Fostering Friendships

Posted Nov. 17, 2020, 11:53 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Surda (Chief of Security / RTF) (Leonora V)

OOC: The promised laser tag/team building thread is here!

Surda sat down on the floor of the empty holodeck, about to compose a series of messages. The first, an invitation to Captain Cobb, as well as a reminder that he had planned to stop by. The second was simply to alert Casela that the festivities had begun and that she ought to come prepared. Captain Manhattan was alerted to the plan in the third message and invited him as an honored guest. By honored guest, she meant “I’ll keep an eye out for you.” but she wasn’t going to say that. She requested a doctor for supervision, and finally invited all off-duty Security and RTF officers to Holodeck 1 for “Training.” Her own department was highly encouraged to make an appearance. She couldn’t wait.
-Surda, CoS and Ringleader of the Games

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