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“Yes Captain,” Ros nodded, then followed that with a shrug. “I was kind of hoping you could tell me, but let’s take up that conversation when we get there. It was a quick transfer and I’m not sure I got all the information I should have. Gruv and I have a few skills that might come in use.” Ros turned just then and reached into the shuttle. Out of all of the bags and boxes inside it, he picked up one square bag that seemed to hold a box of some kind. With a handle at the top, this could have been anything. A cage, a bulky square suitcase or something of similar type. But out of everything there this was the one thing he took with him, as well as the flask on his hip clearly.

Don’t fart around in there lad, Gruv signed to Ros… in the same Orion sign language the women had used… let’s get to the Captain’s Ready Room before Starfish and Arctic Breeze here try any more of that thinking thing they did before. Clearly thinking and talking aren’t things they are used to doing together. Ros pointedly ignored Gruv’s message at first, if he understood it there was certainly no sign from him that he did. Only, that small smirk was back in the corner of his mouth as his deep greens moved to Casela and paused there for an instant. They never moved from her eyes, but his hand moved to sign back to Gruv.

Casela locked eyes with him. It wasn’t a challenge, but an assessment in equal measure of him as he was giving to her. Her initial assessment stood. He was dangerous if you crossed him, and good natured when you didn’t. And he had a specific set of skills, what those where was a mystery, but he knew he had them and wasn’t afraid to use them. While he took her measure she translated for those who didn’t know sign, her eyes never leaving Ros’. “Gruv wants to get to your ready room, Cpt. Apparently, and he’s come up with some very interesting nicknames: Starfish and Arctic Breeze, he thinks we’re dolls not capable of thinking and talking. He’s quite eager to get out of here.”

Careful, she thinks she always gets what she wants and has concealed on her. She’s overcompensating for something, you probably wouldn’t last ten seconds with her in close. The other one, she’s like your wife, and we both know she wants you dead. Gruv sighed slightly and looked up at Ros, commenting out the side of his mouth quietly, “Stop that lad, ye scary when ye do that, you know it.” Ros’ smirk didn’t move.

Lt Cmdr Akirel Ros and Lt Gruv Skallig

She laughed, a warm welcoming sound, that to the rest of the crew would be surprising, Ros and Gruv wouldn’t know that. She was standing next to Cobb at this point and staged whispered to him nodding at Ros, “Oh I like him! He believes I always get what I want, and assumes my concealeds are overcompensating for something.” She couldn’t wait to see what everyone made of that. She did another once over of Gruv, which wasn’t necessary, “OH that explains it…the phaser is just for show. No wonder Gruv’s wife wants him dead.”
Lt Synthi-er, Cobb’s Angel

Zachariah Cobb had grown accustomed, even comfortable over the years, to fate using him as a punching bag at every opportunity. So to be sent a Tellarite for his crew had felt like another well-aimed, but wholly anticipated, punch. But to be sent two? Seems like fate had grown tired of throwing fists and had gone straight for the disruptor instead.
“Enough! All of you!” he growled. “Mr Akirel, I am going to hope, for your sake, that your skills extend beyond controlling asshole partners and charming amazonian women. As for you, Mr Gruv,” he turned his head to fix the Tellarite with a stern expression as they walked, “you are still, somehow, a Starfleet officer, yes? So I suggest that you start behaving in a manner appropriate to the uniform that you dishonour so freely.”

Facing forwards once again, and quickening his pace to hasten their journey to his ready room and some measure of privacy from the gaping mouths of passing crew, the captain’s demeanour visibly softened.
“You are not our first Tellarite onboard, Mr Gruv,” he continued, over his shoulder. “So fear not, you will have opportunity aplenty to befoul our language in your own, inimitable way.”

Truth be told, as a consequence of Bog’s performance thus far, Cobb had discovered a certain fondness for the Tellarite manners and ways. Not that he had any intention of revealing as much. Especially not now that he was outnumbered two to one. Bajorans, however, well…they were another matter entirely. Particularly when they gave off a Dantean aura such as this one.
Cobb fell into silence as the turbolift descended to the CIC, a measure of anxiety at leading this motley group onto his bridge seizing him momentarily. But before long, they had reached his ready room and he was ushering Akirel Ros, Gruv and his Angels inside.

“Now, how about some bloody refreshments, eh,” were the first words out of his mouth, his had reaching for the bottle of whiskey before the doors had even begun to close…

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Surda grinned at Cobb. “Are we on the clock or can I grab the good stuff?” She could grab something a bit stronger than his average stash depending on how friendly he wanted the rest of this meeting to be.
-Surda, CoS

The captain offered no verbal reply, but the wink followed by a nod to his desk’s bottom drawer told Surda she could go for the very best in his immediate collection - a 40-year aged bottle of Draylaxian whiskey.

Casela was laughing to herself but was sure to not let it show on her face. She usually took the seat across from Cobb whenever she was in here, but this was something different. Instead she took a spot, standing, by the window and leaned back arms loose at her sides. There weren’t enough seats in this office and if Cobb wanted his ‘Angels’ as he called them, then there was a reason. Again, at Surda’s words, she didn’t laugh, but she wanted to. Cobb was probably about 2 hours late for his drink. Quinn would know more precisely. She hoped Surda didn’t offer her a drink. She had strict orders to not drink. But looking over at Akirel and Gruv…yeah the Angels were still on duty. Any time those were around you better always be on duty. More misfits for this crazy boat. Really didn’t they have enough intel people working this ship? How many games of chess was going on on this ship now?
Lt. Synthi-er, Cobb’s Angel

Settling into his chair, Cobb nodded for Akirel and Gruv to take theirs, as Surda prepared drinks and Casela maintained a trained eye over the newcomers. Then finally, once all formalities had been dragged to conclusion, Zachariah sat forward and cast a steel glare over each man in turn.
“Okay then, gentlemen. I honour you both with my finest vintage, so you can honour me in return with the truth. Since you seem oblivious as to your intended purpose on this ship, perhaps you should tell me a little about what you do have to offer as a part of my already elite crew.”

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