Side Sim - Coal and diamonds... Juliet's arrival

Posted Nov. 5, 2020, 8:51 p.m. by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer /RTF) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - Coal and diamonds… Juliet’s arrival

Posted by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer /RTF) in Side Sim - Coal and diamonds… Juliet’s arrival

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Ryder Raauhl (Executive Officer) in Side Sim - Coal and diamonds… Juliet’s arrival
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As the back of the transport opened, the first thing that those in the bay would notice is four guys in coveralls moving out to help offload the delivery that the Leviathan had managed to score in deep space.

Raauhl made an effort to meet and great as many new members to the Leviathan as possible, their job here was perhaps more dangerous than most within Starfleet and the Federation as a whole so making people feel at home and welcome sometimes made the difference. Today he had been awaiting the arrival of a new Security Ensign, security on the Leviathan was always a difficult one of him to manage, with the RTF also running shop he often found disputed between the two departments, particularly when dealing with threats however since the beginning of their mission those disputes disappeared and a symbolic relationship had started to form between them.

The next would be a head of coal black hair topping the slim form of a woman with a cargo bag over her left shoulder. She called out a thanks to some unseen person behind her, but then she turned to face the ship’s bay she had just arrived in. A hand rose to push back the ebon waterfall and reveal a pair of crystalline blue eyes that almost looked like blue hued diamonds in the bright lights. She wasn’t clad in the usual uniform. Travel for long periods in the restrictive clothing bothered her to no end. It was bad enough she had been stuck on the transport almost three days, which, for her, was a lifetime. Shivering visibly and rolling her shoulders, she stepped off the ramp and headed for the door to the ship. Food, shower, and a good long go in the holodeck beating something up. That was her immediate list of priorities. Though, maybe not in that order.

Ensign Juliet Anders
Security Officer

Having watched the transport land, on time from it days long journey he knew to keep the conversation short and light. The last thing a new ensign wanted was to be badgered by the XO. “Ensign Anders I assume?” He asked easily recognising her from her profile picture which Starfleet had kindly given them along with her administrative instruction. He noticed her shiver and wondered if it was the Leviathans environmental controls or if the shuttle had increased its temperature which was a trick employed to invite sleep during long journeys. “I hope your Journey wasn’t too arduous. “

  • Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO

Jewels had been about to ask the security officer at the door for her room assignment when the man with a disarming smile came to ask about her well being. She knew he was the XO, not just from the uniform, but from the file on the ship she had received. CO, XO, Doc, and her own supervisor were among those she had memorized. “Lieutenant Commander, Raauhl. A pleasure. Yes, I’m LIe… I’m Anders.” She bit back a half hitched breath as she recalled she wasn’t a Lieutenant anymore. “And no, it wasn’t arduous.” She wasn’t about to say that the trip had been strenuous, and her anxiety level was just starting to come down. The last thing you admitted to the first Commanding Officer you meet is that transports make you want to kill yourself.

“I pray you didn’t come down here just for me. I am sure I could have found my quarters on my own. And I’m sure you have plenty more pressing things than babysitting an Ensign.” Apparently the trip had affected her more than she thought. She bit her lip and took a deep breath. Squaring her shoulders, she shook her head trying to clear it. “Forgive me, Sir. I just wasn’t expecting you.” She fell silent wondering if she was already on his watch list in less than a dozen sentences.


He held up a hand to silence her internal worries, having done this many times he’d heard plenty of anxious ideas as to why he may be there. “Not to worry Ensign, I am used to being unexpected but I find I get a more honest response when I turn up unannounced.” He couldnt help but notice the startling similarities between Casela and Juliet, of which he knew was her first name from her file. “I like to meet as many new members to the ship personally, work permitting and I had the time to make sure you arrived in one peice. Wouldn’t want one of our new security officer getting lost now” He gave her another reassuring smile.

“I bet you’re eager to locate and settle into your quarters so I’ll accompany you there before parting, does that sound ok with you?” And as a second thought, “Oh and call me Raauhl, especially when we’re not around the Captain or other ranking officers I find it helps promote a healthier working environment”

  • Lt Cmdr Raauhl, XO

“Then I guess it’s fair to have you call me Anders, or Juliet.” She wasn’t ready for anyone to call her Jewels. Especially the XO. “And thank you. Yes, getting to my quarters would be appreciated.” She let him lead the way into the hall before she spoke up again.

“So you prefer to meet everyone in person so you can see which direction they topple over upon meeting you, huh? Guess it’s a good thing in case you’re ever beside them again in a panic situation. Avoid the side they topple to, huh?” She smiled slightly, though it didn’t quite reach her eyes.

“So since I have your ear, what are your expectations for security officers on your ship? Aside from the usual duties of keeping you and the Captain alive?” This time the smile was a bit more genuine.


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