Side Sim - No, I'm not!!

Posted Nov. 22, 2020, 6 p.m. by Ensign Juliet Anders (Security Officer /RTF) (Melissa Aragon)

Juliet’s check ins had gone as well as can be expected. Except for an incident here and there of ‘wow, you look just like her’, it had been a fairly typical check in day. But now she wanted to lose herself in stretching and hopefully hitting something with enough force to work off the pent up energy of a long shuttle ride, check in and lack of sleep that was keeping her from settling down to crash for the night.

With the main holodeck being used, she managed to find one that was ‘open’ to anyone to join. Seeing a training program on the list, she stepped into the RTF training holodeck and turned immediately to the wall to set down her water bottle and towel. She was rolling her head and swinging her arms to start loosening up when she froze like some creature being sighted down an energy scope. If anyone had checked, her heart had actually skipped a beat and she had to force herself to breathe once more.


Here was the woman who had confronted her this morning and swore she was someone she wasn’t. Arur wasn’t a part of her anymore, hadn’t been for years. And her family was dead, so that only left one possibility in her mind. She had been sent here and there was someone who knew her past and was set on her to watch and report back to Spec Ops on her behavior. Technically, she was still an on call operative. The question was, at least to them, was she still capable of performing her duties if called upon? She tried to turn and leave, but found her feet rooted to the spot as she watched the woman move in the center of the room with a grace that actually, much to her surprise, impressed her.

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