MPT- "Six Hours From Evil"- Deck 13-Containment level 3

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A curious expression came over Durheim’s face; a combination of interest and annoyance. He turned away, and had a brief but intense conversion, before his shoulders sagged in defeat. “I’ll be right there, Mr. Raauhl - I’ll need a moment to gather some things.”

Durheim turned stiffly to Bog, addressing him in an atypically formal tone. “Mr. Bog, it seems that I am being summoned; there is an away team forming, possibly related to the entity we have here.” He tapped on his PaDD for a moment, and shortly Bog’s PaDD chimed. “I’ve sent what I have over to you; I believe it is a workable plan, but I apologize for no being able to be present and see it through. You’ll find that Miss Nakuto’s stasis generator can possibly be re-purposed into an energy draining system; though it will tax the gravitron emitters - they aren’t designed for that load, so do be careful.”

Jonathan sighed, turning to scan the containment deck and the frantic crew. Nodding firmly to Nakuto and Bog, “Be careful, and don’t dare get complacent!” And with that he turned; quickly leaving the bay.

Durheim, Engineering

“And you,” the half-Klingon replied, her eyes locked onto the screen of her tricorder by a reluctance to meet those of the retreating engineer.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

The readings reflected that the anomaly was almost a cloud of temporal energy condensed into a sphere. There was a strain of energy that appeared to be being siphoned off by a source, but the reading could not make it out. What would stand out to the researcher, was the presence of organic material the tricorder was picking up that had not been there when the anomaly was first brought onboard.

Storyteller S

Once Durheim had exited the area, Nakuto turned her complete focus to the readings. Initially they merely confirmed what she had already guessed, that the sphere appeared to be a point-source concentration of temporal energy. However, as she continued to read, her brown eyes grew wider, forehead ridges deepening into pronounced furrows.
“Mr Bog,” she called out to the engineer. “Come take a look at this.”

Once she had caught the Tellarite’s attention, she continued, “There appears to be an organic component to the sphere. Although…”
Kara moved quickly over to the nearest terminal and brought up the previous readings to confirm her own, rising fears. “…it was not present an hour ago when we took the last set of readings.”

Her eyes traced an arc between the orb and the body of William Hampton. “Could it have absorbed some of his dna when it…killed him?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Not entirely sure why the Klingon kept looking to where Hampton had disintegrated, Bog mentally struggles. We all see our own demons. “It is possible it absorbed him. If that is the case I damned sure intend to crack it open and get him back!” Bog began looking closer at the readings. He wasn’t at his best with Zeno biology but energy beings we just that, patterns of energy and manipulating energy patterns were his stock and trade.
Bog, vivasectinunst

OOC: I don’t know why I’d thought Hampton was actually ‘dead’ and his body was still on the floor. Guess that makes everything Kara’s done so far completely illogical! I guess I’ll blame it on the bloodwine, lol!

IC: For a brief moment, the Tellarite had reacted as if she’d done cartwheels across the engineering deck. Was her honouring of William Hampton really so strange? The half-Klingon’s focus returned to the body of the former engineering chief…and found herself staring at a cold and empty deck. She shook her head, the events of the past hour rushing back to her with a clarity that threatened to unbalance her completely. It had not been real. Residual energy? A ghost? Or had the hallucinations that had plagued her for years followed her to this latest assignment?

But the situation offered no chance for the luxury of self-examination. Perhaps tomorrow she would revisit the Counselor or the Doctor and find a scientific explanation for these visions that continued to haunt her. But right now, the orb still demanded their complete attention. Especially if Hampton was truly inside the anomaly, as Bog suggested? Maybe there really was a chance they could bring him back out again.

“Could we attempt to establish communication, perhaps?” she finally shared her thoughts aloud to the engineer.

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

OOC, This is the Levi, Vikings crazy half sister…

“Can’t say I like the way it communicates much but yes, I would like to try to communicate with Hampton. That mangy sod might have some ideas we can use to scramble this egg!.”


Suddenly freed from the fog of hallucination by this new and vital purpose, Nakuto moved quickly to a terminal and began to punch in commands.
“If I can configure an energy pulse to the correct frequency then perhaps we could cause controlled interference to the orb what would allow us to send a coded message?” she mused. “The question now is, what do you want it to say?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

“If your done with your vacation, we could use your assistance.” “ That should get the lazy get’s brain to wizzing.” Bog grumbled.
Mr. Bog

Kara nodded then returned to the console, her hands tapping in a slightly more polite message than the Tellarite had suggested.
=^= Lt Hampton, this is the Leviathan. Can you hear us? Please respond. =^=

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

After several moments, the pulse received several bursts of energy, which the computer interpreted and translated. “Yep.” The automated voice responded.

Storyteller S

“Thank the Gods!” Bog squealed. Hampton was deranged, frighteningly so but he was crew and despite there rocky start the Tellarite had learned to respect him.”Now we need to crack this egg and get him out!”


The half-Klingon grinned broadly at Bog’s reaction to his superior’s response. “You are not so gruff as you pretend, Mr Bog,” she teasingly commented. Then, with no small measure of relief herself, she prepared and sent a second message. This time substituting none of that efficient Tellarite wording.

=^= Mr Hampton, if you are done with your vacation then we could use your assistance. The situation on the ship is dire and your doppelganger has assumed a rather malevolent control. Anything at all you could tell us, about the orb or about the other Leviathan or about the other…you, it would all be most useful right now. =^=

The color drained from Bog’s face, “Doppelgänger?!, you mean their are two of him?”

Quinn was running, full tilt running down the corridor, until she rounded the junction and came up on the Containment level 3 area where Bog and others where working. She slid to a halt and looked at the Tellarite, “Captain ordered me to talk with you about Hamilton’s status.” she said without preamble, she was tense and none too happy about the situation.

  • Quinn Kindle, Yeoman/RTF

“Then talk wile we figure out how to get his mangy hide out of that blue egg. Any ideas how to crack it, Klingon?!” He was seriously considering dumping it into a Star, or better yet a singularity.

“Let us see what Mr Hampton responds,” Nakuto suggested. “It is possible that his view from inside the orb is vastly different to ours.”

Then, turning to Kindle, she commented, “His status? Well, he is alive. Currently contained within this orb, which some might believe is the best place for him. And were the current situation less urgent then I might have been inclined to agree.”
She laughed briefly but the tension refused to dissipate and quickly her eyes returned to her console. “We are in communication with him, however, and in the process of setting him free. I only hope that turns out to be the right thing to do.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Several pulses emanated from the orb, and in a few moments, the automated voice that was becoming synonymous with Hampton’s spoke out again. “I’m afraid I’m not help to you there, I am not sure what’s going on in the outside world, but my best guess is I am inside some sort of quantum realm, I am attempting to break out of it, but I’m not strong enough yet.”

Storyteller S

“Some one tell me about this second Hampton!” The the color had come back into his face, to be replaced buy the nailed on a chalk board screech of his teeth grinding.


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