. We’ll help keep him distracted. You have your light pulses on you, Fenrir?” Light waves of certain spectrums really hurt Dave, and Fenrir could light up like a star if need be. She missed the grins from the rest of the Black Devils. They all knew this was what Manhattan had wanted, and they agreed with him. They all nodded, accepting her orders without question. Casela moved to an access hatch and looked back. “You coming Manhattan?”

“I am indeed, Casela.” He took his gun and dropped lights to each of the members “might be useful.” The Captain simply nodded surprise of Casela’s turn.

Casela caught the light and looked at Manhattan, at the light, and back at Manhattan. “Where’s the fun in that?”

She was irreverent, didn’t care for rank, had no respect, ‘appeared’ confidant to a fault, and was scary good at what she did.
Lt. Synthi-er, KAI9 Handler

His general mistrust of Manhattan and his secretive team aside, Zachariah never failed to be impressed at the sight of the RTF gearing up for battle. Quickly replacing Synthi-er at the console, Cobb called out, “I have all of your positions clearly visible and am configuring the scan wavelength to detect the anomaly. Once he’s on my radar I should be able to lead you all right to him.”

He fell into silence as he prodded at buttons then, at the last, raised his eyes once more and added, “And good luck!”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“We don’t need luck, Captain.” The other of the same rank said to Cobb “I know we can make it. But if we will not, prepare to self-terminate the ship. This is not a Basic BSAC procedure.” Pistol in hand, tricorder in the other. The flashlights were not lit so on the way they could see what they were going. With a simple sign, Manhattan told Casela to open access so they could start going. It was showdown time.

Casela opened the access hatch and waited for Fenrir to climb in before she followed him. She called back to Cobb, “If you go access signal Gamma 9 alpha 4 you’ll be able to see what Fenrir sees, Captain.” She made sure the rest of the Black Devils were getting into the tubes, then she climbed in and closed the hatch behind her. “Alright Fenrir, let’s go find Dave.”
Lt. Synthi-er, KAI9 Handler

In the tubes the lightings were also off, except for some circuitry that worked with their own power. In that moment the flashlights revealed of great use while the team moved through the ship’s flesh. Yet the immense power of Dave made the whole ship tremble at each step of his and the squadron, from start to end, was shaken like a milkshake in a violent way.

Arrived at the entrance for Deck 13 Erve noticed two things: the first was that there was no light, nor alert sound in the deck. This meant that power was probably down and the entirety of the ship upper decks were cut off from primary life support. The second thing he noticed was that in that moment Dave stopped moving… this was a bad sign and perhaps the threat could be just behind the corner as they exited the tube “Lieutent, Lieutenant!” He called whispering Casela “send someone searching for the two missing in the Jeffrey’s tubes. The rest of the Squadron, lights out. Dave should not see… but I fear that some of his preys were capable of seeing in the dark.”

“If he has night vision or heat vision keeping the flashlights on might disorient him. Of course they might just make him mad,” Casela offered as she paused right behind the access panel next to Fenrir. She tapped her commbadge, =^=Synthi-er to Cobb. Your Yoeman is an exceptional Agent. Do you think you could get her to go after Bog and Durheim and cover them while they work?=^= She turned back to Manhattan, “we really need the whole team on deck if we’re going to get Dave back in his cell. And Quinn is exceptional.”

=^=I will summon her now, Lieutenant. Not detecting any unusual movement in your sector. I will continue to monitor. Cobb out.=^=

Erve was the first get his foot in the dark and cold deck. The temperature was lowering fast and as such, Oxygen was also barely sufficient for them all. Erve, in the dark, looked right and left, trying to get a squeeze of the nearby area. Not only he couldn’t see much, but a strong smell of putrefaction dominated the environment and created a scary and unpleasant situation “Gosh…” he then turned on his flashlight. A disaster was unveiled in front of him…

Casela stepped out, and settled into a scary, unfeeling mode. “Breath through your mouth, it will help a little,” she said into the linked comm. Farther down the deck near Dave’s cell she could see the floor panel moving and Lihew and Niven appearing. At movement by the far wall she shined her flashlight in enough time to see Trainor appear to take his position. They weren’t at an angle to see Irida and Uj’aw.

Crew that was killed, someone had nothing left than his or her lower half, the other seemed to have suffered of heavy cuts. Blood was a bit everywhere and some had their chest disemboweled. It seemed an apocalyptic scenario. The truth was that it was real life for those of the 2nd Squadron.
To aggravate the thing, someone was still alive, but without a leg and his left arm “h-help!” The man begged with a thin voice “help…” Manhattan walked slowly to the voice source and crouching he had tears in his eyes “Casela… quick, take someone to get a look to this bud.” He perhaps knew he could have done nothing to save him.

M. Captain Erve Manhattan - RCO and the Butcher

Casela moved over to the injured crewman. “Fenrir get back in the tube, hurry.” She slung her pack off and inside was an emergency med kit. She pulled out a biostasis unit and placed it over the man’s chest, putting him into stasis. “Niven, help me move him to the tube.” Niven hurried over and together they lifted him to the tube and placed him on a gurney attached to Fenrir. “Fenrir, get him back to deck 15 and the captain, and then hurry back.” =^=Synthi-er to Cobb. Cpt. we have an injures crewman. Somehow he’s still alive. I’ve placed him in biostasis. Be prepared, the sight is disturbing. Hopefully Fey can help him.=^=. Niven hurried back to help Lihew and Casela rejoined Manhattan. Fenrir would arrive back on deck with them 5 minutes later.

=^=Understood=^= came Zachariah’s measured reply as he battled to maintain his own calm.

Casela looked around as they moved quietly. She turned slowly to watch behind them. She felt like she was being watched, which of course she was. She shined her flashlight down the corridor behind them, up at the ceiling and along the floor. “He’s too quiet.”
Lt. Synthi-er, KAI9 Handler

With a heavy sigh, the captain continued to stare at his terminal, several small blips on the digital map indicating the current position of each active RTF agent. The question screaming into all ears right now, however, was, where was Dave?
Tapping his commbadge, Cobb contacted his Yeoman. =^=Crewman Kindle, you are required for an emergency RTF task. Please meet me on deck 13, in the main containment control bay, immediately.=^=

His second call was to the sickbay. =^=Doctor Kastil, we have incoming casualties. Several of them. Critical. Be ready.=^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

=^= Would you like us to install a hot tub in your quarters wile we are at it?!=^= came the unmistakable response from Ensin Bog
Crewman Bog…

=^=No need. Just turf the bloody RTF out of the one I’ve already got!=^= the captain shot back, not caring in that moment if Manhattan or Synthi-er could still hear him from their positions in the jefferies tubes. But then Bog would hear a heavy sigh and, in a softer voice came =^=Just be careful. Both of you.=^=
Why, if the Tellarite didn’t know any better, he could have been mistaken for believing that the captain actually cared!

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Erve ignored totally Bog communication “I mean…” he looked the team “Later?” Shrugging, Erve returned serious with bloody hands and the bit of light they got. He felt nauseous but as Casela had noted, Dave was too silent =/\= Mr. Cobb. We’ll be careful, but perhaps let’s limit comms to important stuff… if you see movement scream at us. Actually Dave is not making it easy to localize his position…=/\=
A strafe to the right, then to the left. Erve looked around once again as the Squadron was settled in. It was kinda creepy to stay there in silence with the sole engine rumble and space debris hitting the hull.
=/\= Make it around to Starbase…=/\= said then Manhattan to Cobb =/\= Quick!=/\=

Manhattan stood up and started walking. Then calling his squadron lead he had instructed Casela to equip the Hawking’s Waves Generator Gun to prepare to counteract the monster. In that sterile and cold deck, Manhattan felt like a sixth sense. The whole group walked a while and the disaster scale was much more evident - Corpses everywhere, blood scatters and stains all over the walls. It was not so pleasant as walking on a hill.

But as they got closer to Administration, in damage control, Erve saw what was wrong in a mist-filled and metal smelling like room“Holy cow.”He scratched his head tapping the floor surprised. A dozen if not many more were all fused in one big entity. It seemed another Dave forming up in that pile of corpses that were liquifying in a darkish red and brown blob. Some were still alive shouting for help in a inhumane way “HEeLp!!! aHHh!!…” distortion, pain, tears. All built up to make the agony shared among the Squadron.
“Poor souls. This makes this breach even worser than I thought. What do you think…” he paused “Lieutenant?” He gulped suffering for the blobbing bodies.

The mass was alive, the corpses were dying slowly. The smell of putrefaction punctured their noses and the organs were all out on the floor. A sudden dry hit gathered the attention behind “Oh sh-” indicating a vent, Erve made sign to rush immediately and hide there inside. Some wouldn’t fit and perhaps they had to find another place. Manhattan was one of them and saw protection behind a couple of barrels and heavy equipment. From the door there was Dave.
Caught unprepared the Squadron could not do much, but the massive size of Dave was witness of the many bodies he annihilated and transformed into his own body. He was carrying a poor woman in his sort-like jaws, still alive, fighting for her freedom. Erve still remembers those eyes seeking help. Maybe she saw Erve’s hair and curious eyes but nothing could be done…

Crack did her spine accompanied by a brief and deadly scream. The arms of Ensign Lara, this was her name, dropped suddenly inanimate and blood and her interior fell on the floor splashing everywhere liquid. The cut corpse was thrown at the blob and meshed with the many others that already formed that horrible creature. Some seconds later, as Dave left the room with no compassion, Erve was evidently shocked and walked out of cover with the gun in hand “G-Guys… Come on…” he inspected the growing size of that ‘thing’ “I- we must immediately stop this carnage.”

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

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