Side SIm - Is my head 'on'? Juliet checks in with Medical

Posted Nov. 18, 2020, 7:26 a.m. by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer /RTF) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer - Incoming) in Side SIm - Is my head ‘on’? Juliet checks in with Medical

Posted by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer /RTF) in Side SIm - Is my head ‘on’? Juliet checks in with Medical

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Theodore Knox (Chief Medical Officer - Incoming) in Side SIm - Is my head ‘on’? Juliet checks in with Medical
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Seeing psych before medical wasn’t the best choice she could have made. The woman outside of the Counselor’s office had set her off and she wasn’t sure why. Even now, she wondered how the woman knew things that weren’t in her records. Sure, the Head Counselor would see she was Betazoid, and would know that only Medical and the CO would know. Sure, they would see Arur wasn’t her birth name. But they wouldn’t see her real name, or her service record or her past. Her childhood records were sealed a buried. A necessary evil in Spec Ops. Since she had changed her name at 18, she hadn’t had to change it again when she joined the Elite.

So how had that woman come to be thinking of her childhood name? And more over, what nerve did she had claiming to be her cousin. She had no family! If she had, they would have found her. Even the orphanage staff had told her as much. Over and over till she had realized it was true. No one was left. No one was coming for her. So why here, why now?

She was so distracted that she hadn’t even realized she was in Medical till the door whooshed shut behind her and the bustle of the place hit her senses. She glanced around for the first person to catch her eye. “I’m here for my boarding physical.” She stated it simply guessing that whoever the NE was, they would know who she had to see and point her in the right direction.

Ensign Juliet Anders

Before the Ne could respond a tall dark haired man in medical teal and what appeared to be a black leather butchers apron over his uniform. He wore black gloves over his fingers but was smiling charmingly. “No need ensign, i would of course be happy to take care of this.” He watched Juliet a moment and then extended a glove clad hand to her. “ Doctor Theodore Knox.” He said by way of introduction and then once he had shaken her hand turned away, his hands clasped behind his back. “Please, if you would care to follow me.” His tone was slightly accented but calm and off he went into sickbay to a bio bed where and engineer was just finishing fitting what looked like leather straps with buckles to the bio bed.

Theo waved a hand at him. “ Thank you Lawrence, if you wouldn’t mind finishing the beds on the other side for me before your duty shift finishes. I would rather not go over the particulars and placement details with your replacement.” He smiled, lips pulling but not snowing teeth.

The engineer moved off with a nod and Theo turned to Juliet. “ I find it worthwhile to have a low tech solution as a back up should the restrains ever fail or something happen that they will not hold. Not to worry.” He said by way of explanation and patted the surface of the bed. “Please, have a seat while i fetch your medical file.”

He then wandered a short distance off, hands clasped again behind his back as he walked.

Dr Knox

With the slight rise of her eyebrows as the only giveaway to the bizarre strap configuration on the bed, she hopped up to sit on it. “I think that is wise. One never knows when power will fail or you need to get close enough to someone who is awake.” She sat and watched him fetch her file. As he read it he would learn she was truly a Betaziod with eye enhancements to make her pupils a different color so she could pass as human. Also that she had a few scars from combat and trainings, but nothing to be concerned about. Otherwise, she was in good health and nothing significant was in her file from her last checkup.

Theo wandered back, file in hand. He stood at the bedside and looked at Juliet a moment. “Please, excuse me a moment.” He said politely as he began to read.

“So the restraints make sense. But why the apron and gloves? Is your touch harmful in some way?” She asked absently as if asking how he got his hair color. Her security mind was taking notes in case it had to be recalled upon at a later date.


He looked at her and smiled. “Purely aesthetic Ensign. A small vain indulgence.” He indicated the apron. “I find at mental preparedness often allows for one to work with more focus. When I put on the uniform I am an officer Of the fleet, when I put on the apron or a lab coat I am also a doctor.”

He removed the gloves and put them in the apron pocket, flexing the fingers slightly. “Is that better? I can remove it if it makes you feel uncomfortable at all.”

“No, it’s fine. Truly. Though I appreciate the offer for my comfort.” She smiled and nodded.

He pulled a tricorder out and opening it smiled again. “Now, shall we continue with your exam?” He asked

Dr Knox

Juliet nodded and let the Doc do his exam. There was nothing significant to her readings other than perhaps lower readings that would indicate she wasn’t eating or sleeping like she could. She hadn’t been doing well since the hearings and now, assigned to another ship, she was on edge worried about having to start all over again. Trying to break the silence that she knew was coming with the examination, she smiled once more. “I think the apron lends a bit of good severity to your look. I am guessing it may keep the lesser whiny babies from coming down here with every small imagined ailment for hear your ‘cure’ would be to hack off some offending limb.” She relaxed realizing this was a man she could eventually get to know. He seemed sincere in his work and also compassionate enough to offer her peace of mind in something as simple as removing an apron.


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