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Surda bit her lip to contain her laughter. “Less terrifying, more risque,” she whispered back. “Ajira is the goddess of death and birth. Celebrations are intended to create both.”
-Surda, CoS

Cobb felt his cheeks redden briefly, but then he laughed and countered with, “Well, perhaps we will need several drinks then.”

Casela decided that any celebration to Ajira would have to be skipped. She was very interested in learning more about it, but Casela felt like there were enough rumors about her running around the ship. She certainly didn’t need to attend a fertility ritual. The thought made her laugh aloud.

Casela ate her food when it arrived and watched the crew. They were having a good time. She was glad that Cobb had come up with this. At his question she snorted, “Betazed most certainly does not. They love philosophy far far too much and no time for fun.” She gave the last of the funnel cake to Gen. She stood with a flourish and swirl of the cape, going to refill her drink. She looked about. “I think,” she said as she walked back, “I’m going to go scare the monsters out of the haunted forest. Any takers?”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Gen ’s face lit up as she reached for the offered cake and attacked it. Her eyes glowed brightly at Casela’s suggestion, ”Me…i can scare things.”


“I don’t doubt that for a second, Miss Gen,” Zachariah responded, offering the young girl an expression somewhere between nervous anxiety and unadulterated admiration. “Although I think the aim here might be for them to scare us, eh?”

With his own meal finished, Cobb wiped at his mouth with his sleeve, grabbed the remainder of his whiskey, and got to his feet.
“Okay then, to the haunted forest it is then. Miss Gen here can lead the way.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Gen looked for Casela a second, as if for reasurance. Then too got to her feet.

As she walked she looked back at Cobb. ”Why are we supposed to let them scare us?” she asked


Casela nodded at Gen and walked beside her. Gen was sometimes very insightful, far beyond her years, and then, times like this, she was still very much a very young girl. Casela walked down the path and towards the woods. She knew some people liked to be scared. She herself, didn’t understand it. She’d seen enough real things to not want to be scared by the fake. But it was all in good fun. Looking at the trees, Casela contemplated actually climbing one instead. She hadn’t done that in a long time, and some of the holographic trees were made to be climbed. Probably some horrific entity was hiding in them.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Zachariah was caught off guard by Gen’s question, although removed from the context of the night’s events, it was a perfectly logical query to make.
“Ah, well,” he began, cramming the top hat back onto his head, silver hair now spilling down his shoulders like a waterfall lit by crescent moon, “I suppose it is somewhat…silly. But the roots of this festival hark back to ancient times on my home planet, when some people believed that, if we allowed the demons and devils of this world one night to cause mischief and mayhem, then they would leave us be for the other three-hundred and sixty-four days of the year.”

He laughed uneasily, one hand momentarily doffing his hat so the other could be raked through his hair. Demons and devils - in these enlightened times such monsters had been relegated to nothing more than myth. But in recent months the ARU had revealed to him the unimaginable truth - demons and monsters were very real indeed. And more dangerous than the most terrifying Halloween nightmare could ever have conceived.

“I think perhaps you are right, Gen,” he declared after a moment. “We have nothing to fear from these traditional spectres. Let us show them what a good scare is truly all about, eh?”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Gen tilted her head and considered the captain, ”Being scared and Fear aren’t the same.” she said softly as she walked with him. She looked up as something flapped overhead in the gloom and was gone then glanced at Casela.

Casela winked conspiratorially at Gen and Zachariah and moved down the path and into the forest. The temperature dropped and the fog laid heavily among the trunks and roots. The wind caused the heavy branches to creak and sway, allowing the full moon the create macabre shadows on the ground. Casela thoroughly enjoyed the effects and then was suddenly gone. Slipping unseen and quietly into the forest, off the path to find a tree to climb. And then up she climbed, silently to find a stead perch on a large sturdy branch, relaxing against the trunk so she swayed and moved with tree as the wind blew. The shriek of a screech owl could be heard from somewhere above and to the left of the group still on the path.
Lt Synthi-er, CNS

Gen walked with Cobb as Synthi-er disappeared. She didn’t seem startled, her sock clad feet silent as the proverbial grave on the ground. Slowly, she inched her hand into the captain’s. Her fingers icy cold. Moving her head to look at him she gave him a small smile, just enough to upturn the corners of her mouth.

”are we scared yet?” she asked.


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