MPT-ST: Unforeseen Breach - Deck 14 and 13 (Open to everyone)

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Casela moved over to the injured crewman. “Fenrir get back in the tube, hurry.” She slung her pack off and inside was an emergency med kit. She pulled out a biostasis unit and placed it over the man’s chest, putting him into stasis. “Niven, help me move him to the tube.” Niven hurried over and together they lifted him to the tube and placed him on a gurney attached to Fenrir. “Fenrir, get him back to deck 15 and the captain, and then hurry back.” =^=Synthi-er to Cobb. Cpt. we have an injures crewman. Somehow he’s still alive. I’ve placed him in biostasis. Be prepared, the sight is disturbing. Hopefully Fey can help him.=^=. Niven hurried back to help Lihew and Casela rejoined Manhattan. Fenrir would arrive back on deck with them 5 minutes later.

=^=Understood=^= came Zachariah’s measured reply as he battled to maintain his own calm.

Casela looked around as they moved quietly. She turned slowly to watch behind them. She felt like she was being watched, which of course she was. She shined her flashlight down the corridor behind them, up at the ceiling and along the floor. “He’s too quiet.”
Lt. Synthi-er, KAI9 Handler

With a heavy sigh, the captain continued to stare at his terminal, several small blips on the digital map indicating the current position of each active RTF agent. The question screaming into all ears right now, however, was, where was Dave?
Tapping his commbadge, Cobb contacted his Yeoman. =^=Crewman Kindle, you are required for an emergency RTF task. Please meet me on deck 13, in the main containment control bay, immediately.=^=

His second call was to the sickbay. =^=Doctor Kastil, we have incoming casualties. Several of them. Critical. Be ready.=^=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

=^= Would you like us to install a hot tub in your quarters wile we are at it?!=^= came the unmistakable response from Ensin Bog
Crewman Bog…

=^=No need. Just turf the bloody RTF out of the one I’ve already got!=^= the captain shot back, not caring in that moment if Manhattan or Synthi-er could still hear him from their positions in the jefferies tubes. But then Bog would hear a heavy sigh and, in a softer voice came =^=Just be careful. Both of you.=^=
Why, if the Tellarite didn’t know any better, he could have been mistaken for believing that the captain actually cared!

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Erve ignored totally Bog communication “I mean…” he looked the team “Later?” Shrugging, Erve returned serious with bloody hands and the bit of light they got. He felt nauseous but as Casela had noted, Dave was too silent =/\= Mr. Cobb. We’ll be careful, but perhaps let’s limit comms to important stuff… if you see movement scream at us. Actually Dave is not making it easy to localize his position…=/\=
A strafe to the right, then to the left. Erve looked around once again as the Squadron was settled in. It was kinda creepy to stay there in silence with the sole engine rumble and space debris hitting the hull.
=/\= Make it around to Starbase…=/\= said then Manhattan to Cobb =/\= Quick!=/\=

Manhattan stood up and started walking. Then calling his squadron lead he had instructed Casela to equip the Hawking’s Waves Generator Gun to prepare to counteract the monster. In that sterile and cold deck, Manhattan felt like a sixth sense. The whole group walked a while and the disaster scale was much more evident - Corpses everywhere, blood scatters and stains all over the walls. It was not so pleasant as walking on a hill.

Casela touched the butt of the gun that was holstered to the small of her back. She slowed and allowed the noises of the team moving about to become part of the background noise so she could pick up any sound from Dave, movement, breathing, grumbling, a small swish of air as he moves about. Anything.

But as they got closer to Administration, in damage control, Erve saw what was wrong in a mist-filled and metal smelling like room“Holy cow.”He scratched his head tapping the floor surprised. A dozen if not many more were all fused in one big entity. It seemed another Dave forming up in that pile of corpses that were liquifying in a darkish red and brown blob. Some were still alive shouting for help in a inhumane way “HEeLp!!! aHHh!!…” distortion, pain, tears. All built up to make the agony shared among the Squadron.
“Poor souls. This makes this breach even worser than I thought. What do you think…” he paused “Lieutenant?” He gulped suffering for the blobbing bodies.

Casela pushed the horror aside. “I think Cpt. there is only one thing to do for them. And you won’t like it.” They didn’t deserve to suffer like that.

The mass was alive, the corpses were dying slowly. The smell of putrefaction punctured their noses and the organs were all out on the floor. A sudden dry hit gathered the attention behind “Oh sh-” indicating a vent, Erve made sign to rush immediately and hide there inside. Some wouldn’t fit and perhaps they had to find another place. Manhattan was one of them and saw protection behind a couple of barrels and heavy equipment. From the door there was Dave.

Caseal dove over the blob and into the administrative office, Lihew and Niven ducked behind a nearby bulkhead. Irida and Uj’aw slid back into the jefferies tube they had just emerged out of. Trainor…he was caught out, but Dave was paying no attention to him. Casela wished Manhattan had given Trainor the Hawking’s Waves Generator Gun. He was a much better shot. From her cover in the office, Casela had no good shot to take Dave. She carefully and silently pulled the gun out ready to take whatever shot she might get.

Caught unprepared the Squadron could not do much, but the massive size of Dave was witness of the many bodies he annihilated and transformed into his own body. He was carrying a poor woman in his sort-like jaws, still alive, fighting for her freedom. Erve still remembers those eyes seeking help. Maybe she saw Erve’s hair and curious eyes but nothing could be done…

Crack did her spine accompanied by a brief and deadly scream. The arms of Ensign Lara, this was her name, dropped suddenly inanimate and blood and her interior fell on the floor splashing everywhere liquid. The cut corpse was thrown at the blob and meshed with the many others that already formed that horrible creature. Some seconds later, as Dave left the room with no compassion, Erve was evidently shocked and walked out of cover with the gun in hand “G-Guys… Come on…” he inspected the growing size of that ‘thing’ “I- we must immediately stop this carnage.”

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

Casela stepped out of the office and around the blob. She tossed the Hawking’s Waves Generator Gun to Manhattan. “Go find Dave. I’ll be behind you in a moment,” she said softly to Manhattan and urged him towards the rest of the team. Manhattan was a kind soul. And he wasn’t prepared for the gruesome task that needed to be done.
She stepped back into the office, with the blob and sealed the door. She palmed the AARM communicator, =^=Fenrir we need you back up here, Now. And you need your wave generators on. We need them.=^= The comm went straight to the KAI9 but the open comm allowed the rest to hear it. She switched her comm to a direct link to Cobb. =^=Zachariah…it is so much worse than you can imagine. When this is over, I want lots of whisky and no one to say anything about me being drunk.” Then quoting him, “we are uniquely formed to operate within this hellish environment. if not us, then who?=^= She closed the private comm and opened the open one again. From her pack she pulled out a phaser, set it and then looking at each of the officers trapped, near death, and took from them their final thoughts of family and loved ones. “I’m sorry.” =^=computer record time of death for the following: En Lara Gilbert. Lt Relik Chuder. Chief Adam Jones. En Lorick Vaughn, Cmdr Willis Ton, Petty Officer Sarah Joananic, En Dalloric Fields, Lt. Zennier Fennic, Petty Officer Michael Lee, En Sam Watkins, Lt. Cmdr Audrey Bellous, Cmdr Henovousah Tenafic.=^= After each name is the sound of phaser fire. =^=May they find peace where they did not here.=^= Caselas comm goes quiet.

The blob is still pulsing and would have to be burned. She moves over to the weapons locker in the administrative office and pulls out a flame thrower of sorts. With quick work she straps it on and dials the setting, and then engulfs the blob in a conflagration worthy of Hell. The flames burn and rage for long minutes, sucking the oxygen from the room, turning it into something much more terrifying than a sauna. With the flames finally, after long minutes, out, Casela opens the door and steps into the corridor. The darkness, after the bright flames, blinds her momentarily. She crouches low against the bulkhead while her eyes adjust again and then she moves off towards Manhattan and the rest. She approaches low and from the left. “The blob is dead Cpt. I’m of the opinion that Dave deserves the same. I have no desire to curb that impulse, so if you want him ‘saved’ you better do it, because I won’t be so merciful.”
Lt. Synthi-er, KAI9 Handler

So much loss. So many lives full of promise consumed in the blink of an eye by this true, eldritch horror. Cobb’s hands grasped for the desk before him, knuckles white with the exertion of remaining upright as he rocked unsteadily on his feet. Eyes tightly closed, his heart beat a frantic cadence formed by grief, anger and pure, unmitigated terror.

No. Why could they not save them! Why could HE not save them!

The shriek of a notification tore Zachariah from his torment and brought misted eyes down to stare at the blinking screen. A message. Classified. Urgent. He read it without movement, without reaction, and for several moments it was as if time had been brought to a pause. A cloying silence began to expand into the surrounding space, broken eventually by the harsh exhale of enraged breath.


The table upended far more easily than he had been expecting, the terminal and controls erupting in a blizzard of crackles and sparks as they collided with the deck. Behind him, somewhere deep within the labyrinth of the jefferies tube network, were his people. Crawling on their hands and knees, dragging heavy weapons along beside them, wrestling with access panels and power conduits. And all the time being stalked and hunted by the abomination. He refused to pass on the message. He refused to tell Manhattan that his people were expendable and that the anomaly should be protected at all costs. And if the ARU had a problem with that then he would tell them the same thing again on the back of his fist. Whatever happened in those tunnels, he trusted his team and trusted that they would do whatever needed to be done. And as a captain he could not and would not ask a single atom more than that.

With a sigh, he turned and, in need of a new terminal to continue monitoring his people, he left the immediate area, the ruined electronic equipment now a heap of smoking debris on the floor…

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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Unfortunately for both the crew and the Captain none of the massacre would end right in that moment. The connection between Dave and the newborn baby was something that could travel among the starship’s walls, this meant that as the ‘kid’ was burned, a feeling of pain invaded Dave’s body that rumbled the entire ship’s hull once again…

“You’ve heard that?” He sought for Casela to be back behind them “This is not a good sound…” her absence set anxiety in his soul. It was certainly not the first time he lost some subordinates while on duty but the feeling of it… man if it killed him.

“I’m here Captain. Look he’s mad, let’s use that.” She spoke into the comm again to the other Black Devils, “Lehiw, Niven, is his cell fixed yet?”

The baratone of Lehiw came back of the comm. “I’m tapping into the back up power cell right now. The primary door is still damged but the secondary door of the air lock is working. We just need to get him in there. It looks like the doors malfunctioned. The copper plating is still solid and in place. I’ve checked it carefully.” The line went silent and then the team heard a small hum, “back up power cell is working, Cpt. We just have to get him in there.”

Enraged Dave started rushing, aisle after aisle, damaging as many consoles, batteries, nodes and bulkheads as he could. It was not good for the ship, it was not good for the survivors that if they stood a chance beforehand the termination of Dave’s baby, now they risked more and indeed more souls were claimed by mother nature.

Erve’s nerves were so in tension that he almost lost it after turning a corner. A dozen of corpses were just laying dying, as their gruesome stuff came out of their bodies =/\= Captain Manhattan to Captain Cobb’s. I might have bad news for you. If this recontainment is unsuccessful we might be forced to blow up the entire ship. Your crew here is getting annihilated, copy?=/\=
Of course there was still some time to try resolve the situation but in case it was time to prepare for the worst a plan C.

M. Capt. Erve Manhattan - RCO

=^=Unacceptable, Mr Manhattan=^= Cobb’s voice came in reply. =^=You get that thing back in containment or I will use your bones to rebuild this ship! Understand?=^=

Irida came out from the corridor behind Dave with Ujaw and looked around swearing almost silently in Russian. She shook her head, speaking into her comm. “Cpt Manhattan. I am NOT dying for Dave. Let’s get this thing locked up or dead. We are the Black Devils, and we shall bring hell down on Dave!” Her voice cracking across the comms. Irida was scared and she like the rest of the crew didn’t like that ARU put the lives of dangerous anomalies over their own, but it was what she had signed up for.
She nodded to Ujaw and moved to the opposite side of the corridor and following her Team Leader’s example she began listing of the names of her fallen comrades. “If we can get the lights back on, can we have them strobe the light frequency that harms him? Everywhere but his cell? Maybe he’ll run back to it.”
Operative Kovacenkov, RTF

“You might want to shut your gossip hole for a sec, Irida…” He almost said outloud “You know, it does not help!”
Looking around he contacted the Captain and for a brief second he saw that doors were opening like crazy… must be there, our prey he thought =/\= Nevermind Cobb, I’ll ask later =/\=
Nodding at Irida he came near her and looked behind finding Casela standing still “Lieutenant, I have the doubt that our naughty Dave is behind that Aisle… Number 3 If I remember, I want you to push him with Fenrir and the rest of the squad alright? We need to be coordinated… otherwise you’ll not see your First Officer beautiful ass. Got me?” He asked looking the woman in the eyes. He had some friendly love for Casela and sending her over the top, like WW1 trench phrasing, was like sending his own daughter to die “Be Careful…”

Casela grinned and looked at Erve. “That woman gossips way too much, but after today I won’t bug her about it anymore.” Speaking into the other comm on her wrist, “Fenrir, we need your light effects. Dave’s on aisle 3. I want you on 4 and the east end with your lights going. Stop him from going past his cell.” Then to the open comm to everyone. “Set your Mark VIIs for to project a light frequencies of about 6 × 1014 hertz (Hz) and wavelengths of 380 nm (1.5 × 10−5 inches). It won’t kill him, but it will hurt. Niven, Lehiw get out of the way. Trainor you got those copper bullets I gave you?”

The only thing heard was Trainor laughing and the sound of his rifle being snapped into place after loading the bullets. She looks at Erve, “If copper can contain him, it’s a good possibility it will hurt too.” She tapped her combadge, =^=Synthi-er to Bod and Durhiem. Do you think you can get us some strobe lights going off in here? Anywhere you can except Dave’s cell—13B8.=^= And into the team com again, “Devils, call in.” Over the comms came, “Niven, Lehiw, Trainor, Kovacenkov, Ujaw.” Casela looked at Erve. “On the captains mark.”

Almost immediately, Durheim replied; his tone courteous and bright. =/\=Yes, Miss Synthi-er; it may take a moment. Do you have any specific requests for frequency?=/\=

=^=light frequencies of about 6 × 1014 hertz (Hz) and wavelengths of 380 nm (1.5 × 10−5 inches). It won’t kill him, but it will hurt.=^=

Erve had the Hawking’s Waves Generator Gun and Casela nodded. “On your word, Cpt.” She still had the flame thrower she’d rigged from the office. She’d burn Dave to the ground if she had to. She’d take the court marshal, but she had her Mark VII out and programmed. Her wrist comm buzzed telling her Fenrir was in place.
Lt Synthi-er, RTF

=/\= Squadron, green light, converge on Dave and use all the light we have, I’m gonna burn a lil his cheeks, copy.=/\= As he said such, Erve armed the HWG Gun in his righty and with a rush he was first to go. Behind he imagined Fenrir and the others following him, and the others, perhaps, doing their job. It was not something everyone could do, but RTF meant something at least, be the best for the worst case scenarios. No holding back.

It likely felt as if an eternity had passed, but before too long Lt. Synthi-er’s badge chirped once more, Durheim’s voice sounding much more focused and direct. =/\=Mind your eyes, Miss Synthi-er. Strobe in 5…4…3…2…=/\=

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

The strobes hit Dave like crazy and immediately a wild roar diffused over the whole ship once again. How painful must have been the light, so harmful for the humanoids crewing the Levi. But as he was hit by something hard, he was in deep pain, and the light finally sought the darkness, to convert it into faith and life and make once more the bulkheads alive. Then it was Erve’s turn and he used all the power of the gun he had in hand, so powerful and so loud too. With a deep but surprised shout he was almost euphoric “Ya-hoo! Guys, keep pushing him! We will win this battle!” Dave saw no other option than to withdraw slowly toward his Containment Chamber, at that point Erve felt more confident about the success of the mission. No more death for the Dear Cobb’s crew, an hopeful rest for the Captain himself.

M. Captain Erve Manhattan - RCO

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