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Durheim was in his element - crawling inside of a duct, tracing wires and conduit, dodging support beams and meticulously checking for faults. While he did love the ‘flashier’ side of engineering and R&D; there was just something so fulfilling about basic technical work. Though many of his colleagues dreaded such assignments, Jonathan would frequently volunteer for them - it let him get his best thinking done.

The Chief had sent a number of engineers out to scour this section, inch by inch; he had been getting reports of an intermittent fault - normally not a critical issue, but the Leviathan was not a normal ship. And all indications pointed to it lying somewhere along deck 13 - making it a life-or-death problem. So, all hands on deck - or in deck, as the case may be.

“What have we here…” Jonathan asked to no-one in particular, as he read the results from his scan tool. This junction should never be seeing these loads… but this is just a symptom. Maybe the EPS relay fuse is faulty? Before he was able to continue that line of thought, the familiar and worrisome smell of ozone lodged itself in his scarred nose. Thinking fast, he grabbed a nearby support beam; hopefully grounding himself in case he got hit by an arc. His arms could take the load.

A flash and a familiar squeal caught his attention; before subsequent flashes triggered the auto-darkening lenses on his thick goggles; blinding him temporarily. A ‘Thud’ drew his concern; but he could do nothing until the surge had died down - panic did nothing but bring death. After a moment, he crawled forwards - after a dozen yards, he found Bog’s smoldering form; though not much worse for wear. Gently shaking him he roused the Tellerite “Wake up Mr. Bog, you aren’t bacon yet! We have work to do!”

Crewman Durheim; Tunnel Rat

The ringing in his ears accompanied buy the metallic garlic taste of of energetic plasma told Bog that he was going to be having regular visits to sickbay over the next few weeks. Opening his eyes, it took a moment for the black spots to clear so he could recognize the face before him.

The ringing in his ears was louder than than the words coming from the scared human’s mouth. “ Damn if your not just about the prettiest human I have seen!” He roared.

Pulling himself up from where he had lodged just shy of the hole n the deck the Tellarite whole himself like a dog, setting his tool belt to jingling. “I think we have a gremlin loose on the ship mister Durhime.”

Bog the singed

Jonathan shot Bog a wide grin, before his face became more businesslike; “Happy to see you are still with us Mr. Bog! And I think you are right; something is wrong here. Circuits were overloaded before something blew; and this being the containment deck, that means trouble.” Half turning away from Bog, he pointed down the narrow corridor. “Junctions 3, 5, and 9 were showing overloads before the plasma got vented; but I wasn’t able to determine what was causing it.”

“Space herpies, would be my gues”

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At that moment, what little lighting remained in the service corridor turned red; and a tinny voice squawked out of their comm badges - =^= USS Leviathan, this is your captain. This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. All non-essential personnel are to return to their quarters immediately. Security will begin shipwide patrols in case you need any assistance. All RTF personnel are to assemble on Deck 13 and await further instructions. All others, go to battle stations and follow established protocols. I shall update you all when I have more information but right now we are at red alert. I repeat, we are at red alert. Captain out. =^=

“Histra’s ninety nine liters, that doesn’t sound good!”

Durheim turned sharply to Bog at the announcement. “Red alert Mr. Bog - sounds like containment breach.”

Crewman Durheim; Tunnel Rat

Scrounging around to find his tri-corder, Bog finds that the access tube is likely impassable, except for the hole in the deck leading to deck twelve proper. “Never gets easier, dose it. I only see one way out. Do you conjure Mr. Durheim?”


“I suppose if it were easy, Mr. Bog, they wouldn’t need us!” Jonathan peered around the small, dark corridor lit by red emergency lighting - there wasn’t much to see. “I think you’re right. And if there is a breach, the containment systems need to be fixed - and I believe those are on deck thirteen.” Turning, he eyed up the small, dark hole leading down; he reached up to key his goggles to low-light mode - though he could now see better, the view wasn’t improved. “No time like the present!” And on that cheerful note, he began climbing down the narrow access tube.

Crewman Durheim; Tunnel Rat

Bog shook his head. “Your going to get us eaten, Durheim.” Pulling a head lamp out of his tool belt and after putting on he fallowed the small man down the hole.


Durheim turned to grin at Bog; goggles gleaming in the light from his headlamp. “You may be right, Mr Bog. But here we are; and I don’t think this is a job we can pass on to anyone else, unfortunately!” He moved away from the opening of the small shaft, enough to give Bog room to maneuver.

Once Bog had gotten himself situated, Jonathan began poking at a nearby diagnostic panel; he quickly removed the cover plate and began prodding the exposed contacts, trying to see which feeds were intact and what was and wasn’t working. The intermittent flicker from the display gave him no confidence; and he had little hope of good news.

As he began the diagnostic, he asked Bog “So, any ideas? What happened up there? I know Mr. Hampton sent us to do some diagnostics, but all I was able to confirm was the overloaded junctions.”

Crewman Durheim; Human multimeter

“ Use your head, the containment deck has its own power supply, not many things can take it out. Since the emergency back ups haven’t kicked in It’s only one possibility. Bog gave the Crewman a moment to put the pieces together.

Durheim paused in his work; turning to face Bog. Leaving his hands buried in the conduit box; occasional arcs lit his face in profile, revealing an expression of concern. “Sabotage, Mr. Bog? I don’t like it, but I fear you may be right. Too many coincidences, and too much failure. My understanding is that the Leviathan is the product of a retrofit; but an extremely extensive one. We do deal with anomalies, yes… But perhaps we should be on guard for malicious intent.”

“ An unregulated plasma surge threw the backup EPS fed bY the ships primary plasma manifold.” The Tellarite was concerned that EPS relays that fused and the field emitters they fed, worse if the emitters themselves were burned out.


Unregulated? That should never happen, Mr. Bog - there’s too many failsafes…” Jonathan’s tone was not of disbelief or doubt; but shock - he was willing to trust Bog’s experience and expertise in his statement.

At that moment, a hissed whisper in the tones of Captain Cobb would crackle over their commbadges:
=^=Mr Bog, Mr Durheim, you do realise the nature of the current situation, I hope? You gentlemen are in a most vulnerable and precarious condition. As we speak, an RTF team are moving in to complete recapture and I am monitoring your current positions relative to…the anomaly. I will give you as much warning as is possible if it passes into your immediate vicinity but, and I can not stress this enough, be on your guard. And Mr Bog? I hope for both of your sakes that you showered this morning! Cobb out.=^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“Mr. Durheim I pray that we can find at least one containment field emitter that isn’t burned out. The last thing the Levi needs is to add my glorious self to Dave.”

Hoping that if the receiver survived the discharge that the transmitter had as well. =^= Understood, Captain, is there any thing we can do to help?=^=.


=^= Aye, there is =^= Cobb replied, tensely. =^= Restore the power to the containment decks. And try not to die in the process. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Bog stoped in his tracks “ What in the three hells dose he think we are…” =^= Would you like us to install a hot tub in your quarters wile we are at it?!=^- came the irritated Tellarites retort!

“Are you ready to work yet another mirical , Mr. Durheim?”


“Miracles? Hmmm, If you insist, Mr. Bog!” Jonathan shot Bog a fierce grin.

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IC: =^=No need. Just turf the bloody RTF out of the one I’ve already got!=^= the captain shot back, not caring in that moment if Manhattan or Synthi-er could still hear him from their positions in the jefferies tubes. But then Bog would hear a heavy sigh and, in a softer voice came =^=Just be careful. Both of you.=^=
Why, if the Tellarite didn’t know any better, he could have been mistaken for believing that the captain actually cared!

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

“I think if we were to be careful, we likely wouldn’t be here…” Jonathan muttered to Bog.

-Crewman Durheim, Engineering

“Security gets all the glory Mr. Durheim, wile the engineers do most of the bleeding.” Bog considering his options “What do you you say we start at the reactors and work our way out.”


“That would be a reasonable approach, Mr Bog - if there is indeed malice; the reactors may well be a target. And if not - well, best to start at the root; fixing as we go. But I believe we should hurry - power needs to be restored to the containment decks! You are already aware I know; but our labor is meaningless if the crew dies or the ship is destroyed. And I must say… I don’t care for the noises and shaking going on in the ship.”

With that; Durheim quickly extricated himself from the panel he had been working on; replacing the hatch neatly - there was no excuse for sloppy work! That done, he made a quick check of his surroundings, being sure that neither Bog or he had inadvertently dropped any tools in the confusion. “Shall I lead, Mr Bog? I might fare a bit better should we stumble across any ‘live’ panels.”

Crewman Durheim, Engineering

“Just don’t touch Dave, if you get frisky with him you better have protection Mr. Durheim!” Bog was happy to let the crew man precede him. His teeth still ached. As he followed him into the dark.”


The sort of feeling that you are being watched in the dark is an old remnant from a time where most humanoid ancestors could remember being hunted in the night. Because things that hunted were still scarier in the gloom. As both men worked that feeling crept slowly forward irrespective if either felt it.

Just at the point where the feeling would tread the knife-edge of panic and reason it seemed to solidify into the form of a black and grey clad girl who stepped out if the shadows, eyes aglow and frowned at both Bog and Durheim. ”Are you both purposely trying to get yourselves killed?” she asked, the dark blue and purple bruising on her throat, like a noose bad been tied around her and tightened, seemed darker than normal against her pale skin.


“Zolla’s Tail!” Bog squealed as he jumped and bashed his head on the low overhead. “ are you trying to give me a heart attack, child.” Bog looked around apprehensively. “No, as a mater of fact we are hoping for just the opposite.”


And if Gen was a lil heart attack, what would have happened later that encounter would have probably costed them much, much more time to restore power than usual. Indeed in the adjacent bulkhead Dave was just turning the corner but as his giant big arse got even bigger than the usual, it hit hard the bulkhead surface and made it bend making explosions and sparks everywhere in the tiny, cramped space.

“Great!” Said then a voice from nowhere “Look at what you’ve done! You need to shut your little mouths! He can hear you!” Behind the group a ghostly like figure appeared. Hard to believe but it was George Washington… “Incredible, I thought you would be the best of the best! Bah.”

Ghost of George Washington

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