Sausage and Scuttlebutt

Posted Nov. 27, 2020, 11:18 a.m. by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Sausage and Scuttlebutt

Posted by Lieutenant Casela Synthi-er (Counsellor / RTF) in Sausage and Scuttlebutt

Posted by Captain Zachariah Cobb (Commanding Officer) in Sausage and Scuttlebutt


“Are you suggesting we turn ourselves into mercenaries? Approach these anomalies as if we’re no more than hired hands, out to make a day’s pay?” For a moment his expression was one of seeming horror, but slowly a wide, and mischievous, smile, spread across his lips. “I like it!”

Casela chuckled. “I thought you might. Especially after Fey was able to broker such a deal for what ARU didn’t give us. We might be Star Fleet but they didn’t exactly give us what we need, and our orders allow us quite a bit of leeway. And as long as Lazol is brokering the deals....we can’t be responsible, hmmm?”

At this, Zachariah emitted a roar of laughter. “Ah, I knew there was a reason I hired you, lass,” he offered in mirthful compliment.

“When in regards to ARU matters Lazol is the highest ranking person onboard and has control over what is done with the anomalies and has discretion with their future. Now this is the tricky part; ARU is science. RTF is security and containment. These orders do NOT give him access to RTF. So if he wants to work with the anomalies he either has a FULL squad of RTF with him on the containment decks OR a full squad in his labs to protect the ship. Now this is what we already have in place, now we will just need to go over the top with it. As for his discretion of the anomalies futures, sure he can do that, but only if RTF deems it safe to do such a thing, since they are responsible for that. I suggest we increase security clearance and by that I mean, Lazol’s clearance gets him into the labs but denies him access to the containment and RTF decks unless escorted by Manhattan or yourself, or whomever either of you deem necessary. He thinks he’s going to run this ship. So let’s keep his little kingdom to the labs.”

It was a lot of information, but Casela never wasted time on making a plan.
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

One hand raked tentatively through his hair, Cobb let out a long whistle. “I hate to say it, lass, but here’s where you underestimate him. You are right that the RTF has a definite presence on the containment deck and, from what I know of Lt Surda, she’ll have no desire to be changing that any time soon. Nobody knows how to handle these things better than Manhattan’s crew and there’s not a damned person on this ship who doubts that. But his labs?” Another exhale, tempered this time by fiery liquor. “Cas, even I can not gain access to his labs without invitation. Or McHarrie’s, for that matter. Although so far his door has remained reassuringly open.”

He got to his feet, over come by a desire to pace the room, to dissipate some tension through strong, determined movement.
“This has never sat right with me, Cas, you know that,” he attempted to explain. “But what can I do? It’s been made clear to me from day one that, where the laboratories are concerned, their business is none of my own. Or yours, for that matter,” he added, shooting a nervous glance in the Counselor’s direction in anticipation of a verbal protest.
“And you also know better than to discuss clearances aloud, especially after…last time.” There was no call to explain further. It was a curse that they both shared, to be forever haunted by the Shadow.
“So let me just say this - where the anomalies are concerned, the ARU will place far more trust in Lazol than they will in either of us. Now I know, I know,” he held out his hands in placation, “that’s akin to a kick up the rear with a flaming, steel-toed boot. But we’re not going to best our new CSO by working against him. As much as it may pain us to do so, my advice is that we work with him. Alongside him. Gain his confidence. Provide him a safety net so that when he falls…and he will fall eventually, we can use that net to contain him the same as we would with any dangerous creature we have the misfortune to encounter.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Cas nods, “Yeah we’d be fudging a bit, but there are RTF members who do have access. We can’t deny him access and we won’t but we can make it annoying. Make sure there are extra safety protocols in place. Especially since Dave got out. It’s a chess game, Zachariah. McHarrie has the same level as him, and don’t forget he’s S31 too. He’s closer to being out than I am, but he has the skills. Lazol may be CSO but McHarrie has the same level clearance. He’s a good officer and a good man. He would keep an eye on Lazol and tell us if he’s endangering the ship without breaking clearance. AND don’t forget, the whole science section can be kicked if needs be. We don’t need to get in, just contain anything dangerous he might do.”

“Aye, McHarrie might be our trump card in all of this,” Cobb agreed. “And I’d wager he’ll be sweeter with you than he would with me. So keep him on side, eh? As a favour to the whole ship as well as to yourself?”

“I’ll talk to him, but he’ll probably want to talk to you as well. McHarrie is not about going behind your back, so he’ll want to make sure you are on board.”

Now she stopped and rolled her eyes. “But as you and your XO keep trying to tell me....not everything is a fight. It may be that Lazol is a decent person as far as Ferengi go. And I’ve met some and so have you. Olash was a good person to work with. Karra is an amazing woman and a genius at business. That doesn’t make them bad. There might be more to Lazol than we realize. Or not. So we can give him free reign until we know, or keep him on a short leash till he earns that trust.”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

“Cass, you’ve been around me long enough now to know that I take people as I find ‘em. And you’re right that, occasionally, the odd Ferengi can prove to be…surprisingly amicable. But there is something about…” he sighed and shook his head. “Oh, I don’t know. Innocent until proven guilty, I suppose?”

“As do I, but think about it. If we took each other as we were when we first met…” she left that hanging. “We both had a lot to hide, and wounds to nurse. And there is something about Lazol. But there might be more. I’ve not had enough time to determine yet.” Then she swore a little and pointed a finger at him. “You and Raauhl are making me soft. That has got to stop!” She paced across the room and leaned against the desk again. “Innocent until proven guilty doesn’t mean we can’t investigate him.”

“Soft?” Cobb queried, wrinkling his nose in disagreement. “I’d prefer to call you reasonable.” As if to prove his point, the captain drained and then refilled his glass, a move that would most definitely have found him on the sharp end of a tongue-lashing from Casela in their early days. Especially at breakfast.
“But I agree. Investigate all you want,” he consented.

“Reasonable?” The hurt and incredulous expression on her face said it all. “You wound me! And running my hot-headed, brash, disrespectful reputation while you’re at it.” Of course, at this point, they both knew it was all an act, one she had perfected long ago. Zachariah Cobb, though, was one of very few who actually knew that. What might surprise him, was that her CO in the section didn’t even know the difference. All seriousness and sternness across her face and stance, “Keep it to yourself.” But the effect was ruined by the slight quirk at the corner of her mouth. “As for Lazol. Do me a favor. For now he believes the file ARU has on me. Disgraced, hot headed, rogue agent. Sent here to keep me from causing trouble. And that I’m willing to do anything to get back into my previous position. And he does believe I will do anything. I’d like to keep his…opinion in that direction for awhile. It will make it easier to continue to interrogate him.” And that is exactly what she’s been doing. Interrogation was a unique specialty of hers. The section preferred it to be scary and painful, but that wasn’t necessary here or the most effective way…ever.

Settling back into his chair and eagerly refilling his glass, Cobb regarded Casela intently before continuing with, “Of course, Lazol is not the only new face to be found on our decks. And I am very interested to hear your professional, and maybe not quite so professional, opinion of our new Chief Medic, Mr Knox.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Casela nodded, “He seems competent. Maybe a little mysterious but certainly not the Mad Scientist that Fey is. I think he’ll fit in well here. And honestly I found his demeanor very calming, oddly enough. He came baring gifts.” She points to the far side of her office to a plant. “Apparently it smells different to every individual and even different on each encounter. The scent is supposed to remind you of something that makes you happy or is calming to you.” She shrugs, “I’m still not sure if it was meant to help in a professional manner because people hate coming to the counselor or if it was a jab at the fact I haven’t been to sickbay since Fey operated on me.”
Lt Sythini-er, CNS

Zachariah frowned at the plant, as if expecting the thing to sprout legs and leap onto the table between them. “Aye, he did for me too, although mine was more of a liquid.”
The captain shrugged. “On paper, his credentials are excellent. Outstanding, even. And far be it for me to criticize anyone who replenishes my liquor cabinet with such a fine vintage. But I…” he sighed. “I think, perhaps, this world of anomalies is making me overly cynical.” He flashed her an expression of humorous amazement, as if barely able to register that such could be possible.

“I got the impression from him, that he came looking to start over. During the war many officers did things that were necessary and now live with those demons. We both know it. He wants to do something that matters that’s not about killing. Or whatever it was he was doing. As for the gifts, I think Knox is just very old fashioned. And though Earth has gotten away from the curtesy of giving a gift simply as a gift, some cultures still follow it. We live too much in a culture of suspicion. I won’t lie and deny that after he left I scanned that plant to no end looking for any hidden devices and even searched it to see if it was actually dangerous and would kill me. But I don’t think it’s the anomalies that make us cynical. It’s the Brass. Honestly how many more ‘special’ departments in Star Fleet are going to continue sending officers our way. And ARU brass keeps letting them. (OOC Famous last words…don’t we get 2 more right after this. LOL) Right now I feel like there are far too many cooks in the kitchen and and only one pot.”

“Still,” he concluded, “I do hope that Kastil will continue to stock the sickbay with her sister’s excellent cookies.”

  • Captain Zachariah Cobb

Casela raised that one infuriating brow that said she saw more than you might want. “Careful Zachariah. Don’t let Quinn hear you say that. It might crush her. Granted Kastil has great cookies, but they come from her sister. Quinn makes her pastries herself, and to know you prefer imported baked goods to home cooked…”
Lt. Synthi-er, CNS

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