MPT- "Six Hours From Evil"- Deck 13-Containment level 3

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Posted by Civilian Kara Nakuto (Engineer (Consultant Researcher - Yellow)) in MPT- “Six Hours From Evil”- Deck 13-Containment level 3

Posted by Ensign Tellek Bog (Engineer) in MPT- “Six Hours From Evil”- Deck 13-Containment level 3

Posted by Civilian Kara Nakuto (Engineer (Consultant Researcher - Yellow)) in MPT- “Six Hours From Evil”- Deck 13-Containment level 3
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Kara nodded then returned to the console, her hands tapping in a slightly more polite message than the Tellarite had suggested.
=^= Lt Hampton, this is the Leviathan. Can you hear us? Please respond. =^=

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

After several moments, the pulse received several bursts of energy, which the computer interpreted and translated. “Yep.” The automated voice responded.

Storyteller S

“Thank the Gods!” Bog squealed. Hampton was deranged, frighteningly so but he was crew and despite there rocky start the Tellarite had learned to respect him.”Now we need to crack this egg and get him out!”


The half-Klingon grinned broadly at Bog’s reaction to his superior’s response. “You are not so gruff as you pretend, Mr Bog,” she teasingly commented. Then, with no small measure of relief herself, she prepared and sent a second message. This time substituting none of that efficient Tellarite wording.

=^= Mr Hampton, if you are done with your vacation then we could use your assistance. The situation on the ship is dire and your doppelganger has assumed a rather malevolent control. Anything at all you could tell us, about the orb or about the other Leviathan or about the other…you, it would all be most useful right now. =^=

The color drained from Bog’s face, “Doppelgänger?!, you mean their are two of him?”

Had she revealed too much? The multiple layers of secrecy and classification within the ARU was something the half-Klingon was continually grappling with. She saw no advantage to withholding information from those who could make use of it the most. But at the same time, Bog’s alarmed reaction was a potent reminder of why, at times, it made some sense to remain silent.
With an apologetic shrug to the Tellarite, Nakuto nodded a silent confirmation of this most unsettling of developments.

Quinn was running, full tilt running down the corridor, until she rounded the junction and came up on the Containment level 3 area where Bog and others where working. She slid to a halt and looked at the Tellarite, “Captain ordered me to talk with you about Hampton’s status.” she said without preamble, she was tense and none too happy about the situation.

  • Quinn Kindle, Yeoman/RTF

“Then talk wile we figure out how to get his mangy hide out of that blue egg. Any ideas how to crack it, Klingon?!” He was seriously considering dumping it into a Star, or better yet a singularity.

“Let us see what Mr Hampton responds,” Nakuto suggested. “It is possible that his view from inside the orb is vastly different to ours.”

Then, turning to Kindle, she commented, “His status? Well, he is alive. Currently contained within this orb, which some might believe is the best place for him. And were the current situation less urgent then I might have been inclined to agree.”
She laughed briefly but the tension refused to dissipate and quickly her eyes returned to her console. “We are in communication with him, however, and in the process of setting him free. I only hope that turns out to be the right thing to do.”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Several pulses emanated from the orb, and in a few moments, the automated voice that was becoming synonymous with Hampton’s spoke out again. “I’m afraid I’m not help to you there, I am not sure what’s going on in the outside world, but my best guess is I am inside some sort of quantum realm, I am attempting to break out of it, but I’m not strong enough yet.”

Storyteller S

“Some one tell me about this second Hampton!” The the color had come back into his face, to be replaced buy the nailed on a chalk board screech of his teeth grinding.


Quinn looked at Bog, “There’s something that looks and talks like Hampton but he’s gone the way of Evil Overlord and wants us all dead, if we can get him out of the orb before he actually gets to Evil Overlordness things should start looking up. Or we make it worse. I don’t know for certain yet.” she figured being honest was best than sugar coating since they didn’t really have the time to play nice.

  • Quinn Kindle, Yeoman/RTF

“He will not be escaping the confines of the orb anytime soon, I am afraid” the half-Klingon countered. “So right now our primary focus must be to maintain the orb’s stability and indeed its continued existence in our dimension. As for the other Hampton, how might we be of assistance there, Miss Kindle? Do we have reason to feel imminently threatened by him?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

Quinn looked at Kara, then back to Bog, “As I said the Evil Overlord Hampton lookalike wants us all dead. If that’s not threatening enough what is?” She shook her head. “There’s information that was downloaded from the other Leviathan and there’s a team checking it out as well.”

  • Quinn Kindle, Yeoman/RTF

Kara shrugged. Evidently the half-Klingon found little to be alarmed at in Kindle’s warning. Or perhaps today was just a good day to die.

“Describe this new Hampton to me, Yeoman. Remember your basic psychology from your training? Is the new Hampton and egocentric paranoid ass or a Narcissistic prick?” Bog was curious, was this actually a super powers time travailing Hampton or had the Orb created a simulacrum from a poorly understood model of Hampton.

Dr. Bog…

“Egocentric, Narcissist, there’s other words I would use but I think get the idea.” Quinn said keeping her tone more or less calm but she wanted to hurry this conversation along so she could get back and check on Cobb on the bridge. Rushing though might make them miss something so she was trying to force herself to be patient.

  • Quinn Kindle, Yeoman/RTF

“He is a lot of unpleasant things but narcissistic doesn’t describe our Hampton. Either something has changed him or it’s not our Hampton.” Bog growled as he began looking at the data Kara was receiving. Could they saturate the anomaly with polarized cronaton particles perhaps?

“Agreed, Mr Bog,” Nakuto nodded slowly. “From the little experience I had with him, our Hampton might have been a rude, arrogant and egotistical petaQ. But he was no murderer.”

She glanced once again at the orb, then back down to the console, as if needing continual reassurance that their containment would hold.
“Chroniton particles?” she repeated, before fixing the Tellarite with a slightly alarmed expression. “They might cause the desired level of destabilisation to the orb-construct if we pitch them at the right frequency. But,” she cautioned, “we still know nothing of Hampton’s own temporal state. There is a possibility they could prove deadly to him as well.”

“ No, I will admit to wanting to kill him with my own hands at times, but no that is not an option I would sanction at this time. Our Hampton is broken, not evil.”

Leaning back against the console, the half-Klingon crossed her arms and allowed her gaze to travel from Bog to Kindle and back again. “We must first obtain measurements of Hampton’s own localised experience of time. Providing that time is a luxury still available in our own dimension?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

“ “Then why are you wasting time talking about it, Miss Nakuto? Your time could be better spent working!” The angry squeaking continues as he himself return to his cobbled together workspace of PADD, holo emitter and Tricorder.

Their situation was grave, of that there was no doubt. But even at the precipice of disaster, honour demanded due reverence and Nakuto could not allow the Tellarite to speak to her in such a manner without rejoin.

“And your time could be better spent cleaning plasma flasks in my laboratory with a toothbrush, little man,” she growled, stepping toe to toe with the engineer. “So I suggest that you stay irreverent lips and engage useful hands instead. Here,” she returned to the console. “I believe the ancient tenets of special relativity might offer us a solution. If we can emit a regular visual and audible pulse into Hampton’s dimension, then his own measurements of the pulse frequency might allow us to calculate any localised time dilation compared to our own frame of reference. Is the configuration of such a pulse within your limited skillset, Mr Bog?”

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

OOC: Pasting Cobb’s reply back in…

IC: As the three continued to talk, Kindle’s commbadge would burst to life with the anxious voice of the captain.
=^= Ah, this is the captain. I just need to inform you that we have three hours left. =^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

At Kara’s rejoinder, the squeezing of Bogs teeth suddenly stoped, looking up at the Klingon woman, the insolent look on his face faded to pleasure, even to one of mirth. “I do love Klingons, you understand the value of a good insult!”
The Captain’s voice seemed to break the mood, Bog spun back to his work station, looking at the work Nakuto had already done with communicating with Hampton, to try and find a frequency and modulation that would carry the needed audio visual data. “Perhaps a tachyon beam?” He mumbled to him self.


The half-Klingon nodded, although in truth the trading of insults had provided a welcome moment of levity in the otherwise tense atmosphere and she was not quite ready to let it go.
“A tachyon beam, yes. Very good, Mr Bog. Did you think that up all on your own or did you have to look it up?”

Still, it was indeed an excellent suggestion and as Nakuto waited for the Tellarite to complete his configurations, she decided to let Hampton in on their plan.

=^= Hampton, this is Nakuto. In a moment you should experience a regular pulsing, comprised of both a visual and audio component. That is, you will see a repeating flash of light and hear a repeating, digital beep. They should be synchronised to occur at the same time and with the same frequency. If you can obtain local measurements and submit them back to us then we should be able to determine the nature of time in your current location. =^=

  • Kara Nakuto (Consultant Researcher)

“ I learned about tachyons from your dear mother, Miss Nakuto. Tho I may have to take off my shoes to do the calculations.” The fact that he wore no shoes made no difference. As he modified one of the graviton emoters to produce a tight beam modulated tachyon beam. “I think that should work, linking your console to my work station. Now.”
Bog enjoyed working with a competent officer who could exchange barbs so readily.

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