The Return

Posted Nov. 9, 2020, 10:13 a.m. by Mar. Captain Erve Manhattan (RTF Commander) (Jay Luistro)

“Captain!” screams sounded aloud in his head “Captain, wake up!” it seemed like a hopeful light was at the end of the tunnel. It have been a while since he stepped back in his role and he was so anxious, like a first year cadet What if they do not remember me? he thought cycling the same question, again and again
“Give me an adrenaline shot! We’re losing him!”. and then suddenly the black turned colorful.
He saw many memories aboard the Leviathan… Good old days, but something was missing and the man knew that something wasn’t there What happened in these months? Why I can’t remember?

Unknown of the circumnstances, Erve was given lost after a recovery mission and his body was not found. Many believed him dead, some kept his memories alive. The truth was that he was alive indeed.
Found in a biological capsule of unknown origins, a merchant ship called out the attention of the Leviathan that retrieved and examined the shell. It was a surprise to find again that the Captain was indeed inside but not responsive. Transported in a stasis pod, Erve was the taken to 237 so the mission of the Levi could keep going on.

“Where the hell is the adrenaline shot?!” Shouted a doctor at the Starbase medbay “Here doc!” it was a moment, but a scary one because many hidden threats could awfully end his journey. Luckily for Erve it was not the case “UUHHHHHH!” he gasped searching for air to breeth. He looked right, then left and saw the medical corps that was in that moment assisting him “W- Where am I? WHERE?!”
agitated the Captain realized he was not onboard that alien space dock anymore. His tears started to flow down his cheeks, his heart was beating like it wanted to get out his chest. He jumped down the biobed and immediately sought familiar faces, which were not there.
Stranded on a corner of the sickbay the doctor prepared a relaxant dose, just in case the good Captain refused to understand “You’re safe… now” one tried to reassure him “And what if you’re one of those… THING?!” he pointed a plasma cutter toward the corps “UH?! WHERE IS MY CREW?!” to be honest his doubts were more than justified. It was hell for the bajoran staying in that dimension, so lonely, so tortured and confused…
It took a while for Erve to be sure he was effectively on the starbase and not in some sort of weird simulation. Security teams came in and out the sickbay as Erve was more than a threat, almost like an anomaly himself. But then, when crewmates of the Leviathan showed up, his mind refused to believe he was yet on a psychic trick or something, dropping the “weapon”, surrendering to the Starbase local force.

It is unnecessary to tell what happened after, I do believe every Starfleet officer have passed at least one traumatic event and knows how protocols are followed. So as 5 weeks have passed, Manhattan the RCO yet gets doubts but it is declared fit for duty. With his insignia on the chest, gun and pride, he stepped on the transporter pad for another adventure, perhaps in the true reality of the universe. With the word “Energize” the bajoran dictated his return to the life he conducted prior the dissappearance. It’s game on, the Captain is back.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

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