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Yaren rolls his eyes, but notices the holstered phaser Pinkerton has. “At least one of you has some common sense.” He says this as he reaches into Zanya’s bag, without looking, and removes a small outdated type one phaser. “This does you no good in the bag…Zanya! This thing doesn’t even have a power core to it!” He stuffs the offending thing back in the bag and pinches his nose. “Go, be gone with you. Before I have a heart attack.” He waves to Pinkerton, “If you don’t mind me picking your brain for a bit I’ll catch up with you after I’m done for the day.”

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Closer to the village Casela slowed her walk a little seeing movement along the trees. It was always the same. Suddenly a less than waist high blur came running out of the trees with the aim to knock her over. Mindful of the damage her new metal ribs would do, Casela crouched down and picked the hurtling mass of energy into a fireman’s carry, one arm locked firmly around the boy’s legs just above the knees. Several more children came running out of seemingly everywhere. “Zanya!” She looks around pointing and counting. “Where’s Terul?” They all point at her shoulder, “There!” She spins around seemingly oblivious. “Where? I don’t see him.” The children all laugh pointing and yelling some more. Zanya spins around again, shading her eyes to the sky, “DId he run so fast he took off into space?” She asks in disbelief. The children start giggling now as Terul straightens himself up. “No I didn’t. I’m right here, Zanya!” and he pokes her with one grubby finger. She turns her head and jumps in shock. “How did you get up there?!” The children are all giggling in fits at this point. She slowly kneels down and puts Terul on the ground, and once she does she’s swarmed by all the children at once. Several going into her pack. “Hey!” she pops playfully at the hands, “Stay out of there.”

“Did you bring candy?” “Did you bring presents?” “She ALWAYS brings presents!” Zanya shook her head, and pulled herself out of the dog pile. “Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Several of the smaller children look guilty and take off from whence they came. One older child, about 12 looks piercingly at Bog. “Who’s that?” Casela smiles to herself. Petall had never seen another Tellarite. “He goes by Sparky. He’s an engineer.” Petall huffs and pulls herself up to her diminutive height and marches straight at Bog. “You’re uglier than me!”

Looking down at the child a moment, Bog reaches out taking her chin to turn her face so as to critically examine it. Taking his time he responds. “You poor child, I think you may be right.” The friendly twinkle in his eyes the only sign of mirth.

Petall, doing her best to hide her grin nods her head decisively. “Of course I’m right.” She stares at the apron and the various tools that she can spy, eager to start asking questions, but then, being one of the older children, her sharp eyes spot a straggler and she’s gone to go steer him back to the others.

The, now large, group keeps moving, Casela looking for one person in particular, but didn’t see her. But she did see Mecona taking notice of McHarrie. Mecona, a four year old Cardassian girl, saw the medic bag McHarrie was carrying and with all the trepidation and bravery of a very young child walked over to him and tugged on his hand. “Are you going to fix Vedi’s leg? He’s my brother. He hurts a lot. We don’t have a real doctor, will you help him?”

Terul, walking beside Zanya tuggs at her jacket, “Who’s that?” He points back at Raauhl, trying to be covert. Casela looked away from Terul and back at Ryder. None of the adults would come out unscathed from this. She looked back at Terul, “His name is Mr. Anderson.”

“He’s tall! Can I sit on his shoulders??” Casela/Zanya shrugged, “I don’t know. You’re getting a little tall for that aren’t you?” Terul pouted, “Not yet! I’m only 5 and I’m small for my age!” And he took off back towards Anderson. His pointed ears and high ridged brow marking him as Romulan. Terul suddenly, met with the ‘tallness’ of Mr Anderson, was very shy. But he was determined. “You know I’m really short and you’re really tall. I can’t see much down from down here. I bet you could help me with that.”

Raauhl had heard the exchange and smiled, “I guess it would be wrong for me to deny my views of the world to someone” He reached down to pick the boy up and placed him on his shoulder careful not to make any sudden movements as to not have the boy fall. “How’s the view?” He asked with a chuckle and continued to walk.

Terul, always full of too much energy, was twisting and turning looking at everything, until he almost makes himself fall, and then he’s very still and holding on with a death grip. At Mr Anderson’s question he grins, “It’s great! Hey I can see the roof of our house from up here!” and he points towards the village. The orphanage is no taller than any other building but it is longer. “Hey Petall! Look!” He waves crazily with one hand, but still holding on with the other. “I can reach the branches now! Bet I could climb it by myself!” But then they’ve walked past the tree.

Petall has returned and is walking close by Sparky again. She snorts, “Little runt never thinks ahead. He’d climb it and get stuck. Then who has to go get him? Me!”

Lanshay was a determined 13 year old young human female. She recognized Remington for what he was. Someone very astute with an eye for detail. She had a natural affinity for it and identifying problems before they happened. She, like the other children, was eager to hug Zanya, but her eyes kept straying to the man with the long leather coat and a weapon. Zanya never carried weapons. The woman probably would shoot herself in the foot. So if Zanya had brought someone with security experience with her, something was wrong. She moved away from Zanya as the younger children scrambled for attention. Lanshay was one of the few orphans left from the mines. She waited for Remington to get even with her and she stepped up to his side. “Why are you here?” She was blunt and she pointed at his weapon. “Zanya doesn’t believe in violence. So why did she bring you?”
A derisive snort, covers buy a dry cough escapes Bog as he nearly strangled himself at the naive words the child spoke.

Remington slowed his pace as the the girl waited for him. “I’m here because Zanya asked me to be here. She may not believe in violence, but the many of the people she deals with think violence is the best way. . . the only way. It’s my job to help them see there are other ways. Sometimes, I have to convince them.” He pats tthe weapon in the shoulder holster. “This goes a long way in helping others to see the other way.”


Lanshay glances at Sparky and happens to get a glimpse of the his gun and then looks back at Pinkerton. She had the feeling they didn’t need those to ‘make’ their point.
“Violence to stop violence?” She expression shows the irony of that as well as acceptance that it’s how the world is anyway. She’s a little brash too, and being one of the older children, and one of the first to go to the orphanage Lanshay remembers what it was like when the governor was still around. “The little ones don’t know what violence. Keep them away from those things.” She, with Petall, herds the younger children away and back towards Zanya.

After ushering the children either back to the school building or to the orphanage Casela sat down in the back room of the orphanage. A small common room with three bedrooms off to the side. Karra, the Ferengi woman who ran the orphanage, kept this small area for people who visited the orphanage. Right now it was being used by Casela and ‘her guys.’ She smiled at that just a bit at the irony. Karra was the one who had sent the report and she was thankful for Zanya’s arrival. She only knew Casela as Zanya, but she was the only one out of the village that knew what ‘Zanya’ had done to protect the children and village. As they all sat at the table Karra came in with drinks and food. She sat down with them, “I’m sure you have questions.”

Biting of a churlish reply Big chose to remain silent. Best to remain silent than to speak and derail the whole mission with Tellarite pleasantries.

Raauhl looked around taking in thier surroundings whilst rolling his shoulders, the boy he had on his shoulders was far from heavy but carry any sort of weight on his back was not something he was used to, he’d have to start working out again. He remained quiet and allowed Casela to talk on thier behalf.

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Karra walks over and reaches up and takes Terul. “You’ve sat up there long enough. Go on and play.” When Terul tries to argue, Karra just expertly moves about the room ushering him out of the room and closes the door. She sits back at the table. Zanya leans forward resting her arms on the table. “Alright Karra, you sent me this letter. The children are getting hurt, surely it’s just rough play?”

Karra shakes her head. “I thought so at first. But the children are getting really hurt. At first, it was more like childish acts of jelousy. Pimola, there’s a family that wants to adopt her, and they gave her a doll. Mecona was jelous. You know how it is....the doll ended up broken. Toys, special positions, going missing or damaged. Then Carlin and Vedi got in a fight. Carlin fell down when Vedi pushed him.” Karra holds her hands out helplessly, “Several of the children heard Carlin tell Vedi that if he broke his leg he couldn’t chase him anymore. Now Vedi has a broken leg. But no one actually saw Carlin push him. I checked the yard, there are no roots, holes, large rocks that he could have tripped over. Vedi even says that Carlin wasn’t near him when he got hurt.” There are several more instances.

Zanya reaches over and pats her hand. “What about Bella?”

Karra shakes her head. “If I believed in the devine, Zanya, I’d think that thing was a demon. Bella has only seen pictures of her mother, from the files you brought with her.” She looks around at the men in the room with them. “That thing never talks. Bella holds its hand and walks around all day and then it takes her out into the hills all night. I’ve started leaving food out because I know she’s not getting it elsewhere.”
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