Meeting with the CMO

Posted Nov. 10, 2020, 10:24 p.m. by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) (Brian Richards)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer - Incoming) in Meeting with the CMO

Posted by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) in Meeting with the CMO

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer - Incoming) in Meeting with the CMO
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Lazol knew that per the officer trade he had to get cleared by the ship’s medical staff and had set up a meeting directly with the CMO, after all a man in his position didn’t have time for anyone beneath the head of a department. He had read over the good doctor’s file and found it rather sparse much like the counselors, something that irked him but alas nothing that couldn’t be figured out over time. Lets see the doctor had some dealings during the Dominion War then, well, nothing. No matter he thought as he headed straight to the CMO’s office and waved off any other doctor that attempted to speak with him. He rang the chime and waited, patience for Lazol was not a virtue.

Lazol, CSO

Inside Theo glanced up from the workbench at the back of his new office. His apron was on and he wore a pair of bronze dark goggles. Small blue sparks coming from the object he was working on. He paused in his work and pushing the goggles up into his hair raised one dark eyebrow and then considered the twitching limb he was working on.

”One moment please.” he said, not a call exactly but more a normal volumes comment. He wasn’t one for shouting in any capacity. Carefully he peeled off the long black gloves he wore and placed them and the goggles on the bench. The apron came off next and was hung on a small stand. Finally he covered the tray and returned to his desk.

He sat, steepled his fingers under his chin and said ”Please, enter.”

Dr Knox

Lazol entered the room with an air of authority as he eyed the doctor up and down. Lazol being a short man he wasn’t intimidating but he had an amount of swagger to him. He sat down in a chair and tossed a PADD onto the CMO’s desk and said “I need you to sign off on that and I’d like to get to know you a little better. Tell me Doctor, what do you know of this ship?” Lazol said bluntly as he stood and went to the offices replicator, and shouted curtly, “Ferengi wine, two glasses”

Lazol, CSO

Rude the voice inside growled as Theo raised his eyebrows. He glanced down at the PaDD and then back up at the ferengi as he moved to the replicator. Yes, a defect of the species I’m afraid. he told the voice as it began considering the best possible way to ’correct’ this behaviour, much of which involved kidnapping the man, live dissection, used a paralytic, a laser scalpel or, on the urging’s of some dark recess where thoughts and ideas are discussed before said, maybe a spoon instead.

Theodore smiled, ”Im afraid I cannot possibly sign off on something without first doing the examination to go with it. After all does not rule of Aquisition number 23 say Nothing is more important than your health… except for your money.” he gestured at the chair. ”Please, won’t you sit and we can get to know one another as you suggested.”

Dr Knox

Lazol was impressed by the doctor’s knowledge of the Rules and offered him a glass of wine as he sat down and said, “You speak words of wisdom there my good Doctor. Tell me, what has you on this ship? Please do whatever needs to be done to release me, as I’m told its at no charge.” Lazol pulled out his small Ferengi PADD and looked up the files for Dr. Knox but there was nothing. Not a graduation date, not a first assignment, nothing. “You seem to be a mystery to me Doctor. I don’t like mysteries.

Lazol, CSO

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