Getting 'cleared' by the CNS

Posted Nov. 15, 2020, 11 p.m. by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) (Brian Richards)

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Getting ‘cleared’ by the CNS

Posted by Lazol (Chief Science Officer) in Getting ‘cleared’ by the CNS

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Getting ‘cleared’ by the CNS
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Lazol strolled up and down the corridors of Deck 4, his outfit seeming to be in stark contrast to those around him. He did modify the color pallet of his own Ferengi uniform to match the yellows and grey’s of the Starfleet uniforms but he maintained his distinct Ferengi trappings such as his headband and badge signaling that he was a DaiMon, in the Ferengi Alliance and as such, above everyone else onboard this ship, even her captain. While a ship’s captain might be in control of a crew, a DaiMon was able to enter alliances and negotiations on behalf of the entire Alliance, as such Lazol was indeed the superior above all onboard. He ran his fingers on the wall as he walked before heading back to his quarters, still on Deck 4 but the most lavish of the science crew. He knew just how to make sure he was comfortable and he relaxed on a lounge chair enjoying a pinch of beetle snuff before grabbing a stack of PADD’s, all of which contained the files on each senior staff member onboard. He needed to meet with the CNS next and grabbed her file, and read:

“Lets see what it has to say about Lt Casela Synthi-er.” He started as he took a crooked finger and began to skim, “Hmm, a hot head with total disrespect to ALL rank and authority. An admiral once pissed her off and she dropped him off on a paradise abandoned planet while she went and finished her mission then came back and got him. She’s been disgraced and been put on Levi to keep her out of the way, but will do anything to get back into their good graces hmm? ” Lazol put the PADD down and tapped his fingers on the table as he thought “Perhaps it’s time I give the good counselor a visit and perhaps we’ll see just what the price a disgraced counselor can be bought for?”

Lazol said loudly, “Computer send a message to the good Lieutenant Synthi-er. I am on my way.”

Lazol, CSO

Casela saw the notice and a very evil and wicked grin crossed her face. She stepped out into the lobby and down to her patient room. She returned, looking…different? She changed the duty nurse at the desk because she knows how Ferengi view women. So instead of her sure steady male admin was her Alpha shift female counselor. She grinned, “This should be fun. If anything happens contact CoS Surda. Tell her I’m in session with a male Ferengi. She’ll understand.”

Casela was now wearing knee high black boots and the old fashioned female dress style uniform, and her hair was down. She entered her office and opened a file, that she hadn’t had much time to create. She sent out requests as soon as she heard there was a new officer coming on board, a high ranking DaiMon:

He’s a powerful Ferengi merchant within the Alliance who came to his fortune selling objects and anomalies to the highest bidder. That is the public knowledge. The private knowledge (found through contacts high in the Alliance’s intel circles) is that he has ben placed on a watch list with nearly every government for his unorthodox methods of procuring and selling his goods, and that within the Alliance he is seen as an outcast, seeking to understand and research the anomalies before he sells them. He did much of this work on his own and has been injured many times by the anomalies. He doesn’t prize wealth above all else he sees it as a way to further his ability to research and understand. He wants to seek understanding first and it’s caused issues with creditors in the past because of his refusal to just turn around and sell something he procured. That being said he is still a corrupt, cold hearted, greedy man who will sell what he finds, he just wants to understand it first

Casela reached into a locker in a hidden panel behind her wall and took out a can of very rare and very rich aroma beetle snuff. She placed it under several of the mess on her desk so he could smell it but not see it. She sat back and waited.
Lt. Synth-er, CNS

Lazol strolled down the halls towards the counseling office and smiled as he entered the room and saw a lovely female. Clothed sadly but he knew better than to say anything given how this was a Starfleet vessel. He looked at her dismissively and said, “Let the counselor know that I’m here”. He didn’t bother making eye contact as he was distracted, there was something in the air that he wanted, he lusted after, it was hard not to identify it as it was a specific beetle snuff from a shaded forest on northern Hupyria, a very rare commodity indeed.

Lazol, CSO

The Alpha shift counselor nodded, “Of course right this way.” She stood up and though a pretty face she was earing a standard pant and tunic uniform. Very unisex and boring. She walked around the desk and opened the door. “Lt. Synthi-er, your appointment is here.” The woman sounded positivly nervous. Giving the indication that she was afraid of Synthi-er. She quickly scurried back to her desk as the door closed behind Lazol.

The aroma of northern Hupyria was subtle but powerful in the room. Creating a subtle distraction for the poor DaiMon. The source of the aroma could not be seen however. Casela in her dress style uniform cut a very attractive figure. She had the legs to go with the boots too. Her eyes, all black like any Betazoid, were like obsidian diamonds. She was reclined, relaxed in her chair. But she knew that Lazol would want his ego pampered a bit and she was up for the farce. Though he wouldn’t know it. Casela had had many dealings with Ferengis and as far as business went she didn’t mind working with them. As long as she kept her head about her.

She rose slowly, gracefully and seemed to float across the room. “Ah DaiMon Lazol. I have been eager for our appointment. Please come sit with me. We have much to discuss.” Her tone indicated the desire for the kind of business Ferengi chase years for. Though she knew he was more interested in science, but the profit by science. She also knew what was in that fake file ARU had. In the back of her mind she shuddered, she’d need a good long shower and pray no one found out about this particular interrogation.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Lazol was taken aback, but downright positive about how this was already managing to exceed his expectations, “Now Lieutenant those are words I’m very glad to hear. Especially from a female of your position.” Lazol said with an eager smile knowing not to play his cards immediately, but showing enough enthusiasm for the deal about to be made, whatever that deal may be. This was a dance of sorts the pursuit of profits always is, and it takes a bit of deft maneuvering to get what you want out of a deal. Entering the room Lazol was distracted by the snuff, he couldn’t find it and didn’t want to bring it up but it was obvious by his looking around he knew the prize was somewhere close by. Then there was the counselor herself, cutting a lovely figure, even if she was still clothed, Lazol couldn’t help but let his guard down a little farther than he probably should.

“I know that you’re a woman with shall we say, a strong since of her own path? What can I provide for you?” Lazol said, the words snaking from his lips as he joined the Lieutenant.

Lazol, CSO

Casela didn’t need telepathy know what Lazol was thinking. And at the moment she was again glad Betazoids couldn’t hear Ferengi thoughts. If their thoughts matched the looks on their faces, it would be rather disgusting. She moved over towards the couch, working the boots incasing her legs to her advantage as she sat and crossed her ankles oh so demurely. She also knew the one thing a Ferengi male loved, even if they didn’t admit it, was a woman who knew the rules of acquisition. “I am quite impressed of your ability to make rule of acquisition 92 (ooc: there are many paths to profit) work so well for you. I can admire a man who can manipulate the situation around him to his own use.” She leaned forward just slightly towards him. Working in her favor was the air flow in the room that kept the smell of the snuff subtly wafting in his direction. “Now I know rule of acquisition 94 says females and finances don’t mix, but…” she shrugs delicately. “A woman in my position doesn’t have the luxury to procure a man for such things.” Her hand, in a very femininely gesture, waves about the room. “I grow so tired of this…holding cell I find myself assigned to. I’m used to … much better luxury.” The implication that a man like Lazol could, perhaps, be the man to help her with her business dealings. In the very back of her mind, Casela was gagging at the smell and the deception she was working.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

Lazol listened to the words drip out her mouth like honey, a soothing feast for his lobes that any Ferengi man wanted to hear even if they didn’t want to admit it. A smart female, whether his people accepted it or not, was a force to be reckoned with. He knew that there was an opportunity, nay, a golden opportunity as the rules of acquisition fell from her lips Lazol began to run through the countless ideas springing up. He looked at her and said, “My dear counselor, all you need to do is ask any any treasure, luxury, or trinket can be yours. Carsilean Mink perhaps? Andorian velour suit your fancy? I know a wonderful tailor on Bajor that can twist fabric into something that would show off your....assets perfectly all you need to do is ask.” Lazol said falling right into her trap. “My darling if you have the latinum I have what you want, no I have what you need. A woman such as yourself deserves a life and the trappings of royalty. You obviously know how to play the game so lets cut the chatter, I know all about you and why you’re here and I’m guessing by the way you hid a treasure of snuff in the room you know a little about me. What can I do for you?” Lazol said bluffing, not knowing that she had any information on him at all but hoping to pull it out of her in time.

Lazol, CSO

Casela smiled, it wasn’t quite wicked, and not demure at all. But knowing. “Ah you know about that incident with the admiral then?” She shrugs leaning back, stretching her legs before her. “It’s a shame when a man doesn’t know what to with a woman. And well I’ve been told I have a knack for rule 9 (ooc: Opportunity plus instinct equals profit.). And the admiral wasn’t a wise man.” It was a subtle reference to rule 22: A wise man can hear profit in the wind. Casela just wanted to bait him a bit more. “I have a desire to return to my previous trappings. If it is latinum you need, I have that in plenty.” And she did. Karrah was brilliant and had doubled their investments. The money was ear marked for Delotha, but Casela could spare quite a bit. She kept those thoughts from crossing her face, she stood and glided across the room. She reached the far wall and looked back at him, clearly not trusting him to not peak. She turned back and opened a hidden wall vault, retrieved a purse, locked it back and returned. She came back, sitting down with the purse in front of her. She pulled the draw string and let the bag fall open. The amount of latinum was astounding. “There is much more where this came from.” If he should reach towards it she would pop his hand in warning. “Those are all fine things you’ve offered.” Now she let a little of her record that he has seen show. The agent and the hot head, “I have a love for unique weapons that…well are frowned upon. I also have a desire for power, and I’m willing to share.” She eyes him carefully, “Surely a man of science, understands?”
Lt Synthi-er, CNS/Interrogator extraordinaire

Lazol’s sense of self was all to well established at this point in his life and he admired the counselor but, there was something about this whole meeting that was starting to put him off. It was perfect, almost too perfect. The appearance of the female, the maddening scent of snuff wafting through, an individual that knew the rules of acquisition, AND had latinum? Licking his lips he thought of Rule of Acquisition #62: The riskier the road, the greater the profit. From here he decided to prod a little, but carefully as the worst thing for him possible was to doubt a customer as Rule of Acquisition #263 states: Never allow doubt to tarnish your lust for latinum.

Casela, mask still in place, noticed the flash of question across his face. Oh this was fun, to a point. She hadn’t used her interrogation skills in a long time. She enjoyed the work because she was good at it. Interrogation didn’t have to be cruel or in a steel room with only one door and bright lights, and fear. But Lazol was over confident, and that worked for her.

Lazol took his left hand and rubbed his bottom lip with his pointer finger from the right to the left and back to center. This ‘counselor’ was unlike any he had ever met especially in Starfleet. He had a niggling suspicion that something was amiss, something was not as it seemed with this meeting but there was far too much to distract him. The scent wafting through the room, the female before him with those long boots and the rather well sculpted classical dress uniform showing off every one of her… assets…

He looked into the bag but got the distinct impression it was a ‘see not touch’ situation at this point and said, “I’m glad you are a woman of taste and will be happy to provide both luxuries as well as your taste for the unique weapons you seek.” He wondered about the science comment didn’t seem to fit exactly but he decided to bite. “Tell me though Counselor. You mention science, you talk about weapons, what is it that you’re really after?”

Lazol did his best to read the woman but she was an enigma, someone he couldn’t read as much as he couldn’t be read by her.

Lazol, CSO

“My dear DaiMon, surely you don’t take me for a fool? You’ve been placed on this ship as the chief science officer. This ship is the flag ship of ARU. A department of Star Fleet that not even the highest of officials knows exist. You are NOT here for an officer exchange program, as your ‘orders’ suggest.” She closed the purse and set it aside picking up something else that until that moment had been unobserved. “I of course of no solid proof of this, but it is easy to deduce. You must have quite the influence and money. And you must be a man of science, because even with influence you couldn’t get the CSO position without much scientific experience behind you. I told you, I want power, and I want to return to my....previous....” she seemingly thinks of the best work, “position, but this time with much power.” She laughs, leaning back comfortably. “Actually I want all the power. As a man of science you understand the need to have a clear plan and approach to any venture, yes?” She makes a waving motion that seems to take in the room, them, the ship, and so much more. “And you understand the wisdom of trying out any plan on a smaller scale?” She raises a brow, surely he understood what she couldn’t say outright. The previously unseen item is now held out, a box of expensive beetle snuff. Almost as good as what he was smelling, but that box was still unseen. “And I am generous with my favors to those who can help me.” She places the box of snuff down and slides it across the space between them.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

“A fool Counselor? Far from it!” Lazol remarked as he shifted his posture, one more submissive as he leaned towards the female, offering an ever so slight subjugation during the conversation. “While I will not confirm your…suspicions, what I can tell you is that your assessment of my influence, intellect, and purse are more accurate than you know. You tell me you want power and to be in your previous position. My dear counselor you’ve come to the right man but this is after all a transaction is it not? As Rule of Acquisition #74 states: Knowledge equals profit. Counselor I have a suspicion that you know more than you let on and I can make that a very lucrative venture for you should you allow me to help you?” Lazol said as the box was revealed, the snuff that was surely the source of the delectable scent. He looked down at it, fighting the urge for a pinch up each nostril right now as he said, “As a man of science I do indeed understand a clear plan and approach. If I’m not mistaken this little box here is you trying out a plan on a smaller scale? Let me tell you counselor I could take a pinch or two and that would be that. However now I am in your debt. I am not a man who likes debts, if we are to make a transaction than it will be on mutual terms. Tell me what I want to know and I will make sure any request of yours is fulfilled. Weapons, contacts, or perhaps something more personal? A letter home perhaps?”

Lazol, CSO

Casela smiled wickedly, “Think of this box as a gesture of things to come. Now these gifts we shall exchange shall not incur debt, yes? Rule 11. Treat people in your debt like family…exploit them. And we are not family DaiMon,” her voice purred over his title. “We are business partners, yes? Now you speak of information and knowledge?” She sat back a bit of business coming over her posture. “Now there is information and knowledge, and then there is treason. Each has a different price. And when it comes to certain information I firmly believe in rule 135 Listen to secrets, but never repeat them. That brings us straight to Rule 30 Confidentiality equals profit, and I must absolutely insist on this.” She leans forward much closer to him, finger nail gently tracing a lobe expertly, or so he thinks. Only to find it’s the tip of dagger now held lightly across the juncture of his neck and shoulder. “If I find you can’t follow rule 30 we will have problems. Agreed?”

Lazol reached for the box then and smiled as he took a pinch and offered the box to the Lieutenant, “As business partners, and for things to come”. As he nodded with clear understanding of the circumstances she had laid out. “Your knowledge of the rules rivals the most dedicated within the alliance and that is very promising.” Lazol commented as he felt the point on his lobes, a slight gasp leaving his lips from the sensation as he tries to turn his head only to find it being restrained. This restraint though didn’t come from any physical means but fear, as what he thought was a delicately placed finger nail was indeed something far more fraught with danger. The metal was cold against his neck as the blade dug ever so slightly in, making an indent that if he moved, would result in a delicate strip of flesh being rendered from his bones. His breathing quickly became shallow as he said, “My dear counselor you’ll find that my desire to make profits is only surpassed by my desire to remain alive. After all Rule of Acquisition #89 states: It is better to lose some profit and live than lose all profit and die.” Delicately pulling his head back and placing a hand on her own to pull the blade away he said “Information is currently what I seek, nothing more Counselor”

At the mention of a letter home she keeps that to herself. As any good Ferengi knows Rule 87: Learn the customer’s weaknesses, so that you can better take advantage of him. She has no intention of letting him get that advantage. The small blade she held disappeared. “Now let’s see for our first transaction. I would like something useful. A Reman blade. They are frowned upon but I must have one for my collection. Now what piece of information can I acquire for you?”
Lt Synthi-er, Expert interrogator

Lazol had been in tight spots before but this counselor was something else. She seemed to be far far more practiced in the dangerous arts of secrets and negation that any standard officer should be. He exhaled as the blade disappeared and he said, “A reman blade, a Jackal type perhaps? Or is it a Double Shadow that you seek?” He said as he ran through the short list of weapons dealers he still had good relations with. It would take some strings and an amount of latinum but these were available to him. “As for my information counselor, I ask for but one thing for our first transaction.” He said as he leaned back “I want to know what information that the Federation has on me. Including the secretive information by your, what is it, Section 31?”

Lazol, CSO

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