Meeting with the counselor

Posted Oct. 19, 2020, 9:07 p.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) in Meeting with the counselor

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Meeting with the counselor

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) in Meeting with the counselor


“Computer Pause. Provide weapons chest.” The computer trilled and foot locker appeared in front of them. Casela toed the lid open. Inside was a beautiful assortment of hand to hand and ranged weapons. “Take your pick.” There was at least two of everything in the chest. Casela took a set of throwing knives, a small cylinder the size of her palm. She showed it to Surda and tapped a button on the side and it extended out to a full size 6 foot bo staff. A tap of the button returned it to its palm sized length. She also took a garrote, a bowie knife, an old fashioned leather thong sling shot with shot.

Surda raised an eyebrow. She grabbed her knives out of the man and woman, resheathing them behind her back. “Fascinating. You don’t think I have enough weapons?” Seven knives, of varying shapes and sizes, two phasers, a fair selection of poisons, and a fukiya were already on her person after all. She shrugged grabbing a katana. “I haven’t used a sword in years. Too conspicuous.”

Casela snickered, “Oh honey, we can never have too many weapons.” She nodded, “I love swords, but they are a little obvious. I have an…inventor friend, we’ll say, that I’m trying to design one to work like my bo staff.”

Once Surda had taken her pick. “Computer, level 3 increase difficulty by 3 degrees.” The computer trilled. Casela grinned at Surda, “Get ready to run. Oh and the goal, get the shuttle before they do. 3 clicks south east of right here.” The scene changed, they were outside this time. The same feel as the bar, it was probably the same town. The same disreputable characters walked the streets, shouts, shuffling, arguments, bargaining. It was all there. Including the sound of pursuit and phaser fire. Casela took off down the street, at the slowest leisurely pace imaginable and slipped right into the shadows.

Coming down the street was the last man from the bar and several more fanning out down the side streets and alleyways.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Surda nodded, slipping into the nearest alleyway. She put her hand at the back of her neck, undoing a small zipper. A hood folded out, and she covered her bright hair with it. She noticed a ladder, some sort of fire escape. She grinned, making her way up onto the rooftops. Perfect.

OOC: A fukiya is a Japanese blowgun. You would not believe how many waivers you have to sign to learn to use one.
-Surda, CoS
OOC: Oh yes I would. LOL I have a feeling we have a lot in common.
OOC: From the way you write fights, probably.
Casela saw Surda take the ladder and nodded. Casela was in the mood for a little fun before she took the high road. She made a LOT of noise drawing the attention of a few of the ‘officers.’ Problem was, she was good at creating ‘timers.’ She was already two buildings away when the crash of over turned crates could be heard. Three of the officers ran down the alley way. Leaving the leader, who happened to know to look up once in awhile, and two lithe and limber fellows who were doing an excellent job of sweeping the alleys. The leader left the other two and ran ahead, disappearing into the shadows and then appearing on the roof infront of Surda, almost with no noise.

Casela was back tracking to find the first burly man who had stupidly run on ahead without looking. His face met with a solid metal panel that came swinging into his rather bulbous nose.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Surda kept running, despite hearing the man. She jumped, kicking him in the head, and landed on his other side. She swung her sword in a wide arc, barely pausing as it met flesh. If anyone had cared to look, they might notice quite a bit of blood, but Surda had already restarted on her path.
-Surda, CoS

With the biggest one down the other two became more cautious. Casela slipped back into the shadows between the buildings making a stead pace towards the shuttle. Slipping between the buildings she spotted Surda still moving and the quick, but deadly sword work. “I can’t wait to see what Lihew makes of her.” She chuckled darkly and kept going hearing the other two meat heads behind her.

The man took quite a hit a cut, but wasn’t down yet. Disoriented from the crack to his skull and loosing blood, he fired in her direction wildly. The fire drawing the attention of the other two that had been sweeping between the buildings. Taking note of where he was shooting they ran ahead, cutting her off from gaining the ground to make the last run to the shuttle. Obvious from their stance they both knew how to fight.
OOC: Feel free to describe this out to your hearts content.

OOC: Okay then!
Surda stopped abruptly, rolling across the roof and landing on her stomach. She pulled her fukiya out, sliding the needle in carefully. She aimed, steadied her hands, took a deep breath, and fired. Across from the rooftop she was on, one of the men crumpled to the ground, dead. Standing up, she grabbed her sword and ran to the end of the buildings.

Casela made the last of the buildings and looked around for the best way to cross, she took off at a wide angle to the shuttle into the clearing, dropping at the last second before getting hit by some kind of projectile the smaller of the burly meat heads hurled at her.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Surda climbed down another ladder, running across the open area in a complete sprint.
-Surda, CoS

The first man went down but the second ducked behind cover and waited for Surda to cross in front of him. As she did he lashed out with a round house kick to the back of her head.

Casela heard the other two coming behind her. She ducked behind a tree, loaded the sling and then stepped out, the leather string and pouch whirling over her head. With a gentle flick and release of her index finger the shot flew from the pouch and nailed the first one right in the forehead. It shocked the last man who ducked back behind the last bldg. Casela didn’t wait. She headed for the shuttle. Once both she and Surda got there the program would end.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Surda dove forwards, executing an elegant roll across the ground. She was halfway there, and the man probably wasn’t fast enough to catch her. She’d take her chances. She ran, hoping for the element of surprise and a little bit of luck.
-Surda, CoS

The man was not as fast as Surda by any measure, but he was still coming. Casela appeared off to one side, “Surda, duck!” She came to a stop reached down and withdrew a throwing knife from a hip pocket and with a step back and one fluid motion pulled back, aimed, and released the knife with deadly accuracy, landing right in the man’s chest dropping him. Casela turned and ran, catching up with Surda, and taking that last few hundred yards and a steady job, reaching the shuttle. She keyed the door and the program ended. She turned to look at Surda. “That was fun. Next time, we’ll try a harder program.” Casela grinned. “Oh and by the way, you’re cleared for duty.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

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