Fostering Friendships

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OOC: The promised laser tag/team building thread is here!

Surda sat down on the floor of the empty holodeck, about to compose a series of messages. The first, an invitation to Captain Cobb, as well as a reminder that he had planned to stop by. The second was simply to alert Casela that the festivities had begun and that she ought to come prepared. Captain Manhattan was alerted to the plan in the third message and invited him as an honored guest. By honored guest, she meant “I’ll keep an eye out for you.” but she wasn’t going to say that. She requested a doctor for supervision, and finally invited all off-duty Security and RTF officers to Holodeck 1 for “Training.” Her own department was highly encouraged to make an appearance. She couldn’t wait.
-Surda, CoS and Ringleader of the Games

Irdia got the message and she was up for training ANY day. And it this Lt Surda was as good as LT Synthi-er she was excited. She’d heard, like everyone else, of the little party Synthi-er and Surda had had and Irida was eager to be part of the next one. She showed up, early. Usually she was on time, exactly but today she was excited to see what was in store from the new Chief of Security.
Operative Kovacenkov, RTF

Casela got the message and laughed. She couldn’t wait. She would certainly be prepared, but very careful. She swapped out several of her weapons for ones more suited to the type of challenge she was sure Surda would put them too, and, just so no one could say anything, they were all ‘non-lethal.’ Though how anyone thought any weapon in her hand wasn’t leathal was beyond her. After so long of having donned a regular medical uniform, Casela showed up in her combat uniform, looking more herself than she had in a long time. “Surda, I am really excited for this. But don’t ruin it for me. I want to be surprised,” she said in way of greeting. She nodded to Irida and winked. “I hope you came prepared.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS and eager participant

Surda hummed approvingly. “Wouldn’t dream of it. You look comfortable.” She too had changed into a less official uniform. She wore the same Orion uniform she had worn to the party, but she had affixed her rank and insignia as well. “We have some time before everyone shows up, but if you want to warm up, feel free.” She needed to finish programming the holodeck, after all, she wanted everything to be perfect.
-Surda, CoS

The holodeck doors parted and Cobb tentatively stepped inside although for several moments progressed no further than the now-closed doorway. His brows knotted, his eyes watched on with growing anxiety as the gathered crowd warmed up for the main event. Gods! What the hell had he gotten himself into here? Any one of the individuals before him could probably finish him off without breaking a sweat! But he had promised Surda that he would participate and had no heart now to be revealed before her as a coward.

Steeling himself with a deep breath and a quick nip from his hipflask, he entered the room proper and came to rest on the edges of the group. Dressed in loose black sweatpants and a tighter black vest, his surprisingly muscular frame was impressively toned, if one did not look towards his stomach. His beard had been trimmed and his long hair tied back, giving him an appearance of a man slightly younger than his personnel file would declare.

Moving next to Casela, Cobb offered her a simple nod and then began to warm up a body that had shunned intensive combat for far too long…

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Caslea grinned, “Captain. You ready for this?” She knew Surda had to have something up her sleeve. She looked him up and down. A mischievous smile on her face. Wow....Quinn better bring her A game because that man was going to distract the crap out of her.

“About as ready as I’ll ever be,” Zachariah chuckled, followed by a hearty shrug.

Surda smiled and moved to stand next to Casela. “Quite the turnout.” She commented as she surveyed the group. Her smile turned mischievous as she moved to the center of the holodeck. “Welcome to the first-ever RTF-Security training games, with a special appearance from our very own Captain Cobb.” She didn’t need to shout to attract everyone’s attention. Being green was enough for that. And of course, her well known status as the organizer of the event. “Our first game has three parts. Number one, it is a teamwork game. Everyone has been placed with a partner, which you will find on that board.” Ant the wave of her hand, a board materialized. “However each partner team is also a part of either the red team or the blue team. You will have a small light that symbolizes which.” A pile of light-up pins appeared below the board. “Number two, it is a shooting game. There are no live rounds, and no weapons other than the guns I hand out are allowed. You can keep them on you, but don’t use them.” And now for her favorite part. “Number three, there is a point system. You do not have to last the longest to win. Lasting till the end gives you 200 points. Each successful shot is 30 points. Using an illicit weapon loses you 100 points, losing your partner loses you 50. Shooting someone on the same team as you loses you 60 points. There are bonuses, but I won’t tell you what they are. I will say some people are worth more points than others.”
-Surda, CoS

The captain listened intently as Surda laid down the rules of engagement, his eyebrows rising with interest at the mention of weapons, followed by a somewhat anxious glance towards Casela at the news that individuals would carry different point values.

OOC: Oh Surda is Evil!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS!
IC: Casela nodded, “Much better than I hoped for the first go round. I can’t wait to see what you have planned.” Casela nodded to Irida glad to see her there along with the rest of the team. Casela was also greatly amused to see her entire counseling staff had arrived as well. She turned her attention to Surda and laughed under her breath. She whispered to Cobb, “Glad I left all my toys at home.” She walked over to the board and being one to gather as much information as she could she didn’t just pick out her own partner and team, she checked out the others as well.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS (Ready for War Games)

“So am I, lass,” Cobb replied as he followed Casela over to the board. “So am I.”

OOC: Glad to be of service! Anything in parentheses is OOC below.
IC: The board was as follows: (As decided by a wheel)
Casela Synthi-er and Saler (Security NE)
Quinn Kindle and Juliet Anders (Neither are officially here, but I’m godfathering them in. They can take it up if they want.)
Surda and Zachariah Cobb
Irida Kovacenkov and Kit Larding (Also a security NE)
-The Board of Doom™

OOC: Agreed! This is brilliant!

IC: The board studied, Zachariah let out a whistle and then made his way over to the Orion.
“So, we’re to be partners, eh?” he commented with a wink. “Lieutenant, you are either incredibly cunning or just incredibly brave.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

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